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His Little Girl

Part 2

Some people would say she was crazy for sleeping with the Goblin King (others would say she was lucky, and Sarah was more inclined to agree with these individuals).  After all, she was sixteen.  He ruled a kingdom of goblins.  If nothing else, in her world it was illegal for him to be having sex with her.  In fact, it was probably illegal for him to be having sex with *anyone*.  Yes, he was *that* old.  Well, she had never asked him his age outright, not out of good taste so much as a certain sense of dread when it came to hearing the response.  But there was an impression of incredible experience she got during their conversations.

Yes, they had conversations.  It wasn't all about sex.  Not entirely.  She loved him.  She'd told him as many times as he'd told her.  Besides, whatever it was that was between them, he didn't seem to mind.  And neither did she, because she got all those wonderful benefits of being the Goblin Queen, without having to leave behind her other life.

Oh yes, she was the Goblin Queen.  He'd given her the pendant, a smaller version of his own, to wear to signify their relationship.  She hadn't asked exactly who it was they were "signifying" this relationship to, considering the fact that everyone they knew still remained in the dark about this new arrangement.  If a marriage is to be successful, sometimes you just don't point out these tiny little flaws in your significant other's logic.

Goblin Queen.  Yeah, that was her.  Of course, when he'd asked her, she hadn't been as impressed by the title as she had been by the idea of him wanting her as his wife.  Yes, she knew he loved her, and once he had offered his everything to her... but wife!  Only a few months earlier, the mere idea of getting married would have frightened her into a coma.  But how things change, and how people grow.

So they were married, in every way that mattered, and now it was perfectly fine for her to be sharing her bed with him.  Always her bed, never his.  She told him that when she returned with him to the Underground, it would be for good.  No traveling back and forth for a quickie.  Of course, he had the good grace not to mention that was exactly what *he* was doing.  Again, if a marriage is to be successful, sometimes you just don't point out these tiny little flaws in your significant other's logic.  He'd told her time and again, he wouldn't pressure her into the decision.  And he hadn't.

Three months now, and life had been bliss.  But it had followed on the heels of what had been the single darkest period of her short life.  Defeating the Goblin King and his Labyrinth, she had come home and enjoyed an all-night celebration with her newfound friends.  The victory had been sweet, but short-lived, and the elation ended a few days later when the magnitude of what she had done came crashing down on her.

He had offered her his heart, and she had turned him away.  The depression that followed lasted a month, and there were times when she wondered if she could truly continue on.  She had called him--oh don't think she hadn't--time and time again.  But he never came.  Later she found out that it was his own pain and anger that had kept him away as long as he had.

Then one day, long after she had given up her efforts and resigned herself to her fate, there he was.  Glorious, imperious, arrogant, haughty... all dressed up in his black leather and flowing cape.  If he had expected a fight, he would have been sorely disappointed, for all he got was Sarah's body hurtling toward him, as she overwhelmed him in her desire to express her joy.  They had fallen into the bed, tumbling from the impact, but they hadn't gotten back up until three hours later, when her parents returned from dinner at the boss' house.  With record-breaking speed, she cleaned up all evidence of his visit, and even managed to sneak in a kiss that left him looking dazed and disoriented, before she waved him off on his merry way.

Needless to say, she rarely spent her nights alone after that.  There were some close calls though, the burden of living under her parents' roof.  And she felt guilty about the lies and the deception, but she hardly expected them to be able to understand, even if she chose to tell them the truth.  Oh, she could see it now.

"Dad, Karen... remember that day four months ago when you left me alone with Toby while you went out?  No?  Oh well, that's okay.  Anyway, I was feeling mighty pissed at the time so I kind of wished Toby away to the Goblin King.  And imagine my surprise when he turned out to be real... of course I realized my mistake immediately and asked for him back.  He didn't, decided to make me run this Labyrinth instead.  Well, to make a long story short, I beat him, won back Toby, but we kind of fell in love in the meantime, and for the last three months we've been sleeping together.  But it's okay, because we're married."

Yeah, that would go over *real* well.

But of course, then there was the ultimate slip-up, the one that ended the charade once and for all.  She supposed she should have been more careful, hidden away the pills a little better than that.  After all the trouble she went through to get them without either of her parents learning about the fact, you'd think she would have erred on the side of caution.  But alas, love does strange things to one's senses, such as robbing one blind of them... as well as common sense.  Karen must have found them, shown them to her father.  And then he came steam-rolling into her room, demanding the who's and where's.

Thank god he hadn't arrived two minutes earlier, or things might really have been embarrassing.  The three knocks it took for the door to burst open were enough to get Jareth out of the room when he had previously been lying idly next to her... but if they had been otherwise engaged, chances were good they would truly have been caught red-handed.

Knock one came just seconds after she heard Karen's voice yelling through the floor.  The frantic tone to her words was enough to alert Sarah of a problem.  Then the sound of the knob turning, and stopping as it reached the lock.

Clutching the sheets to her chest, she bolted upright on the bed.  "Oh my god!  Jareth you have to go!"


"Sarah, I can't leave you alone when your father's like this."

"If you're here, it'll only make things worse!"


"Let me take you with me."

"No, not like this.  Just go!"




And he was gone, disappearing into thin air just as the door burst open and John Williams stumbled in.

"Where is he?" he raged, fiery eyes absorbing the sight before him.

Sarah cringed on the bed.  She'd never seen her father like this.  Behind him, Karen arrived on the scene and let out an audible gasp.

"Who is he?"

At that, Sarah suddenly found her courage.  Who is he?  He's the goddamned, frickin' Goblin King!  And she was his Goblin Queen.  She pulled herself up so she was kneeling on the bed, squaring her jaw and staring back at with enough fire in her own gaze to make him reconsider his thoughts.

She took a deep breath of air and proudly declared, "Daddy, I'm in love with the Goblin King!"

There was a moment of silence and both adults looked at her like... well, like she had just declared that she was in love with the Goblin King (come on people, isn't that strange enough?).  And then the rage resumed.

"Sarah, I don't know what you think you're doing, but you're not going to evade the issue by making insane declarations!"

Sarah stared back at him indignantly.  "Insane declarations?  You asked me who he is, and I just told you."

Karen came to her husband's side, placing a gentle hand at his elbow.  "John, maybe this isn't the best way to deal with this... or the best time."

John turned his head toward her and demanded, "What do you mean this isn't the best time?  He's obviously just been here, probably took off when he heard me coming up the stairs, and you're telling me this isn't the best time?"

Karen swallowed thickly but persisted.  "At least let her get dressed before we discuss this... reasonably, like adults."

"Adults!  Adults?  We are not going to discuss this like adults, because although we may be just that, she is still a child.  A child who has been whoring herself under our very roof!"

Outrage got the better of Sarah as she leapt to her defense.  "How dare you call me a whore!" she screamed.  "And I am *not* a child!  I am an adult, who can make her own decisions!  And it is none of your business who I sleep with!"

Her father turned back to her, murder in his eyes.  Sarah shrank back on the bed, utter terror taking the place her earlier anger had vacated as he took two steps closer to her while Karen tried to drag him back.  He ignored her continuing his advancement despite the resistance.  Sarah let out a frantic scream, "JARETH!!"

Then it was as if an invisible hand had thrown John Williams across the room, causing him to fall into the bedroom wall, rattling the entire upper level of the house.

Jareth was pulling Sarah into his arms as he stared down scornfully at her father.  "I told you I shouldn't leave."

But before further conversation could be made, Karen let out a strangled cry and fainted, falling heavily to the floor.  At almost that same instant, John too left the land of the conscious.  But to salvage his likely bruised male ego, let's just say there's a minute, infinitesimal possibility that he may actually have hit his head in the course of his fall, and thus blacked out.