A/N: Discrepancies: Same for Electric Flame, I don't know the names of the places except Huin City, so I'll call them something else. If you don't like it, then tough. I'll change the names as soon I find out more or in September… but it's possible they'll tell us the names before September. Oh yeah, I thought about calling Professor Araragi "Professor Perry" (that would be her surname, not her first name! It literally, in Middle English, means "pear tree) and her first name will be René (which means "born again" in Late Latin). Hmm… what else… I thought about calling the evil team (for now) Turbo Jet (because it looks like the legendaries have jets on their tails and of course… all evil teams are after the legendaries).

Chapter 1

Third person's POV

The fifteen-year old longhaired, brunette trainer went to bed early. Her nickname is White, because when she plays chess with her best friend, she always chooses the white pieces.

The fourteen-year old shorthaired, brunette trainer accidentally stayed up late watching a movie. Her best friend is nicknamed Black for a similar reason. (His favourite chess opening is the Black Mustang, another reason why he got his name).

Their real names are Blake and Phoebe. She is about three months older than him.

White's POV

I settled in for the night. Tomorrow was going to be a long day… I was going to be a Pokémon trainer.

Black's POV

I lazily sat on my couch, wasting away while watching a TV movie. I yawned and fell asleep, forgetting what I was supposed to the next day…

Third person's POV

The middle-aged professor shuffled around her lab. She mad-dashed throughout the lab, shuffling papers and slamming file cabinet drawers while cursing and stomping in pure disgust. "Dammit, where the hell did I put that file?" she growled. "Albin, can you please come in here and HELP ME?" she screamed.

"Yes?" the absent-minded, skinny, pale-skinned, brunette man stepped into the room where René was. "A-are you mad at me?" he flushed brightly. She stifled a smile and quickly grabbed the paper that was in his hands. He blushed further when she kissed him smack-dab on the lips. Their tongues touched and she let go.

"Thank you Albin, those where the papers I was looking for." He smiled brightly when he heard that. The absent-minded man returned to his desk. The name went with the nickname of Professor Elm, but it's more like a pen name. Albin has been working with her for the past few months mainly because he was starting to get bored with quaint, little New Bark Town. He wanted something unusual, different and exotic. He got what he deserved. It certainly was exotic. It was more exotic than the new Safari Zone in Cianwood City. René had cleaned up her dishevelled mess and looked around. "There," she stated calmly. "Everything's in order."

Albin turned on the TV and yawned widely. He was starting to fall asleep. She sighed and covered him up with a blanket. She grabbed her gun and put a new cartridge in. "Just in case the Jets come…," she mumbled. She decided to snuggle up beside Albin, underneath the blanket…

White's POV

I snuck in through the lab early in the morning to get my starter. "Where Blake?" I whispered. I walked into a room to see that Professor Perry had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV and she was lying next to someone. I knew that was Professor Elm, a nephew of Professor Rowan. "What am I supposed to do?" I blinked. "I could just wait," I walked off, sat down in a chair next to a table, and waited… I accidentally fell asleep waiting…

Black's POV

"OH DAMMIT!" I screamed. "I'm LATE, I'm late!" I rushed out the door and ran like hell across town, nearly running into the lab's door when I had arrived. I carefully opened the door to see that White fell asleep at a table.

"Hmm…," I mumbled. I walked over to her and poked her.

"Huh?" she grunted and opened her eyes. "Blake… I knew you'd be here soon…"

"Yes Phoebe, I have arrived. Where's Professor Perry?"

"She fell asleep on a couch, under a blanket and next to Professor Elm."

"Oh, I've heard of him… he's the professor from New Bark Town in Johto," I smiled. We both heard a crashing sound in the next room over. The half-asleep Perry walked in, slightly dazed and confused. "Professor… are you all right?" I blinked.

"Yeah…," she replied solemnly. "I just woke up with a hangover and I fell off the couch. So, who are you two?" she rubbed her head. "Hey you're the village kids – Phoebe and Blake or White and Black. I bet you came here for your starters! H-hang on a second, I'll be right back," she walked off. She came back about four minutes later. "Here you go," she set three Pokémon on the table.

One was a small, blue and white otter with a shell on its breast. It had small arms and legs but its head and eyes were huge. Its eyes sparkled when it barked happily. Its small, dark blue ears swivelled. Its dark blue tail was rudder-shaped. I smiled and White's eyes lit up. "It's so cute, I've always wanted Mijumaru!" she squealed and picked it up.

The second one was a small, cream and green lizard with a leaf on its tail. It had a snide/snarky (either word would describe it accurately…) look on its face. It stared at us intently with its large brown eyes. Its limbs were small. A long, forked tongue shot out of its mouth. This surprised me, I had no idea it could even do that. I always wanted Tsutarja. "I've always wanted Tsutarja," I grinned and slowly picked it up. The little thing bit me with its two, long, sharp fangs. "Ow, dammit," I cursed. "Maybe I'll take Pokabu instead."

The last one was Pokabu, the orange and black pig. It almost had a sad look on its face. No one really cared much for this species. It snorted mournfully. I picked it up and it snorted again, its large, black eyes nearly filled with tears. Even its large ears were lying flat against its head. "Hi Pokabu," I stated. Its pink nose sniffed me happily and it jumped out of my hands, onto my shoulder.

"What about Tsutarja?" White asked. "Poor thing will be all alone."

"I'm hoping another trainer will come along and claim it, if not, I'll keep it and train it myself," Perry replied.

"I see," I replied. "I'll call you Pekko, after the Finnish god of crops and fields."

"Hehe," White giggled. "That's so you, Blake," she looked at her Mijumaru. "I'll call you Kojak. I made it up, so don't ask where I got the name."

I rolled my eyes and looked at the professor. She seemed to be off in her own little world. "Professor… we got are starters, aren't we supposed to get something else, too?"

"Huh? Oh yeah…," she dug around in her pockets and gave us both six poke balls and two Pokedexes. "Oh yeah, before I give you some potions, I have a request. I want you to help me catch the two Chiramii that are eating up my vegetables. They are also my breeding pair of Chiramii's young, so I don't want them to breed and become inbred." We both listened very closely. "You see, I let them go a year ago and for the past few weeks, they somehow managed to come back home. I can tell it's they because their fur is darker and in one of them, its tail is partly missing…" White and I nodded. "Follow me." We looked at each other and followed her. She led us to a sliding glass door and she opened it. "Go along now, I have some papers I need to file and organise. If you need me, I'll be in my office in the back." We both smiled and walked out while she slowly shut the door.

"Oh shit," I cursed. "Her garden's huge." Pekko snorted and jumped off my shoulder and sniffed around. "Maybe Pekko can help us." Her Mijumaru did the same thing.

"Maybe Kojak can do the same as well. I mean, otters are related to dogs, so I don't see why otters can't smell really well too."

"You're right… I don't see why not either," I looked up to see some Mamepato in the trees. "Pekko, aim your Flame Wheel at the Mamepato in the tree!"

"Mijumaru, do the same but with Water Gun!" she commanded. Pokabu jumped up and surrounded himself with flames. He somersaulted in the air, striking one of the small birds. I grabbed a poke ball, enlarged it and threw it. It wobbled and clicked. I had caught it. I looked over to see that White had caught one as well.

"All right, we can use these Mamepato to help us look for the Chiramii."

She nodded. "Sounds like a plan."

"White… we've been searching for hours and nothing…"

"What the hell is going on?" she mumbled. We looked out in the distance. It looked like rain clouds. The next thing I remember was a sharp, stinging pain inoculating my shoulders…

A/N: Yes, the Chiramii thing was just a trick. I'm not going to give you all the details because it would just spoil it but I'll tell you this: a leader of the Turbo Jets was disguised as Professor Perry. The next few chapters will tell you what happened.