Chapter One


Hidy ho! It's your friendly neighborhood Mems here and this is a new Star Wars story. First off, if you have not yet read my story Renegade, I suggest you do so otherwise you'll just get frustrated and pissy from reading this one.

Anyways, this story is about the Skirata clan branch of Rex and Ahsoka's gang of hoodlums and their trusty sidekick Kaida Rahn-Skirata and the effort they put into their own rebellion between the Jedi purge and the events of Episode VI. Oh, and I guess I can throw Fi in if you really want.


"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." ~Albert Camus


Cyar'ika: Sweetheart

'ika: suffix meaning little. Affectionate.

Di'kut: idiot, moron. Can be affectionate.

Mir'osik: Shit for brains.

Osik: Anything from shit to crap to poodoo.

Shebs: rear end. Usually vulgar.

"Ori'haat: It's the truth I swear- no bull"

Kandosii: Awesome

Chakaar: bitch, bastard, jerk (lit. "Grave Robber")

Su Cuy'gar: a friendly greeting. (lit. "so you're still alive.)

Mandokarla: You've got the right stuff.

Gett'se: "nuts." (I.e: Random dude walks up to random chick and grabs her butt. Random dude gets his gett'se kneed.)

Gedet'ye: Please.

Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum: I love you (lit. 'I know you forever.')

And more will be added on the way!


I breathed.

For the first time in many months, I could truly breathe.

Rex was finally home with me where he belonged. We were living with Rav Bralor at the moment, but as soon as the snow was gone we would have a house of our own and then we could work on fighting the Empire.

My master had finally been lost to the dark side and it broke my heart that he had done it to save Padmé and she had died anyway. I knew that their son Luke was still alive, somewhere in the galaxy and I would find him eventually.



"You're burning the bread."


I rushed to open the oven that was now smoking as he and his brothers, Max and Aran, laughed at me. I took out the black lump that used to be bread and set it on the table. I had just been about to wack them with the pan, but Rav beat me to it.

"Shaddup you lazy di'kuts! She's been doin' all the cooking and all the cleaning after you pigs you why don't you go outside and shovel some more snow."

They didn't question the older woman, but Rex gave me a kiss on the cheek before he put his helmet on and went out the door.

"Well isn't he a sweet Chakaar? I'm telling you Ahsoka, you'll have your hands full with that one."

"Eh, what can you do?" I said, scooping up Plo when he mewled at my feet.

"Well hello Plo, you're getting awfully big to be in the house."

Rav studied the were-panther, now the size of a small strill, and nodded. "Yes, I believe that Plo can get out of my house and go live in the trees. Damn cat's too big, especially with the baby around."

She was talking about Kaida, who she called a baby simply because of how small she was for her age. I laughed.

"Rav, Kaida could whip most grown men's asses. I'm sure she'll be fine around Plo."

"I know that! No great-niece of mine is going to be weak!"

And then she stormed out the door to scold the boys like a mother hen, her fearsome red armor making her terrifying. I sighed and went back to kneading dough, Plo settling at my feet. He dozed, but kept one red eye on the door like he was expecting someone unwelcome to come tramping in at any minute.

"Oh Ahs'ika!"

Speak of the sith.

"What do you want Corr'ika?"

"What, I can't say hello to my favorite Togruta?" he said while sauntering in through the door. Plo hissed at him. I smirked when he backed up just a bit.

"Corr, I'm the only Togruta between here and Shili that you know, so no you can't say hello."

"That really hurts, ad'ika, it truly does."

"Poor you. If you want pity go home to Jilka and have her kiss your boo-boo hands."

Corr smiled and gave me a hug before sitting down at the table with Plo purring at his knee.

"Mandokarla Ahsoka, you'll make a fine wife for Rex."

"Thank you Corr, now go outside and help the boys."


"And I'll make sweet bread just for you if you do."

Corr glared at me with his deep brown eyes and practically flung himself out the door. I laughed and shooed Plo out while I started to knead more dough and gave the soup a stir. With the amount that they ate, it looked like I was cooking for a family twice the size. The soup pot alone was half as wide as the table.

I rubbed the necklace hanging around my throat and looked out the window to see the four of them engaged in a snowball fight. Aran and Rex had teamed up against Corr and Max and the two of them had no problem hitting the lower ranked men.

It felt wrong, to be this content when my people had just been decimated.

I still felt a constant ache in my chest, where the lives of my friends and mentors used to be. Master Plo, Bariss, Master Luminara, even my men who had died by the hand of Jedi. All the little padawans and younglings.

"Ahs'ika, come outside for a while! The bread will be fine for an hour!"

I smiled lightly and threw on a coat and hood, slid my white boots on, and ran out into the snow. I was swept up by Rex, who declared that I was on his team, and told to send tidal waves of snow at the others.

"That's cheating you cheeky chakaars!" hollered Rav from across the field, her crimson armor making her an easy target. Max and Corr tugged her down as Rex tossed twenty or so snowballs.

I lazily threw two or three before Plo came to stand by me, black fur fluffed up and growling at anyone who got close to me. I knelt down and rubbed his head.

"Don't worry, we're just playing Plo. I'll be fine!"

But he continued to rub at my legs and slowly moved me towards the house. I kept returning to Rex, but Plo was insistent, teeth bared and latched onto my sleeve.

"Plo, what has gotten into you?"

Rex came over and took a swat at him, but Plo let out such a feral snarl that Aran and Corr looked over our way in surprise. Then came the roaring sound of an approaching wind. I turned to look and see what it was, but Corr and Rav frantically waved at us to get inside. Rex took my hand and we ran to the front door with the wind growing closer.

Aran and Max were close behind with Rav bringing up the rear as she pulled the door shut and shuttered the windows. I looked at her in bewilderment.

"What the kriff was that?"

"That ad'ika, was a famous Mandalore Deep Freeze."

As she spoke I hear the low lying house creaking as the temperature inside dropped by ten degrees.

"This means we'll be in winter a lot longer than usual this year."

Plo paced in front of the door, still rumbling deep in his throat. We waited in silence as the wind howled outside and the house filled with the smell of bread.

"Ahsoka, the bread should be ready, cyar'ika," said Rex, patting my leg. I got up and went over to the oven and pulled out a perfectly golden loaf.

"Much better than last time, eh?"

"Shut up Max, or you won't get any."

I smiled when he did, and gave his hair a ruffle before setting down the bread and dishing out soup. They all ate heartily, as usual, and Rav and I, well maybe just me, ate slower and slightly daintier than they did. Oh, who am I kidding? I ate like a starving bantha.


Corr was none too pleased that he had to stay with us for the night. Not when he had Jilka back at home.

"It's not like that or anything, it's just that she's all by herself in the house and she's not like Laseema or Parja. Jilka isn't very good at defending herself."

"Corr," scolded Rav, "Jilka will be fine, not even old Palps for brains would be out in this weather."

I laughed at his expression and pulled Ahsoka tighter to me. She was soft and warm and she smelled of spices. Not like when she was at the temple. She smelled like home.



"Would you do me the honor of being my wife?" I rushed out before I lost the gett'se to do it.

She stared up at me in shock, and then she smiled.

"Of course."

"Okay then, repeat after me. Hopefully Fi remembered the right words. Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde."

She did and I smiled back at her. Then Ahsoka pulled me down into a kiss. She did indeed look like a bride in her white robes and headdress.

"Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum."

"Hey, why are you two so touchy feely over there?" said Max, wrinkling his nose in disdain.

"Well boys, Ahsoka is off the market. She's now my wife and if any of you even get near her for the next few days, I'll fry your shebs and feed you to Plo."

They whooped, well Corr and Max did, and came over despite what I said and swept Ahsoka up into bone crunching hugs. Then they glared at me.

"You better treat her right."

"Yeah you greedy chakaar, no hogging her for yourself."

"Or we'll cut your gett'se off."

"Hey I need those!" said Ahsoka, her blue stripes on her lekku darkening in a happy blush. Everyone laughed and we settled down in front of the fire to watch the holo-news of the day.

"Hello, I'm Tc56 and this is the Coruscant hourly update. Right now we've received word that the Lord Emperor has commissioned the building of a new space station that will be-"

The droid's voice faded away as Corr turned down the volume and switched over to the sports to see who was playing bolo-ball. I jumped at the chance to watch my favorite team.

"Watch and learn boys, Bylluran Athletic is going to kick their shebs."

"Rex, they're losing," said Ahsoka from beside me, giving me a soothing pat on my shoulder.

"Winning is overrated anyway."

Whoo, first chapter! Kind of boring, but it gets better! Promise.