Don't Stand So Close to Me

"You know, that young teacher," a female student whispered to the boy next to her as she pointed Mr. Bishop then to Bleu. "Is the subject of a schoolgirl fantasy,"

"Oh man, she wants him so badly," the boy laughed, seeing Bleu's eager face. "We know what she wants to be."

Completely ignorant of the whispered, the blue-haired girl was too busy staring dreamily at their substitute teacher. Feeling flutter in her stomach, she knew that inside her there's longing for her teacher.

"Man," the boy continued. "This girls an open page"

Book marking her text, Bleu scooted her seat as close as she could to the front of the room.

"Woah, she's so close now,"

"This girl is half his age!"

After class, without even batting an eyelash to Clover, Bleu rushed to Bishop's desk in hopes to talk about their reading that day. She was a bit to eager, and knocked over his briefcase from the desk.

"Woah, Bleu, don't stand...don't stand so," he stammered, catching his briefcase clumsily. "Don't stand so close to me."

Blushing she apologized profusely, ending their conversation early to meet Clover outside the classroom. She smiled to her friend, but was returned with a scowl as they moved to Bleu's locker.

"Her friends are so jealous," a passing teacher whispered to another.

"Well, yeah," the other teacher replied. "You know how bad girls get."

Just as Bleu had unlocked her locker, and flood of condoms poured from it's depths, pooling at her feet. Seeing the mess, Erin made her way to the scene as Clover screamed for the culprit to step forward.

"Sometimes it's not so easy to be the teachers pet," the brunet chirped as they made their way to the tree for lunch.

Throughout the day, Bishop could feel the temptation and frustration running like fire through his veins. The feelings were so intense, it made him want to cry.

As he drove from campus on the cold, rainy day, he saw a familiar puff of blue hair outside. Passing by the wet bus stop, he sees her waiting in the rain. Slowly stopping, he noticed that his car was warm and dry.

The next day, word of Bishop picking a student up at a bus stop had quickly spread. Loose talk in the classroom had turn into bullying and hurtful remarks to Bleu. Such teasing quickly ended in broken noses and ribs by courtesy of Clover.

On the other side of the school, strong words in the staffroom were exchanged as the accusations flew. Not needing the rumors to buzz around in his head, he left the faculty lounge to find refugee in the hallway. However, it was no use. Just as he escaped, he saw her eyes glassy with unshed tears as her friends try to comfort her. He couldn't help but fee dirty, and starts to shake and cough. He reminded himself of that the old man in that book by Nabokov.

"Oh Lolita," he heard, and swung his head around to see two teenage boys make their way to the crying girl. The one with spiky dark hair and mutton chops the owner of the voice. From beyond the boys, though, she saw him watching her. Pushing them aside she ran to him, and he couldn't help but flee. Sprinting towards an exit, he begged for her forgiveness for his cowardliness.

"Don't stand,...don't stand so," he begged as he huffed. "Don't stand so close to me,"