He loved the night, it was like Christmas, and Valentines day, and his birthday all rolled into one. The colors, vivid shades of navy blue, white, silver and green. The smells of water, wind, grass, and game. It was his favorite time of the day, when it was dark. He was finally free to run, and hunt and play. Finally away from spying eyes, finally free to be himself.

He ran past a bush and back tracked to sniff at it, it smelled like him. Great. He hadn't missed anything when he had marked his territory earlier. He straitened his spine and lifted his nose in the air and sniffed the air, trying to filter out any odd or interesting scents. There was one that he recognised right away, a low rumbling growl escaping his throat as he took off running in the direction the scent was coming from.

Six months. He had been trying to track down the source of that scent for the past six months. And had come up empty every time. So saying that he was irritated would be an understatement, he was absolutely obsessed with finding the source of that scent and taking it home with him and rolling around on it all day for the next five hundred years or so. It just smelled that good.

He ran past the village shrine and paused for a second, the scent was considerably stronger here, but it wasn't what he was looking for. He knew that instinctively because the scent, that bizarre cross between wild flowers, honeysuckles, and spices was coming from the woods surrounding the shrine. Closer to the lake a few meters away from the shrine. He picked up his pace and ran in between the trees and bushes, his heart thudding in his chest as he felt himself getting excited that he was closing in on the thing he had been after for the past six months.

His blood pumped through his veins as he came to the clearing off to the side of the lake and paused...he couldn't see anything aside from the crystalline waters of the lake. Damn it. His ears flattened back against his head and he kicked at a rock on the ground, watching the small stone sail through the air and hit the lake with a soft ploosh as it vanished under water mere seconds before something broke the surface of the lake and gasped for air.

He nearly jumped out of his skin before he ducked down behind a hedge of small prickly bushes. Of all the things he had been expecting a person, because that's what he was seeing; had'nt been on the top of his list. Hell seeing someone out this late at night had'nt been on his list at all. Thank god I wore clothes this time. Because the last thing he needed was to be arrested for indecent exposure like he had been last time.

He ducked down lower behind the bushes as the person slowly waded out of the lake, and it took him a second to realise that he was staring at a female. But not just any female, a half demon female. Holy shit, he had just lucked out big time.

Running across a healthy female with demon blood was like winning the lottery ten times in one life time. It just didn't happen. Female demons were rare. So rare that they were coveted by humans and demons alike. It was almost unheard of for a female demon to be walking around, or in this females case swimming alone.

And the half demons were even more rare, because they were often shunned by other demons and hunted down. The half demon females were treated as less than wild dogs and often used for breeding until their bodies gave out. The odds of running across an untagged half demon female were staggering.

He sniffed that air again as he dropped to his stomach and moved in a bit closer. She was young even by demon standard, barely sixteen or seventeen years old in human years. About fifty in demon years. She was slightly tall for a female, her build fragile and petite despite the lush curves of her breasts and hips, her skin a pale white, her hair was a silvery blond with soft green highlights to it in certain light, dear god she was stunning.

He gulped and flattened his ears back against his head as he moved in closer as she waded out of the water carrying a large fat bass in one hand, and sat down on the nearest rock and used her fangs to tear a piece of flush from the fish's side, blood ran down her chin, her neck, as she chewed and paused from time to time to lick some of the scarlet drops away from her skin. Her tail twitching a bit as she ate her fish and then tossed the bones aside and sat there licking her fingers and hands clean.

His fingers twitched in the grass as he saw her little pink tongue snake out to lick some of the blood from her forearm and nearly whimpered. This was torture of the worst kind, if she thought she was that dirty then would she let him lick her clean? He wondered as his fingers tightened their grip on the grass, he didn't know what he should do. He felt torn between tagging her and making her his mate, and grabbing her and running back to the village to ask Sarutobi to help him keep her safe since his race would die off without her.

She sat there for several minutes just staring blankly at the water and he wondered what she was thinking about. "Well wolf are you just going to lurk about or are you going to come out?" She said almost impatiently as she turned her head to look in his direction and he froze, everything in him screaming to stay still as he locked eyes with her. Kitsune? She was a fucking Kitsune!

He could tell by her eyes. Kitsune demons were the only demons in existence that had such human looking eyes. He pushed himself up and got to his feet, and nervously started to dust himself off. His demon instincts roaring at him to make himself presentable in the presence of the Kitsune god's half human offspring. "You knew I was here?" He asked almost stupidly and wanted to kick himself for saying that when he should be saying something along the lines of 'I am honored to meet you Kitsune-hime.'

"Yes. I could smell you."

He stared at her with a comical expression on his face as he blushed and had to fight down the uge to sniff himself to see if he smelled alright. She obviously seemed to know that or she would'nt be smiling. "I wasn't aware that I smelled any different than I normally do-"

"I don't think you do." Because she had caught his scent a time or two before. He smelled the same as he had those other times, he smelled like grass, wind, rain and musk. A nice scent for a male demon. Not too strong, not too overwhelming. It suited him really.

"You've caught my scent before?" He asked in surprise as he took a step forward, her eyes flickered towards his feet and she took a step back, wanting to keep as much space between him and herself as possible. Self preservation instinct and all that jazz.

"A few times. Why do you think you've never caught up with me before?"

"No clue. But I think I get it now. You really are a difficult creature to track." I have to be wolf-san or I'd be dead now. She said with a humorless smile. She wasn't going to mention all the times she had doubled back and started following him just to see what he would do.

A strange look crossed his face, an almost pained and sad look. He wasn't like other demons, he was kind and compassionate, and though he longed to mate before he went into heat and ended up hurting someone, he couldn't do the same thing that others like him would do. Not to her. She was a Kitsune demon, probably the last of her kind to be seen in over a thousand years, she needed to run, and hunt to flourish and be happy. "You should leave Kitsune, it isn't safe for you here." It simply wasn't safe for her to remain in his presence when he was already fighting his own nature to mark and mate her.

"I'm aware of that."

"Then why haven't you run away yet?"

"Running now would be pointless, you would just chase me down."

He looked at her and ran his fingers through his long silver hair, she did have a point. He would chase her down, and that wouldn't end well for her at all. His instinct would demand two things of him if he tagged her. Mate and consume.

If consuming was the most dominate part of his personality he would kill and eat her, his demon blood recognising her as a fox, and 'prey' to be hunted and eaten. If mating her was the most dominate part of his mind, then that is what he would do, even if he ended up breaking her neck to do it.

He fisted his hands at his sides. He didn't want to hurt her like he had the human females that he had accidentally killed while trying to mate. "Why are you still here?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"I have a proposal for you."

He gritted his teeth and nodded his head, indicating that she should tell him before his control snapped. "I want you to mate me." He bared his fangs at her and took three dangerous steps forward, closer to her, her eyes went wide and she quickly tried to put some space between them but it didn't work out so well once her back hit a large rock, and he was on her in an instant.

Not really touching her, in fact there was about a scant half inch of space seperating them, he stood there with his hands still fisted at his sides staring at her with those eeiry mis matched eyes. "Explain your reasoning." He snapped from between clenched teeth.

"There is a group of demons who have been hunting me-"

"What kind?"


"And you think mating a wolf would save you?" Of course she did, everyone both human and demon alike knew that wolf demons kept what was theirs. If he mated her and someone tried to take her from him...the blood shed would be devastating. He closed his eyes and breathed deep, her scent teasing him to the point of tears. It was a well known fact that out of all the demon races, the wolf was one of the few that treated their females well, after the wolf was mated to a female he refused to let her hunt, or provide when he was capable of doing so, all the female had to do was raise the young.

"It's not a bad idea. But it's not a great one either. You could still end up dead."

"I know, but I also know that you don't want to hurt me either." He would have conceded that point if he was'nt so busy imagining himself strangling her as he looked away.

"Well, that is true."

"And you'll be going into heat soon-" She pointed out and he turned his head to look at her again, his eyes narrowing at her as he stared at her face, his eyes involuntarily going to her mouth. The soft pink begging to be touched.

"How do you know that?"

"Because your looking at my mouth like you want to put it to work." He groaned, he did, oh god he did. He wanted her mouth, wanted her scent and her taste. He licked his lips and reached out his hand and carefully smoothed some of her hair back from her face, his finger tips brushing her cheek and felt his finger tips start to tingle as he let his hand fall away from her.

"When will the cats be here?"

"In a week."

He nodded his head and moved away from her since crowding her only made her more nervous. And the last thing he needed was a female that would fight him tooth and nail to remain free when he tried to mate with her. "Alright. I'll do it." She gave him a dazzling smile and lifted her fingers to her lips and bit them to draw some blood and held her bleeding fingers out to him.

He stared at her for a second before grasping her wrist in his hand and licking the blood from her fingertips to establish a blood bond so that he would be able to find her again. He shuttered as her blood made contact with his tongue, leaving a burning senseation in his mouth. "So I have one week to mate with you."

"Looks like it."

"Then come home with me."

She looked up at him with a startled look on her face as her white little fox ears flattening against her head. Was he serious? He looked serious, but she wasn't sure if he was or not.