Kakashi was stuck with a little bit of a problem.

He stared at the sorce of his current 'issue' as he had dubbed it in his mind and felt like both laughing and crying. Honestly sometimes his demon blood could be such a fucking pain. He stared at the 'problem' reached out to touch it and then dropped to his knees and buried his face against it and breathed deep. It was the small amount of blood that had come from Naru's body when he had torn through her innocence.

It had stained his floor with it's deep red, and carried his mates scent. And his main problem was that part of him wanted to roll around on the spot and soak up her scent for a little while before he went to wake her, and another part of him wanted to clean the mess up and pretend that he had'nt mated the poor girl on the hard wooden floor of his living room...like an animal instead of a demon with some damn common sense.

There was simply no escuse for his actions earlier. Ugh, but it smelled so fucking good here! He thought as he laid down on the floor and rubbed his cheek against the wood alternating out between panting for one minute and purring the next. He just loved this smell! He loved the way it blocked out everything bad smelling in the room and made his blood quicken. He rolled around the spot once, twice-

His apartment door swung open and Gai peeked in and blanched a little bit when he saw Kakashi laying on the floor rolling around and panting. "Kakashi!" Oh shit, it looked like the demon was already in the throes of his heat phase. He reached into his pocket to pull out a flair to signal the Hokage and everyone else so that they could hide their women folk when Kakashi stopped rolling around and simply lay on his back on the floor butt naked with his long silver hair tangled around his face and sighed.

"Does anyone know how to knock anymore?" He growled in irritation as he pushed himself upright and grabbed his disgarded sweat pants and slowly stood up as Gai turned his back so that he could pull the damn things on.

"What were you doing, Kakashi?"

"Trying to soak up my mate's scent." Kakashi said carelessly as he slipped one leg into his pants, Gai wheeled around and grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

"Mate? What mate? You do not even have a girlfriend!" He all but shouted in the wolf demon's face. Kakashi flattened his ears back against his head and growled and punched Gai in the stomach as he heard a soft moan from the bedroom and hissed.

"You son of a bitch, tone it down! I don't want your stupid voice to wake Naru!"

Gai nodded his head and wheezed for a second or so as Kakashi jerked him further into the room and leaned back on the balls of his feet and peeked down the hall way towards his bedroom. To his knowledge it had only been an hour since he had coupled with Naru, and he was trying very hard to control his baser urges because he knew that her body needed just a little time to heal.

Another hour or so and she would be good to go another few rounds before they nodded off for the night. "S-Sorry." Gai wheezed as he tried to hold back the tears threatening to slip down his face. Okay, he had just dropped by because he was worried about Kakashi, but now...now the wolf demon would have to suffer terribly for hitting him, even if he apparently had a valid reason to do so.

Kakashi made a humming sound and let him go. "No harm done I guess." he said absent mindedly as he looked back at Gai, no longer worried that Naru had been disturbed from her rest.

"So. Whay are you here? I'm still out of food you know." Kakashi said as he stepped away from Gai so that the man could pull himself together.

"I came from the Hokage's. It appears that some of the village men have seen an unclaimed half demon girl running around..." Gai said and Kakashi groaned and buried his face in his hands. His ears drooping a little bit. Oh god. Why had she come out in broad day light to see him?

"Is everything okay, Kakashi?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." The wolf demon sighed as he ran his fingers through his long silky hair. "So what did the old man say?"

"He said that if he found anyone sniffing around that girl's skirts that he would kill them. He even made an example of one guy. It will keep a lot of them from going after the kid, but it won't stop everyone. He said to tell you to keep a watch out for her, just in case."

"Well, thanks for the warning. Can you go deliver a message to him for me?"

"Okay-" Gai said with a confused look on his face.

"Tell him that I've got the girl, and she bears my scent, and my mark." Kakashi said as he heard another moan coming from down the hall. Gai's face turned red, then green to match his outfit as it dawned on him what Kakashi had just said.

He was mated to the half demon! "Oh god..." He said weakly as he ran his fingers through his short dark hair.

Anyone that tried to get their hands on her was going to die. Because Kakashi would eat them alive if they dared to touch his mate. I wonder if I can take a mission. A nice long one far, far, far away from here.