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Changes from draft: Not many, except a couple of dialog switches, and the way Ethan has Aipom. I originally planned on Ethan bringing it from Johto, but I dejected that idea in the Series Finale. So, that's all the changes.


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HGSS: Sinnoh Saga

Season 1 (No Openings)

Chapter 1: Hearts of Sinnoh

The bow of the ship sailed through the water. The island up ahead awaited the two eager trainers. Ethan and Jim stand on the front of the ship, the wind lashing their hair around as the salty sea spray refreshed their faces. A large, green island was up ahead. A large, snow-capped mountain sat in the middle, intimidating their small appearances.

"That's it. The Sinnoh Region. Big change from Johto!" Ethan said, noting how it looked colder than the previous spring-time Johto Region.

Jim nodded. "I'm short-sleeved...Maybe a problem..." He whispered. Ethan laughed.

The ship got closer to a port city Ethan called out as 'Marble Port'. His PokeGear held a map, but as they reached port, his PokeGear turned off.

"Hey, I lost signal! I guess when you switch regions, whatever device you have is out of range to work..." He complained. Tapping the PokeGear, he scoffed.

They reached port and the ship let them off.

Ethan and Jim dashed off of the let down ramp and breathed in the cold air of Sinnoh.

As they approached the end of the dock, they saw a woman with a long lab coat, green skirt, tennis shoes and brown hair in a weird style standing there. She noticed them and waved them over.

"Hello! I am Professor Araragi!" She greeted.

"Eh? I thought it was Rowan, and older and...a man..." Jim poked her face.

She glared through him. Slapping his hand away, she shouted, "I am a fellow Professor! Professor Trina Araragi, at your service!" She said again.

"I see...so you aren't a man?" Jim said once more.

Trina thumped him on the head and beckoned them to follow her to the Pokemon Center on the east side of town.

Inside, she beckoned them to sit down.

"I am here in the Sinnoh Region from a far off land to temporarily help Professor Rowan with a big evolution project he's undergoing," Trina explained.

"Evolution to a girl!" Jim whispered to Ethan. They both chuckled.

"Hey!" She snapped.

Ethan straightened up. "So, he's working on the process of Pokemon Evolution?" He asked.

"Yes, he is. That is correct. And he needs the help of the two main evolution researchers, me and Professor Elm, also with a third, Professor Samuel Oak. He recommended you to Rowan to help him out with a PokeDex, so he can better understand each pokemon's evolutionary line," Trina replied.

"I see. So, when we get to his lab, we'll be helping him with the Sinnoh PokeDex? Ah! That's why Professor Elm wanted us to help him with the Johto PokeDex!" Ethan replied.

"Mhm. I also have two people studying up in the Isshu Region. Oliver and Brianna, specifically."

"Wait, if you have them in the Isshu, why were they in Johto?" Ethan asked suspiciously.

"They wanted to take some time off and chose Johto to have some down time. They've also gathered some interesting pokemon from each region, such as Gible from here and Magneton from Kanto. Oliver's pokemon."

"Yeah, I battled him while he was in Johto. Strong trainer!" Ethan commented.

"Duh, he's toughened his team in Triple Battles and against his sister, Brianna..." Trina Araragi walked over to a table and sat down, sighing to herself.

Nurse Joy suddenly walked up to the boys with two colorful packages.

"Hello, are you Ethan Goldman and Jim Voletta?" She asked. They nodded. "Here are two packages from your mothers..." She walked away after handing them the items.

Jim opened his up and found a lavender jacket, red undershirt, white scarf, black pants and a new pair of shoes. Ethan opened his and found a beautifully sewn red scarf and a new pair of similar shoes he was wearing. Jim smiled and hopped up. Ethan threw the scarf around his neck and put on the new shoes.

When Jim came out of one of the bathrooms, he had his new outfit. The scarf was tightened up in front of him, just in front of the lavender jacket. A new hat was also included, which was deeper in color and similar in size to his last one.

"Wow, this is comfy! And it'll probably accommodate to the cold weather..." Jim commented on his outfit.

"Yeah, and this scarf just warms me up..." Ethan peers back into the box and finds a pair of longer shorts. A note was in the bottom.

It read, "I know you don't like pants much, so I made some longer jams for you! Hope you like the scarf, sewed it myself! Love, Mom!" Ethan smiled and went into the bathroom.

When he came out, he was wearing a noticeably more extended pair of black jams. "Nice!"

"So, we're tricked out in new gear, and..." Jim started.

"Well, it's time to head to Sandgem Town!" Trina said standing up.

"Okay, then...Let's hit it!" Ethan cheered.

Before leaving, Ethan snapped. "I wanted to tell Professor Elm we're here real quick!" Ethan looked around to find how to navigate the Sinnoh Centers. He found a staircase and went up to a higher deck of the center where Transfer Machines sat. He tapped in Elm's number.

Soon, he appeared on the screen.

"Hey, Professor! We got here safely and met Professor Araragi!" Ethan explained.

"That's good. Oh, and, Aipom REALLY wants to come with you..." Aipom appeared on Elm's head, smiling.

"Hey Aipom! Um...Can you send her over?" Ethan asked.

Elm nodded and recalled her, setting her in the Pokemon Transfer Machine. In a second, she was on Ethan side. He sent her out and she settled herself on his head. "Thank you!"

"Bye, Ethan!"

The trio headed outside and took a path north that was cut from trees. The refreshing evergreen smell pleased the two travelers, and was apparently faint on the young woman with them.

After some time, they could not see Marble Port anymore, and were surrounded by trees.

Suddenly, a bird pokemon swooped down towards Trina. She drew a Great Ball and threw it.

"Chiramii!" A small, gray chinchilla with large years and fluffy body sprang out of the ball. "Use Sweep Slap!" Chiramii flipped and slammed its tail into the pokemon twice. It flew into the trees, fainted. Chiramii fell on Trina's head. She recalled it after thanking it.

"What was that pokemon?" Ethan asked.

"Oh, a Starly!" She smiled.

"No, the one you used!"

"A pokemon common in the Isshu Region," she said without anything else.

Ethan shrugged and they continued on. After some time of trudging through the forest, they finally came upon a small town with a minimal amount of people walking around. A tall laboratory was even visible from where they stood.

"Is that Professor Rowan's Lab?" Jim asked.

Trina nodded. "Of course it is...The biggest place here isn't it?" She laughed. They whirred through town quickly and came up upon a flagstone walkway. "This is...the great Alexander Rowan's laboratory!" She announced. Jim and Ethan headed up the flagstones. The building was in a cylindrical shape, but with the same largeness it had dawned upon them from before.

In some other part of Sinnoh, a place that looked evenly like Sandgem Town, a boy was throwing his stuff into a backpack in his room...

"Gah! Where is my..." The boy with yellow hair and a funky style spotted a watch laying on his desk. He snatched it up and snapped it on his wrist. "Yes! now, I am ready to go!" He throws his bag over his shoulder and shoots down stairs like a bolt.

In another house, in a room decorated in purple and pink, a girl clipped some yellow clips on her hair, tieing in back. She smiled. Breathing in and out slowly, she put on a red jacket and clipped it together. Then, she slipped on some pink boots across her black lacy socks. Standing up, her hair flew forward, lashing across her face. Her shining blue eyes seemed to smile as she put on her shoulder bag. She then slipped on a white hat with a pink pokeball indented on it and opened her bedroom door. "Time to start the day!" She breathed.

Outside the house, the girl stepped onto a clod of snow. Her foot sank deep in, and she gasped. She quickly threw her foot out of the snow and stepped away from the snow.

"Bad snow!" She spat. She then walked around the corner of the house and saw the icy path in front of her. She sighed. "You know, I didn't see mom this morning..." She quickly hurried across the ice to her friend's house, which was a few yards from her own. Soon, she was at the wooden door. She rapped on it, and her mother greeted her at the door.

"Hi, Dawn!" Her mother said.

"Mom! You were at Barry's house?" Dawn asked.

Her mother, Johanna, nodded in agreement. "Yes, I was. I was talking to his mother about how you and Barry are going on your journey today!" She said. She then opened the door with enough space to allow the ten-year old inside.

She spotted Barry sitting down at a table, looking especially angry. When he saw her, his face brightened and she quickly was dragged away from the table he sat at.

"Bye mom, bye Mrs. Sinclair!" Barry said quickly.

"Barry Tycoon!" His mother snapped jokingly. They suddenly disappeared from the doorway.

Outside, he whirred her around in the snow.

"Thanks for bailing me out!" Barry whispered excitedly to Dawn.

"You're welcome. I figured that our mothers would have been keeping you." She threw her long blue hair as she turned her head quickly. "And now...to Sandgem Town!" She pointed to the air.

"Hm..." Barry pulled his sleeves down, as it was getting chilly. "Okay..." He blinked his flashing orange eyes.

Dawn and Barry started trudging through the few inches of snow that were ahead of them. Dawn snickered at Barry having normal shoes, where her shins were protected by tall boots.

"Wish you were a girl now, eh?" Dawn asked, a smirk across her face.

"Never. I'm just having a little..." he kicked up and balls of snow slapped Dawn's head, "trouble...Oops." He turned and attained a mischievous grin. Turning back, he frowned. "My bad."

Dawn got slack-eyed to him. "Mhm..." She continued walking towards Sandgem Town.

In Sandgem, Trina opened the glass doors of the lab and led Jim and Ethan inside.

A tall man in a blue vest and white pants, with white undershirt, appeared to them. "Ah! Hello, Ethan and Jim! I see you've gotten here safely. Before Dawn and Barry, as well! Trina, thank you for bringing them," the man bellowed. They figured he was Rowan.

"You're very welcome! Now, I must be going into the room..." Trina walked away and into a room with a mark above the door that read, 'Evolutionary Testing Room.'

Ethan looked around, taking in the largeness of this lab. The ceiling had to be fifty feet in the air. A stairs case would around the inside of the room that led into smaller rooms in the walls as the tower-like building scaled higher. Flying pokemon were flying all about through the air, delivering pieces of paper across the rooms, probably for messenger purposes.

"This place is intricate." A large hallway was behind Rowan, where he come from, and a man was reeling a cart out. He had green hair a strand was flowing in front of his face.

"Professor, are Dawn and Barry he-" He stopped mid-sentence when he saw Jim and Ethan, realizing it wasn't them. "Oh, my apologies!"

"No, no! I wanted these two to help out, that's what the extra PokeDexes are for..." Rowan said, turning to the assistant. "But, I wanted to give a starter pokemon to one of you, but I wasn't sure who..."

Jim raised a brow. "Oh, give it to Ethan! Me and Elekid are all right!" He said, gesturing the boy next to him.

"Well, I guess Aipom and I could use some other company!" Ethan grinned.

"All right then. Whichever starter Dawn and Barry do not choose, you shall get," Rowan said finally.

Ethan held up a thumb.

Suddenly, two children opened the doors of the lab. Barry barreled in and knelt.

"So warm in here..." He shook fresh snow off of his hair and shoes. "Oh! Are those the pokemon!" Barry immediately scooped himself up and shot towards Chimchar.

Dawn entered and quickly scooted closer to Turtwig.

"We choose our pokemon, right?" Dawn asked. She blinked. "Sorry! Hi, I'm Dawn Sinclair, the trainer you called for!" Dawn shook hands with Rowan. "My main dream is to become the Champion of Sinnoh, like Cynthia..." She greeted.

"Ah, what a wonderful dream!"

"She won't achieve it because I am also her competition!" Barry negated.

"Hey, so you two both want to travel for Gym Badges?" Ethan said, walking forward. The two children nodded/

"Well, I suppose you should now choose your pokemon..." Suddenly, a man walked into the room.

"Hello, Professor Rowan. There is some business I have to deal with...it has to do with those pokemon!" The squeaky voiced individual pointed to the starter pokemon.

"I am sorry. I am not familiar with your work..." Rowan said sheepishly.

"I am sorry for that, because I have to..." Suddenly, the man whirred forward and took out a bag. He swept the pokemon into them and shot like a rocket out of the building.

Everyone was flabbergasted for a moment. "Hey! Get back here!" Barry shouted. He then skittered out of the building. Ethan and Dawn hurried after them.

As Rowan, some scientists and Jim looked on, a ball ticked on the ground in front of the table. Suddenly, it exploded and a minor explosion rocked the building.

Outside, the three trainers had entered a forest searching for the man with the pokemon.

"This is bad..." Ethan thought to himself.


And that's the Series Premiere! I hope it was enjoyable, despite the lack of action! Well, see you all next time, for Chapter 2: Twin Leaves