True, Felix is his story was supposed to be a one-shot. The story of how he came to be a vampire was told and that was supposed to be it. But I just can't get Felix out of my mind. He's very honorable in my mind and I can see him as a very important part of the Volturi Guard even though he has no 'power' to speak off. His power to me is not only his strength but his immense loyalty. So I will probably continue to write about him.

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The year was approximately 400 BC and the place was ancient Greece.

I was crouched down in the hills outside of Nemea.

My old regiment had put up camp for the night at the foot of the hill. King Leonidas had died in the Battle of Thermopylae three years earlier and since then his younger brother Cleombrotus ruled as regent of Sparta. Cleombrotus was prone to expend Sparta's territory, he was obsessed with strengthening Sparta. And expansion was his way to achieve that.

His army had been on the move north for weeks now and I've been following them all that time. Time and time again I saw them engage in battle, just watching what happened, not intervening with the outcome. And for nights I had walked over the battle grounds searching for my friend. But every night he wasn't with the mortally wounded or the dead. I thought it would have been easier, to take him from the life he knew and give him a new one only when he had no chance to live anymore. But time was running out.

My new life had given me many opportunities, including not only to serve and protect M'lady Sulpicia but also her husband Aro and his brothers. They were the royalty of this world, the world of the immortals. And they had blessed me, taken me in, putting me in charge of their guards and now they had given me permission to go back and get my friend. My friend that was like a brother to me in my old life. But tonight my time ran out, I had to go back to my Masters and I would bring my brother with me.

Slowly I made my way down the hill, toward the camp. I made no sound as I approached the men who were making their ways toward their beds. I grinned slowly, my new life had so many advantages, the night didn't bother me any longer. My eyes could see as well as they did during the day, the night had no secrets for me anymore. Neither did anything else for that matter. I could see for miles, I could see everything, every leaf that moved in the wind, every bat that flew through the sky. And not only see them but I could smell and hear them too. The secrets of the world were revealed to me.

Tonight I wore my old regiment clothing, I left my black travelling cloak on the hill, knowing I would find it again on my way back. The men suspected nothing while I walked among them, the night hiding my ruby eyes. My throat burning as I smelled the men going about their business. The ones that stood guard for the night nodded at me, seeming slightly confused as to who I was. But none of that mattered. I swallowed the venom that pooled in my mouth and followed the scent that lead my way through the camp. Finally I ended up at a small tent at the end of the camp, I grinned, knowing he would volunteer to set up his tent here on the perimeter. Still fearless.

I drew the flap of the tent back and stepped inside, immediately he was crouched on his cot a dagger in his hand and eyes wide with anger and sleep.

'Don't hurt yourself my old friend'

He frowned, he watched me move inside and sit down on the cot opposite of his, he blinked his eyes once. Twice. But when I sat motionless he relaxed his stance, sitting down, his feet on the ground and his dagger in his lap.

'I know your build, I can recognize your voice. Have you come back from Hades? Did Ares send me a vision so I will go bravely unto the battlefield tomorrow? Will I finally join my brother in the underworld?'

I could not help but smile at my old friend, he was always the one for words.

'You smile at me, vision of my upcoming doom. Is my demise a joyous occasion to you?'

'Demetri, my brother. You still live by the word and the will of the Gods'

'How can I not, when you are before me. You have long been dead'

'Verily my blood may no longer run and my heart may have stopped. Yet I walk the earth my brother'

He shook his head. Demetri was an educated man, he had been thought by Thucydides when he was just a boy. His parents were wealthy citizens of Sparta and he had been raised to abide to the will of the Gods, to honor them in everything.


I simply nodded, watching my brother wrap his mind around what I was here to tell him.

'We came home, the king was dead. The queen had died, the princess taken. We've searched for you brother. Where did you go?'

'Had I not sworn to protect the princess, my old friend. The night she was taken I failed at my duties, but never again will I do so. I still serve her and will continue to'

He tilted his head; 'You guard her? From the endless teeth of Keberos?'

I laughed softly.

'No brother. I have not met the eyes of Charon the ferryman either. Nor did we need the silver coins. We never descended into Hades, my friend. We did not cross the river Styx. Feel that I am here, that I am not sent but came free of will and heart.'

I places my hand onto his shoulder and he jumped slightly, I knew I was cold and hard as the marble of the temple Olympieion. I withdrew my hand, flexing it. The warmth of his skin lingering on my palm and the venom pooled in my mouth. I realized only then that it had been four days since I had last fed. And I only now knew how much I needed the hunt.

'Fear not'

He looked at me, his eyes roaming my features as he tried to understand what all was happened and if he should believe it.

'Would you come with me brother? For I have told tales of you to Queen Sulpicia. Tales of your speed and your security with the sword. And she is most anxious to meet you. Would you honor her and come with me?'

He nodded slowly looking straight in my eyes, though through the darkness he could not see their coloring.

'How can I refuse my brother, who saved me so many times and now has returned from the dead'

We both stood up at the same time, and like it was only yesterday that we had finished training together we pledge allegiance to each other. His right hand over my quiet heart and mine over his beating one.

We nodded once and quietly left the camp.

This is how my brother came to be.