"Harry, I already told you why." Ginny said as she walked down the stairs.

Harry sighed, he really didn't understand Ginny's need to torment her brothers, "You know they are going to kill me when they find out I'm the boyfriend you've been hiding."

Ginny laughed, "No they won't, they know I'm the one hiding it. Besides Bill told Charlie yesterday he doesn't understand why we aren't together. They think you're blind to me, that you think of me as a sister."

Harry chuckled and leaned to Ginny's ear, "I'd never snog someone I thought of like a sister, just ask Hermione."

Ginny was still smiling when they reached the kitchen, "Mum is Teddy here yet?"

Molly looked up, "Not yet but they should be here any minute. Eat your breakfast. Are Ron and Hermione still sleeping then?"

Harry and Ginny both said they were even though they both knew the couple was in Ron's room snogging. Ginny decided to make sure they knew they had been covered so that they could return the favor sometime. The two sat down to eat and just as they were finishing the fireplace flared and Andromeda Tonks stepped out holding Teddy. Harry jumped up and took Teddy so she could sit and relax.

He looked down at the baby just as his eyes were opening. Harry grinned at Teddy and said, "Good morning Teddy Bear." Teddy yawned and stretched, after a few minutes he started to focus in on Harry. He grinned back at Harry and started waving his arms and gurgling. That lasted only a few minutes, and as soon as he started to fuss Harry took the bottle from Andromeda and sat to feed Teddy.

"Ginny dear would you go wake Ron and Hermione?" Molly asked, "Tell them their breakfast is on the table and if they hurry Teddy won't eat it all."

When she returned Harry had just winded Teddy and was giving him the second half of the bottle, "Harry one of these days you'll make a good father. You've got this baby stuff down."

Harry looked up, "Thanks Ginny but I think you're overestimating my abilities. I can last about thirty minutes then he's bored of me and I'm lost."

Ginny laughed, "Mrs. Tonks, can we take Teddy out to the garden for a bit of sunshine? We'll keep the gnomes away."

"That's fine," Andromeda said, "but it can only be for fifteen minutes. I don't want him to get too much sun. He's fair and I don't want any chance of him getting a burn."

After Teddy finished breakfast Harry handed him to Ginny and they went to the garden. Harry conjured a blanket and held Teddy while Ginny got comfortable. He handed Teddy back and then sat beside her. He was leaning on one hand and a finger of the other was in Teddy's tight grasp. The arm he was leaning on was stretched out behind Ginny so the effect was that he was wrapped half way around her.

As they sat on the blanket Molly was looking out the window. Once they were settled she chuckled Teddy had changed his hair to black and was cooing at Harry. Andromeda came over to see what was funny and she gasp, "They look just like Lily and James playing with Harry as a baby."

Molly asked, "Did you know them well?"

Andromeda shook her head, "Not really but they came over with Sirius a few times to visit. When Sirius was arrested I went to Dumbledore trying to tell him that there was a mistake Sirius couldn't have turned them over. When he wouldn't be swayed, I tried to get him to leave Harry with us, but he had other ideas."

Molly smiled, "I can just see Dora as a big sister, she would have loved it."

"She would have." Andromeda smiled sadly, "She told me when she first met Harry it was like meeting her little brother. She always got so angry at his relatives. She'd come back after they picked him up swearing and throwing things. "

The two women turned from the window as Ron and Hermione came into the kitchen for breakfast. Ron said, "Oh good you didn't let Teddy eat it all. So where are they?"

"They're out it the garden letting Teddy get some sun." Andromeda said, "They should be in soon."

After breakfast Hermione said, "Ron, I want to get my school stuff today. You want to go to Diagon Alley with me later?" Ron nodded in reply.

Harry and Ginny had just walked in the door and Ginny said, "Mind if we go with you. We need to get our school stuff too."

"Why did Kingsley let us sign up for the Auror program before he told us our first assignment is to finish school?" Harry groaned.

"It won't be so bad; at least we'll all have classes as well as free periods together. And between the three of us we can keep Hermione from studying too hard." Hermione swatted Ron's arm as the group laughed.

Hours later Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione trouped into the kitchen. Molly saw them and asked, "I thought you were going to Diagon Alley for your school things today?"

"We did." Ginny said, "Hermione is carrying it all in her bag."

"It was a quite a long trip any problems?"

The four teens reached the table and sat down, Harry said, "If you don't count the Goblin's not wanting to let me into my vault. It was great."

"Hmm… quite a lot of sarcasm there Harry." Molly said, "Why don't you all go wash for dinner. The rest should be here in half an hour or so."

The teens trudged up the stairs stopping at Ginny's room to drop off half the supplies and the girls, then Ron and Harry walked the rest of the way up. All four washed up and headed back down to help with dinner. They were setting the food on the table when George, Percy, Charlie, Bill and Fleur walked in. Everyone gathered at the table and the conversations started. It wasn't long until Arthur came in and dinner was started.

Arthur turned to Harry, "I hear you had a rough day in the Alley today."

Harry looked a bit sour, "The Goblins know I only took what I needed to destroy Voldemort and absolutely nothing more. The way they acted today you would have thought I had cleaned out the whole vault. They didn't want to let me into my vault. They've taken money out of my account to pay for damages that I thought the Ministry had agreed to pay. And when I did get to my vault I had to take fifteen Goblins with me while Ginny, Hermione and Ron were held under guard until I got back."

Bill looked confused and Arthur said, "I think the Ministry did pay the damages on that. We even got them a replacement dragon."

"Well they took two million galleons out." Harry said, "I'm really tempted to just pull all my money out."

"What would you do with it?" Bill asked.

"Borrow Fluffy from Hagrid and see if Professor McGonagall will let me store it at Hogwarts until I can figure out how to make my own vault." Harry said, "Or I could borrow Hermione's bottomless bag and put it all in that. Maybe just get it exchanged to muggle currency and put it all in a muggle bank."

"You sound pretty serious about that." Bill said.

"I am." He replied, "It was really embarrassing to be treated that way, I felt like a criminal. I would never have broken into the bank if it hadn't been a matter of Voldemort."

"Maybe we should have asked the Goblins if we could get the cup without breaking in."

"I thought of that," Harry shook his head, "if they had given it to us then I didn't stop Voldemort, instead of one dead Goblin he would have killed all of them."

Conversation turned and became much less agitated after that. Near the end of the meal the fire flared green and Minerva McGonagall's head appeared. Molly asked, "Is something the matter Minerva?"

"No, "Minerva said, "I was just wondering if Harry was here this evening?"

Harry stood up and said, "I'm here what do you need?"

"Good, Molly do you mind if I come through?"

"I don't mind. Have you had dinner?"

"I have, thank you." Minerva then disappeared from the fire. A few seconds later the fire flared green again and Minerva walked into the room, and was greeted from all at the table.

"What do you need?" Harry asked.

"As you know we were going to have an Auror for our DADA class this year." Minerva said, "Kingsley told me today that they are too short on staff and we need to find another teacher. They've had ten Aurors retire unexpectedly this week and none of them are willing to teach."

"What do you need from me?" Harry said,

Minerva replied, "I want you to teach DADA."

Harry was flabbergasted. His mouth hung open and he stared at the older woman. After several moments he blinked and said, "As in be a professor?"

"I'm actually calling it an Associate Professor."

"What's the difference?"

"You will still be going to all your own classes." Minerva said, "Plus be teaching."

"I assume you would make my schedule fit into that?" Harry asked.

"I will." Minerva said, "You can also have seventh year students help in the younger classes if they have free periods. Outside of class you will be a student. In class you will have all the ups and downs of being a teacher."

"What similarities would I have to other professors?" Harry asked.

"Only during classes you can give and take points and assign detentions." Minerva said, "You will have an office that you can use at any time. It is your personal space so you can get your studies done and grade papers without the noise and interruptions of the common room and have private chats with students that have problems. Study groups would also be allowed."

"And the differences?" Harry asked.

"Any detentions you hand out I will assign to other teachers." Minerva said, "You will be allowed to schedule time to answer student questions outside of class. And during class time any relationships you have must be put on hold."


"During your class," Minerva said, "you have no friends and no girlfriend. You have only students. I must have your assurances that you can do this."

"So if Ron is a being a prat, Harry has to take points or assign him a detention?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, and if you are too severe or not severe enough I reserve the right to change the points or detentions."

"What about curriculum?" was his next question.

"I have the curriculum that Remus used," Minerva said, "you can use it."

"I'll need that before the year starts so that I can look it over." Harry said, "I want to talk to Ginny, Ron and Hermione before I decide."

"I have a copy of his papers with me." Minerva said, "If I wait around can you give me an answer tonight?"

Harry stood up and motioned to the other three, "We'll be back in a bit. If you get tired of waiting I'll visit you tomorrow at Hogwarts if that's agreeable."

Minerva nodded, "That is agreeable."

After they left Bill turned to Arthur, "Dad, I'm going to show the council of Gringotts the memory of our earlier conversation. I don't think the higher Goblins know how he's being treated."

"Good idea. I have no doubt that one more time like today and he will pull it all. In fact I can't say that I blame him. I know the Ministry wasn't asked to pay two million galleons in damages."

"What's this?" Minerva asked.

"Evidentially," Bill said, "the Goblins are treating Harry badly and they took two million galleons out of his account to pay for damages. They even held Ginny, Ron and Hermione under guard until Harry was finished at his vault."

"That's outrageous," Minerva said, "what is he going to do."

"He is thinking about pulling all of it out and asking you to keep it at the school with something called Fluffy from Hagrid." Bill smiled.

Minerva chuckled, "Fluffy is Hagrid's three headed dog."

"Good to know." Bill laughed, "I'll be letting the Goblins in on this secret tomorrow."

Meanwhile the four teens were sitting on the grass some distance from the Burrow, Harry asked, "What do you guys think."

Hermione said, "It's brilliant." Ron agreed but Ginny remained silent."

Harry looked at Ginny and waited. Finally she said, "If you ignore me out side of class I will hex you." Harry smiled softly and she said, "As long as we can snog in your office sometimes I'm fine with it."

"Just warn me when you're going to do that." Ron shuddered, "Hermione and I will study somewhere else that night."

Hermione arched an eyebrow, "Study?"

"We can call that studying if they do." Ron grinned, "McGonagall didn't say he could snog in the office so I'm sure they'll call it studying."

Harry laughed then asked, "So you'll be ok if I don't play favorites or anything, because I don't want to be like Snape."

Ron thought for a minute, "Well I was going to say you could play favorites with us but that equation would make me Malfoy and I won't go there. Do what you need to do and I'll try not to cause any waves for you."

Hermione and Ginny said, "Me too."

The four returned to the house and Harry approached Minerva, "Ok, I'll teach on a few conditions."

"What conditions?" Minerva asked.

"I would like you to attend a few classes and give me pointers on teaching." Harry replied, "I want to meet with you at least twice a month for us to chat about teaching or whatever. And please make sure the students respect my private time outside of class since I will still live in the dorm. I will set aside the time from last class until dinner on certain days and two hours on Sunday to take questions."

"I can live with those conditions. Welcome to the Hogwarts staff Harry." Minerva said, "There will be a staff meeting for you to attend on Friday at one. Here are the notes please bring any changes or problems to me at that meeting."