The next morning at the first of the days tournament games Bill approached Harry, "Great game yesterday."

"Thanks." Harry said, "How's Fleur?"

"About ready to start taking people's heads off." Bill grimaced, "The Healer says one more week then Victoire should be ready to be born."


"We've finished checking out the Black Estate." Bill said, "There is plenty of dark magic to be cleared up. The first of the training exercises will begin tomorrow."

"Great." Harry said, "What about the other places?"

"A few senior curse breakers will begin looking at them tomorrow." Bill said, "You are the only person I've seen them treat this way. Not only are they using your property for a training exercise, but they're paying you for it by checking your other properties for free. I've never seen them turn down payment from anyone. You're turning the world on its ear you know."

"Someone needs to." Hermione interrupted, "They've been stuck in the mud for way to long. I think it's the first progress in the magical world since the middle ages."

Over the next couple of weekends the number of teams dwindled. Before the last two games of the first set was the final school game, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw. Harry was in the changing room as the assistant coach when Foster asked, "Are you sure you don't want to play? I'd feel terrible if we lose on my account."

"You'll do fine." Harry assured him, "And it's just a game if we lose we lose. No one will hold it against you."

"I will." Foster replied gloomily.

"You'll be the only one." Ron said.

Foster didn't need to worry. He didn't catch the snitch but Gryffindor was up by three hundred points so it ended as a victory anyway. Sunday started the second round of games for the tournament. Just as before Harry's team started the round. With only sixteen games to be played they decided to fit eight games in each weekend. Then the third round would start.

This time the game was harder. By the time Harry switched to his second team they were ahead by a slightly lower margin. Oliver had let in four goals; the other keeper had let in seventeen. They had been playing for thirty minutes when Harry finally spotted the snitch. It was near to the ground by the other team's goal and their seeker was closer. Harry kept one eye on the snitch and one on the other seeker as he slowly drifter towards the snitch. He was almost even with the other seeker when the snitch moved and he went into his dive. The other seeker followed lucky for Harry the snitch had moved toward the racing seekers instead of away from them. As they neared the ground the other seeker slowed falling behind Harry. At the last second he pulled up on his broom turning toward the approaching snitch and caught it as it ran into his hand. His toes marred the grass where his feet plowed until he could gain some of the altitude back and then slow down and land. At the party that night Harry made sure he was sitting by Ginny first and then let people come to him to talk. And since he had classes the next day he was able to make excuses and leave the party earlier than the previous one.

His next week's classes were quiet. Part way through his Gryffindor and Slytherin fifth year class he had a disruption. Dennis Creevey landed on the floor with a thud. For a moment the room was silent then Harry asked, "Is there a problem?"

"No sir." Albert Bangs replied though he was trying not to laugh.

Dennis couldn't hold it in and started laughing. It only took a moment before Albert joined him and started laughing too. Harry shook his head and said, "I would like you two to stay after class and explain. For now try to get it together and sit back in your seat please." The two continued to snicker until the bell sounded for the end of the period. After the class emptied Harry turned to the boys, "Who wants to start?"

"Sorry Harry." Dennis said, "I was teasing him, but I wasn't prepared for him to give me a shove."

"I'm sorry too." Albert said, "I didn't mean to shove him hard enough to fall out of the chair." With that the two boys cracked up again.

"Alright since you weren't acting in anger I'm going to let this go." Harry said, "But try to contain your antics in class please I don't want to have to separate you."

"Yes sir." Came the reply as they left the room.

Minerva stepped out of the shadows, "Well that was a switch. I guess your plan worked." Harry tapped the chair with his wand and a report came out. Minerva was confused, "What's that?"

"A little spell I put on the chair." Harry said, "I had quit checking it because there was no problem. It gives me an overview of what happened during the class. I wanted to make sure that as they were sitting here for punishment they weren't hurting each other."

"What does it say?"

Harry read it and started laughing, "Dennis is trying to set up Albert with his female muggle cousin." Harry tapped the chair again and said, "I don't think I need that spell anymore."

"That may be an invasion of privacy." Minerva said.

"It only gives an overview of what one said that the other found offensive." Harry said, "Then any spells that were used. The spells off now so is that ok?"

"Just don't use it again."

Saturday was the beginning of the third round of the tournament. Only eight teams were left and these games would have a four hour limit. With two games played each day. Harry and Draco were the first team to play. Harry was playing against Tom Dorgan, the professional seeker Draco had. Like Harry, Draco tended to switch out players on the hour so everyone could play. This was the first game that Harry had Ginny and Charlie take turns being a seeker. It was more for them to get a feel for the position again than it was to rest but he didn't want to tell anyone else that. As the game was played it proved to be the toughest game yet. Scoring was almost nonexistent it was twenty to fifty by the beginning of the third hour. Harry took flight again as the seeker and had Ron playing keeper. Gwenog, Ginny and Angelina were chasers while George and Charlie were the beaters. Harry had barely managed to escape a bludger when he spotted the snitch. It was closer to him at the moment but moving away. Harry sped towards it with Tom hot on his heels.

Both had excellent brooms so it was down to luck and skill. As Tom pulled even with Harry he moved to knock Harry out of the way. Harry saw the ploy and rolled under his broom coming up on the other side of Tom. The man grinned widely and tried again. This time he moved over and down so Harry couldn't roll but he was prepared for that and pulled up. Before he could try anything else the snitch switched directions. They both made to grab it but it was out of reach. Tom pulled hard on his broom to turn as Harry performed his first public switchback and had the snitch before Tom got all the way around.

The crowd was silent for a moment and then went into a frenzy of screaming and stomping celebrating the win. When they landed Tom stalked over, "How did you get turned around so quick?"

Gwenog was there and said, "He performed the move known as the Potter Switchback."

"What's that?" Tom started.

But a man from the crowd shouted, "He cheated he has to have a wand on him to perform that move." That was followed by an outcry from the spectators and it took the ref ten minutes to get order again. He had everyone step away from Harry as he was searched for a wand.

When no wand was found Harry said, "I'm going to do it again now that you know I don't have a wand on me. Feel free to watch as close as you want."

Many people had Omnioculars and watched him do the move. When he landed Tom said, "I think you still have a wand hidden on you. You disappear and reappear going the other direction."

"Wait." The head of the Ministry Department for Magical Games and Sports approached the group and announced for the entire stadium to hear, "Mr. Potter and Ms. Jones approached me months ago about this move. We at the department have thoroughly checked the validity of this move and it was approved. We even had Aurors come and check him for a wand and he does not carry one in the game. Auror Robards is here and has agreed to check him again." The Auror check him over and said he did not carry a wand and his team was declared the winner.

At the party Harry spent the whole time describing how he did the move. Two weekends were left of the tournament and Harry decided he was ready for it to end. He was so tired of crowds and attention that he was ready to scream. His classes for the next two weeks were reviews for the tests coming up in the third week. It seemed like the week flew by and it was time to play in the next round of the tournament. The next game wasn't as hard and Harry's team won by a fairly wide margin and would be in the final game.

As they lined up to enter the stadium for the last time Harry was smiling widely. Gwenog asked, "You seem really excited to be in this last round."

"He's just ready for all the attention to be over." Ginny said.

The rest of the team laughed as the launched themselves into the air to begin the final game of the tournament. Harry shook the other captain's hand and flew up to his spot in the air. The game was rough and at the end of the first hour the teams were tied at thirty points each. At the end of the second our Harry's team was ahead by three goals. In the fourth hour Harry sensed a change in the game. His team had surged up by seventeen goals and their players seemed to be keeping a distance instead of engaging close in. He didn't have time to think on it as the snitch was spotted and he went after it. It was a rough go dodging bludgers and the opposing seeker. The snitch had just changed direction and Harry did his switchback when there was a gasp from the audience. A green light was moving toward Harry. He saw Ginny get hit hard with a bludger and it moved her into the spells path. Before the thought about it he did another switchback and reached Ginny just before the spell did. He knew he had gotten her out of its path but he wasn't so sure about himself until he felt a wave of power hit him from behind. He made it to the ground before he passed out.

When he woke up in the hospital later he first looked for Ginny and found her sleeping peacefully in the next bed. From the other side Gwenog said, "We won if you're interested."

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"Actually we would like to know that from you." Auror Robards said, "What do you remember?"

"I remember seeing that green curse flying at me and then Ginny was hit by a bludger that stunned her and set her in the spells path. I turned to go after her and grabbed her hoping to block the curse. I felt an explosion at my back and something hit my head but I think I was able to land. Who sent the spell and was it the killing curse?"

"The man was apprehended almost before the spell was released." Robards said, "You were out of danger of it but you are right that Ginny was in the path. And it was the AK. Spectators around the man jumped him and held him until Aurors arrived. As for your rescue you disappeared from one spot and reappeared next to Ginny, grabbed her off her broom just before the spell would have hit her. Her broom took the spell and was destroyed that's what hit you in the head. You were probably ten feet off the ground when you fell off your broom and landed on your back. Ginny suffered from a concussion and woke up earlier. She knows what happened."

"Who was he?"

"A man who doesn't like your style of teaching." Minerva said, "The father of one of your sixth year girls."

"The man's wife has been talking to Aurors." Robards said, "It looks like you did them a great favor. He was abusive to them, now he'll get life in Azkaban and won't be able to hurt them anymore."

"But I didn't do anything." Harry said, "The spectators caught him."

"It was a group of your seventh year class." Robards said, "He was hit by twenty different spells and held by Longbottom at the throat, Abbott with her wand up his nose, Boot and Malfoy each had an arm."

The Weasley's came into the room led by Molly. When she reached Harry she pulled him into a tight hug. After a few moments Harry said, "Mum, can't breathe."

"What kind of stunt was that?" Molly said after she let go, "You could have died, Ginny could have died, you saved her again…" She continued to ramble making absolutely no sense for ten minutes until Arthur was able to calm her down.

"You said we won," Harry said to Gwenog, "What happened after I passed out?"

"We called a time out and I had Charlie take over as seeker." Gwenog started.

"It was great; I forgot how much I love playing a rough game like that." Charlie interrupted.

"The other team was so tired by the time we got back to play they were dragging and we got ahead by three more goals." Gwenog tried to continue.

"Then I saw the snitch and caught it." Charlie said, "We won by three hundred and fifty points. We're missing the party though."

"No problem, I'm kind of partied out." Harry said.

Gwenog punched Charlie in the arm, "He asked me not you."

Charlie grinned back at her with absolutely no remorse and said, "So very sorry."

Harry watched the exchange between the two and decided to ask Ginny later how close in age they were. Madam Pomfrey interrupted his thoughts "Alright everyone out my patients need their rest." Harry lay back and was asleep before the room emptied.

By the end of the next week Harry was ready for a break. One of the first people to approach him after the tests were over was Megan Abbot. She apologized for her father's attempt on his life and thanked him for all his help over the year.

"I'm glad he's not hurting you or your Mum anymore." Harry said.

On the train ride home Harry's door way was never empty. Just as soon as one person would leave another would take their place. By the time they were reaching the station the line still hadn't stopped and Harry's nerves were beginning to show. Ron finally just shut the door and locked it so no one else could stop, "What are you worried about Harry?"

"I'm afraid we'll have more unhappy parents on the platform." Harry said.

"Professor McGonagall told the prefects that there would be Aurors on the platform for crowd control." Hermione said.

"She should have just let me apparate back and avoid all this." Harry said.

"Have you taken the notice me not spell off your ring?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"Yes, I took it off last week." Ginny said, "I still haven't had many comments."

"Are you sure it's safe?" Harry asked.

"If you want to stay in one piece I'd avoid that question in the future." Ginny said.

The station was a mad house, but in a good way. Many people stopped to thank Harry for teaching. Or to congratulate him on his team's victory in the quidditch tournament and make sure he was in good health. Several expressed their gratitude on his victory over Voldemort and joining the Auror office. There were a few disparaging comments about him but all in all it was better than he thought it would be. But not by much. Toward the end of the crowd a man lunged forward and caught Harry by the shoulder.

"My name is Allan Banks and I want to talk to you." The man said.

The Aurors were close but didn't interfere. Harry said, "You must be Albert's father. He's an excellent student you must be so proud."

Allan pulled back and said, "Yes I am. Thank you. I do however have issue with how you taught."

"I can understand that." Harry replied, "I don't expect everyone to agree with my point of view. What would you like to discuss?"

"Your view on muggles and why that should be brought up in defense class." The man said.

"Have you spent any time in the muggle world Mr. Banks?" Harry asked.

"No. Every place I've seen has been dirty and had ignorant, dirty muggles infesting it and I don't wish to see any more. We're lucky the Ministry take such care of the muggle side of the station for us." Allan said.

"Mr. Weasley, quick question." Harry turned, "The ministry doesn't take care of the muggle side of the station do they? Isn't it up to the muggle government?"

"Yes that's right." Arthur replied.

"So Mr. Banks I am assuming you mean the apparition points located around the city are the only other places you've been?" Harry asked.


"You do realize that the reason those are apparition points is because they are out of the main stream of the city." Harry said, "Muggles store trash in the alleys so that its stay's out of sight for them. Then once or twice a week a truck picks it all up and takes it to the place where they destroy it. They can't just banish it they have to deal with it. So deciding that muggles are dirty animals because of their alleys is like saying all wizard are evil based on your view of Knockturn alley."

"But why even bring it up in DADA class. It's not part of the class in any way." Allan said.

"Muggles were brought up during a discussion on Voldemort. Kids wondered why he hated them so bad so I had to explain that Voldemort was a half blood and hated his muggle father for abandoning him." Harry said, "After that muggles were a subject that would pop up now and then. I don't ignore any question; I answer them to the best of my ability."

"How do you know so much about You-Know-Who?" Several kids chuckled at the question and Allan gave them a weird look.

"They are laughing because I don't allow anyone to say You-Know-Who in class. They either call him Voldemort or Tom Riddle which was his name. I know about him because Albus Dumbledore told me. He studied the man extensively and then told me everything." Harry stated, "That knowledge is what led to Tom's downfall."

An Auror approached Harry and said, "Sorry Mr. Potter but I'm going to have to ask you to keep moving. People are still trying to get off the train."

"Sure." Harry smiled and then reached to shake Allan Banks hand, "Have a nice day Mr. Banks."

Harry was glad his teaching time was over. Although in years to come he would see it as a high point in his life and choose to return to it.