Amanda's PoV (femslash)

Kisses Breed Fear

It's not her kisses that she fears, or the way her hands wander across her skin. The fear comes from the way she kisses back and the way she aches to feel her skin. She is afraid of her own emotions and reactions; she is falling too fast, too soon for her. It makes her head spin. At times she feels separated from her body, the body that she feels arch and yearn for those hands later does not seem possible to belong to her. She has never done this before in her life. She has also never felt such keen desire. She knows that it is not right and she knows that she driven by lust but now her heart was getting involved. She is scared that by every kiss she opens her heart up a little more, making herself more vulnerable and close to feeling consumed by this. She now spends nights lying awake thinking about her and her thoughts turn to wanting, to know everything about her being, almost wishing to possess her for she is desperate to have her by her side.

The harder the delusions come about their relationship and the harder the denial of what is becoming of her. So, with every caress and all the hot kisses, fear breeds in her and she trembles at her own terrible state. One she cannot escape.

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