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Rosalie was jealous. She could never get what she always wanted.

She just wanted a family. A perfect husband and kids. She had always wanted kids, like Henry, but she just couldn't conceive, and her and Emmett (her perfect husband) proved it. They'd even damaged (or, make that demolished) three houses.

And when she found out that Bella was pregnant, she was furious... and extremely jealous. How could Bella be pregnant? It wasn't fair. It was never fair.

It was true, she'd acted like a bitch on a daily basis. Everyone got what they wanted: Edward got Bella, Bella got Edward, Alice got Jasper and Jasper got Alice. Carlisle and Esme had each other. Emmett was just looking for someone to rescue him, and he got Rosalie. She was all he wanted - perfect.

Okay, so she did get something, but Rosalie still didn't get all of what she wanted.

But she had Emmett.

She could have taken Bree in to care for. Anything, anything to sedate the maternal instinct and frustration that boiled inside her. But no, the Volturi didn't give second chances.

But now she has Renesmee to care for when Bella, Edward and Jacob aren't there. Maybe she won't be so jealous anymore.

We can only hope.

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