Love Story a seto/Joey fanfiction.

authors notes: I'm aware a couple of you, including my good friend XJadeRainX had high hopes the Seto and Joey relationship wouldnt be put down into ink, but here it is at last. The era has begun! Enjoy guys, especially you Jade. This ones for you.

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marry me juliet. You'll never have to be alone. I love you and thats all I really know. I talked to your dad. Go pick out a white dress. It's a love story, baby just say yes.

Seto Kaiba had the note folded tightly inside his pocket. He was all set to give the note to Joey Wheeler, his mutt. For years, the CEO would clash with Joey over the stupidest things, including the tournaments and his close friendship with Yugi. Seto would never admit it out loud, but he was super jealous of Yugi for taking all of his Joeys time. All of that nonsense was over now. Seto was willing to put his pride behind him and move forward with Joey. He wanted to make Joey belong to him and only him.

As Seto followed Joey down the hall, being sure to keep a distance between them, the sight that befell his eyes broke his heart into pieces. Joey had his arms around a girl and they were making out right in front of him. The girls name was, of course, none other than Mai valentine, the girl Joey had the hots for the last 4 years. Seto was such a fool to believe that Joey could ever fall in love with him after all he had done to him

Walking away from the scene as quickly as possible, before tears could catch him offguard. tears made anyone weak in the eyes of the great Seto kaiba. "Im such a fool" Seto mumbled to himself as quietly as possible.

Ripping the paper into tiny pieces, Seto let the paper go flying. Once the paper was flying away from him, Seto bolted out of the school doors to go find WilaMine. Hopefully he could rekindle a romance with his old girlfriend again, and maybe just maybe if he was lucky, it would make Joey so jealous, he would come running into his arms.

Unknown to Seto however, the paper went flying to Joey Wheeler at that instant he walked away, Love and Kaiba were the words that hit Joey in the head. As soon as Joey read the words, He broke the kiss with Mai. Smiling his trademark smirk at her, Joey then took off. He needed to find Seto and make things right with gim once and for all.

As soon as Joey finally found Seto, he was that the Mansion. For the life of Joey, he could never understamd how the CEO could stay locked up in that mansion all day. Joey thought that it was rather loney surrounging yourself with servants instead of loved ones.

Entering the Mansion cautiously, Joey was instantly tackled by a streak of red white and blue. The shirt was red and white and the shorts were blue of course. Looking up at the figure on top of him, Joey couldnt help but grin as he hugged the younger boy back. "Hey Mokuba. Whats up?"

"Joey!" The little boy exclaimed, hugging the blond more tightly. Mokuba had not seen Joey in a rather long time, and truth be told, the kid was attached to Joey. Dont get him wrong, Seto was his world and his inspiration, but Joey would always be awesome to him as well.

"Wheres Seto?" Joey wondered, not too sure why Seto was not right behind him. Usually wherever Mokuba went, Seto was not that far behind him, but that was not the case today so it seemed.

"He's upstairs in his room. he gave orders that nobody bother him for today" Mokuba told Joey, worry laced through his voice as he finally released Joey. Seto usually never wanted alone time, unless something was really bothering him. It really made Mokuba wonder just what was on his older brothers mind.

"Ill be back then, Kiddo" Joey patted Mokuba's head gently and began his trek up the stairs to go find Seto

Upon reaching his bedroom, Joey found himself hesitating just in front of Setos door. What if Seto was in there with someone else and thats why he wanted noone to bother him? Joey would deserve that after kissing mai in school for everyone to see, including Seto, but Joey also was sure it would break his heart into a million pieces.

Opening the door cautiously, without even knocking, Joey felt like he was punched in the heart and his heart had a hole in his chest. There was Seto, lying on the bed with a girl on top of him. Kissing him was his ex girlfriend, WilaMina.

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