Chapter Nine

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While Joey was busy freaking out and screaming Mokuba's name, Seto was still standing there, looking emotionless and cold. The truth was, Seto was numb. His little brother had just gone missing by his ex psycho girlfriend and right under Seto's nose. How was that even fucking humanly possible?

Joey only just noticed now that Seto had yet to move. Should Joey smack some sense into him, or just leave him alone and wallow in his misery? Walking over to his lover, Joey placed a hand tenderly on Seto's shoulder, and Joey was more than surprised when Seto didn't throw his hand off.

Normally Seto wouldnt have hesitated in snapping at Joey, but he really needed someone right now. Mokuba was his whole world besides Joey. Joey understood that because Serenity was his whole world as well. Speaking of Serenity, Joey really needed to call her later on today

Touching Joey's forehead with his own, Seto relaxed into his touch. "We'll find Mokuba, I promise" Joey vowed, gently kissing Seto's lips. Deep down, however, Joey had an awful lot of doubts about the whole situation.

Seto had even more doubts than Joey did. WilaMina was a shingami. A special kind of one. She had the power to take one's soul with the touch of her hand, and drain their lifeenergy as well. That was why Seto nearly broke her hand when she tried to touch Mokuba, but since she was a guardian of death, breaking her hand was very hard and nearly impossible to do. Seto kept all this from Joey to protect him. The less people knew about Wilma, the safer they would be.

Looking into Joey's eyes, The great Seto Kaiba utterly fell apart. He delt so hopeless, and he didnt have a clue how to make this all right again. "I love you Joey" Seto whispered brokenly, openly weeping and sobbing.

"Dont cry baby" Joey tried to comfort him as best as he could. It wasn't working out so well, because all Seto did was hold onto Joey even tighter and cry even harder.

"I cant help it Joey. My reason is gone" His reason for being strong was for Mokuba. Mokuba always looked up to him and relied on him to protect him, yet when Mokuba needed hjim the most, Mokuba had been taken away. Seto had failed him, utterly and truly.

"We're gonna get him back, I guarantee it baby" Joey vowed, holding onto Seto tighter. Joey didnt know how he would get Mokuba back or when, but damnit he would. Maybe Bakura or Marik would help him. Marik, after all, had turned good again after Battle City ended.

"No." Seto stated firmly as is he could tell where Joey's thoughts were going. Seto wanted nothing to do with the tomb robber or the tomb keeper. Hed hated Bakura with a passion and hated Marik even more. Both had caused him so much damage. Bakura tried to kill Mokuba and Joey at least once. Marik had kidnapped Joeys soul and trapped him in the shadow realm during Battle City. How dare they attack his family like that!

"Seto. Bakura is still my friend. His yami is evil, but the real Bakura is not" Deep down, Joey respected the Yami as well. Bakura was a softy, whereas the Yami was powerful and on the rare occasion, he befriended you, treated you like his brother, and protected you.

"I know where this is going. You want the Yami's help, not pure Bakuras help. Yami Bakura can help better, yes, but for what price?" There was bound to be a huge price for his help right? Seto would bet anything a severe beating would be the price Bakura wanted.

Joey stayed quiet for quite some time after that. Seto was very much right. He did want the Yami's help, both Yamis to be specific. Both Yamis would be able to help him quicker than the Hikaris could, and one Yami would do it gladly, but what pirce indeed would Bakura want from him?

"Im right arent I?" Seto pushed gently, his arms wrapping around Joey's waist gently.

"Yes. I want the Yami's help. They will be able to help us, Seto, especially Yami Bakura himself" Maybe Yami Yugi could control him hopefully, although Joey wasnt holding his breath. Bobody controlled Bakura, not even the strongest man on the planet. Bakura was a force to be reckoned with all on it's own. Look at him. He killed countless humans, tried to kill Yami, and his friends, and tried to kill Ryou himself.

Seto sighed, thinking the same thing. He was a force to be reckoned with and indeed the King of tomb robbers. He would be useful, but he would fail. He would die and fall to WilaMina's wrath. Could they really condemn both Yami's to that fate?

Joey sighed too and met Seto's stare, thinking they should both forget about it, when Seto spoke up finally.

"Lets go talk to Bakura and Marik and Yami" Seto would hate himself in the morning, but the urge to get his little brother back safely was more important than his hatred for Yami Bakura.

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