The Definition of Love is Us

Chapter 1: The definition of love

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It was May 2O,2011 one year from the day she said goodbye to her partner and the love of her life. While she was in the Indonesian jungle, Temperance Brennan finally realized that she had made the biggest mistake of her life the night outside the Hoover building when she rejected Booth. She realized that even though she wanted to protect him from herself, that in reality she was hurting him. It killed her to admit that she was wrong but she knew what she had to do, and she intended to do it no matter how scared she was. Brennan leaned back in her first class seat on the air plane with a groan. She was utterly terrified of what Booth's reaction would be to what she was about to admit to him.

"Are you okay ma'am?" a sweet flight attendant asked.

Brennan looked up at her and replied "Yes thank you, I am just thinking."

"Oh, alright," she answered back.

After the long flight back to Washington D.C, Brennan finally stepped out of her air plane and into the air port; where she waited for Angela to pick her up and take her to the reflecting pool behind the mall right next to the coffee cart where she would finally be able to see him,


Brennan was just retrieving her luggage from baggage claim when she heard a loud voice coming from behind her.

"Sweetie!" a loud voice said while running toured her best friend and then giving her a big hug.

"Hello Angela, you seem really excited to see me." Brennan said barely being able to breathe.

Angela pulled away from Brennan and shook her slightly and spoke,

"Of course I am excited to see you! Bren we haven't seen each other for a year! I have

missed you so much!"

"Aw I have missed you to Ang"

"Well lets go, and take you to see Mr. Hot Stuff"

"Who is Mr. hot Stuff?" Brennan asked with a confused look on her face. "I much rather go see Booth, Angela. I haven't seen him in a year.

"It is Booth sweetie!

"Oh , then yes, lets go!" Brennan said with an anxious voice while almost running to the exit of the building.

"And they say they are just partners" Angela murmured under her breath sarcastically.


Booth was sitting on the bench by the coffee cart exactly where he told Brennan to meet him. Booth was waiting for her for the last fifteen minutes and knew that she would be arriving at any moment because he just received a text from Angela. That is when he saw her. She looked beautiful just like he remembered. She was wearing black dress pants along with a fuchsia blouse that complimented her figure quite well. Booth got up from the bench and ran towards his beautiful partner.

"Hiya Bones!" He said hugging her. He then pulled away from her and scanned her body. "You look… you look beautiful just like always" Booth said staring into her eyes barley an inch away from her face.

He realized what he was doing and backed away and changed the subject.

"I love your hair" He said when he noticed that it was darker and was cut a little bit above her shoulders with strait across bangs.

"Thank you" she said still blushing from his first comment.

"your wel…."

Before he could finish, she cut him off and started walking toward the bench and then sitting down motioning Booth to the spot next to her.

"I don't know how you are going to react to what I am about to admit to you, but I have to tell you"

"Oh no, she found someone else" Booth thought

Brennan started speaking once more.

"Booth while I was away I came to understand what love is and I want you to know that I found it and that I want to spend the rest of my life with that person."

"Oh, I see. Who is the lucky man that you fell in love with in that Indonesia jungle?" Booth asked in a hurt and sad voice.

"What?" Brennan asked confused and then realized what conclusion booth was jumping to.

"Oh, Booth it's not what you think it is. Let me rephrase that, okay?

"I don't understand?"

"You will soon enough" Brennan said with a slight smile.

Brennan moved closer to Booth and took his hands in hers while she continued. Booth felt like his heart was about to explode at what she was about to say.

"Booth I came to understand that love is when that person is the first person you think about in the morning ,and the last person you think about at night. When you're next to them you can barely breathe because you just want to be with them. Love is when you love that person for who they are and don't want to change them because you love everything about them. It is when you make excuses to see or talk to that person even though you just worked with them all week on a case and…"

"Wait a minute, are you saying that you love me, and want to spend the rest of your life with me?" Booth asked in a shocked, but happy voice.

Brennan leaned in even closer to him and brought his face to hers so that their eyes were looking into one another's.

"Booth please let me finish okay? When two people are in love they will do anything to be with that person, even risk there lives to save them because they rather die than not being able to ever see that person again" Brennan said with tears welling in her eyes.

Booth pulled her into his arms and stroked her back.

"Bones why are you crying?"

Brennan pulled away from his hug and lowered her head so that he couldn't see the tears in her eyes and whispered barley audible " Because the definition of love is…. is…."us" and I know I hurt you Booth and I am scared that you have moved on."

Booth lifted her chin slightly so that her eyes where looking directly into his once more.

"Oh Bones, I love you. I have loved you for seven years from that first day I saw you! I love you and I will always love you!"

"Even after I hur….

Booth silenced her by placing his lips onto hers. She played with his lips until he deepened the kiss and their tongs were fighting for dominance. They kissed until they could barely breath.

Booth pulled away slowly and spoke into her ear seductively , "lets get out of here, I want to show you how the laws of physics are broken."

"I still find that very much impossible Booth, but I really hope that I am wrong." She said with a smile creeping to her lips.

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