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Bella's POV

"I told you we shouldn't go shopping today!" I yelled at Alice.

"Well everything is going to be closed for the hurricane the whole week" she defended herself "So might as well seize the opportunity while we have the chance. Besides we're almost here."

We were on our way driving to our apartment building and you could barely see a thing through the windshield of the car, it was pouring cats and dogs out there.

There was a hurricane coming and we would be staying at our apartment and not the shelters; Alice said she would rather be pulling water out of the loft the whole night than share a gigantic room with complete strangers—which in any case it wouldn't be a problem because we live on the second floor so there's no way our apartment will flood.

We finally arrived and I parked my truck. Each of us took a handful of shopping bags and made a run for the lobby's door; needless to say, we got drenched in the rain even if it was small distance from the parking lot to the building.

This was going to be one hell of a storm.

We took the stairs to the second floor because management decided it would be best if we could all be precautious and not take the elevator when the power could be cut out at any moment because of the weather.

We finally reached the door to our floor and Alice struggled to open it, I told her that buying so many shoes will not be a smart move right now—she could barely see over the boxes she was carrying. Alice managed and opened the door and stood there so that I could also pass.

We made our way to our apartment and I was starting to worry about where Rose was when I heard her yelling at us.

"What the hell took you so long!" she was wet from head to toe "We said we would meet here at six and that was an hour ago!"

"Alice here wanted to have a last minute shopping spree" I answered as I unlocked the door and turned the lights on.

"You what?" Rose was fuming at Alice "Alice you need help…"

"Well if I'm the one who need help, what are those bags you have with you huh?" Alice said "See, you went shopping too!" the little shopaholic accused.

"Yes I went shopping, but for supplies!" Rosalie said "My responsible self bought water and non-perishable food; and my fun self also bought beer and junk food"

We all laughed and rolled our eyes. Of course Rosalie would make this into some sort of party; she was staying with us because the city had evacuated her whole building in fear that it would not be strong enough to stand the storm. And since she had the same views of shelters as Alice we offered her a place in here until she could go back to her place.

Alice and I were roommates and since each of us had her own room with a queen bed in each, plus a pull out couch in the living room, there was more than enough space for our friend.

We all took a beer and a bag of chips and made our way to the TV in the living room, at first we tried to watch it but the weather made the cable pretty crappy so we opted for a DVD instead.

We laughed and cried as we watched a couple of what Alice called chick flicks.

Just as Noah and Allie were talking about miracles and how they wished to be together and die together at the end of the Notebook we were all three girls crying our hearts out. If the storm didn't flood the apartment we might as well do it with our tears.

And, oh boy was I right—ask and you shall receive

No longer than the thought passed through my mind a window opened and water started pouring in.

"Shit!" Alice muttered and ran to close it. "Bella get the towels from the closet. Rose help me close this thing!"

I ran to the linen closet and pulled out two big beach towels and ran back to the living room where Alice and Rosalie were struggling to close the window, between the three of us we managed but it had made enough of a mess to keep us busy cleaning and drying.

Since we had already watched two movies we decided it would be best if we ate something, so we were in the kitchen making some sandwiches listening to the music my iPod played from its dock when all of a sudden it stopped abruptly just as the light went out.

"Great" I muttered.

However we were prepared for something like this and had placed candles in all the rooms, we just had to light them up.

Alice used the light from her phone to grab the matches and turn various candles in the kitchen.

"OK girls we knew something like this might happen, so let's just hope it passes soon" I said.

Alice and Rosalie nodded and we sat in the small kitchen table to eat our food.

I hate to admit it but not having the apartment lighten up was making me nervous and fidgety and it was obvious the silence that enclosed us was becoming more and more prominent.

"Um, you don't think this will last the whole night right?" Alice asked with a clear look of angst in her face.

"I hope not" I answered.

The silence came back, the only noise you could hear were those of us eating and the sound the ice made when we lifted our water glasses.

There was a knock at the door and I nearly knocked my glass from the table as I jumped. Alice and Rose interchanged a glance.

Who could be at our door at this time of the night when there's no power in the building?

"Stop being such chickens and answer your damn door" Rosalie hissed at us.

"Why don't you answer it?" Alice hissed back.

"Because it's your house!" Rosalie whispered yelled.

"Rose take that broom, Alice take a frying pan" I instructed, we needed to be prepared with something in case this turned ugly. I went and took a huge flashlight that was under the sink, it weighted like ten pounds but it would give us more than enough light to see—I hadn't use it because it tends to run out of battery really fast and I was saving it in case of an emergency. I just hopped this wouldn't turn badly.

We all made our way in our tip toes to the door I motioned them to be prepared and so they raised their weapons in the air I put my finger in the power button of the flashlight—ready to light it the moment I opened the door.

Rose used one end of the broom to turn the lock from a distance and Alice cautiously turned the door knob, letting it swing open.

I turned the flashlight on, which gave us enough light to see the whole hallway across from us.

The next couple of things happened in three seconds:

Second number one: what we saw scared us shitless. Three men, each one holding something in their hands—a baseball bat, a hockey stick and fencing sword.

Second number two: they were blinded by the light of my flashlight and raised their arms to cover their faces—raising the weapons in the same movement.

Second number three: afraid of getting hurt by this man we all let out a piercing scream, which they returned.

We were screaming, they were screaming. Why were they screaming?

Alice and Rosalie lounged themselves at them.

Rosalie hit one of the men with the broom, he was huge—a huge bear—and he had the hockey stick! He was trying to block the hits of the broom with it.

Alice went for the one with the fencing sword, fanning the pan all over the place, trying to hit him in the head with it. Fencing guy was tall and so Alice was having a hard time reaching but settled for hitting him in the chest over and over again. He was just trying to get out of her way.

Why weren't they fighting back? They were just blocking my friend's attacks but not attacking.

"Ouch!" One of the guys—the bear—shouted "Woman that hurt!"

Fencing guy turned to see what had happened to his friend. Two words: Bad. Move.

Alice used that as a chance to hit him with the pan straight on his face. The man fell—first face—to the ground with an "Ungh" sound.

They were not longer shouting but Alice and Rose continued to scream as they battled this men. I was to shocked and stunned to do anything but stare.

I then remembered that there were three guys. Where was the third guy? The one with a baseball bat… that could do some serious damage, if it's used for attacking a girl.

I felt someone grab my arm and let out anther scream at the same time that I flung the flashlight in the direction of the man that was grabbing my arm.

He ducked it and yelled to everyone "Stop!" even if he was yelling I could still find the velvety voice alluring and sweet.

Isabella Swan what is the matter with you? You don't know if his men are here to hurt you or to rob the house, what if they kill us? I could already see the newspaper headlines.

Three Women Murdered During the Black Out

I kept swinging my arms in front of me in an attempt to free myself, but he just pinned both of my arms to my sides. Oh God, what if they didn't just kill us they were clearly stronger than us, what if they did things to us first. I was officially freaking out.

"Hey, hey" Still pinning my arms he said to me "Calm down, we won't do anything to you. Emmett, Jasper; EVERYBODY STOP FIGHTING!"

The other guys—Jasper and Emmett—stopped fighting back and so did Rose and Alice.

The one that was holding me took the flashlight that had been dropped to the ground during my attack and pointed it to the other four people.

Recognition flashed through Alice's face "Hey, aren't you the guy that lives downstairs?"

Oh God. I could already feel the blush on my face.

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