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Bella's POV

"Ouch!" I complained "Alice that one hurt."

"Come on, stop complaining," my friend told me. "You know you want to look good for your first date with Edward."

I was currently sitting in front of Alice's vanity while she made God know what to my hair. She was right, though. Edward had asked me out almost as soon as we were able to get out of the apartment, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really excited. We had plans for lunch today. I didn't know where he was taking me but he told me to dress comfortable so I had chosen a pair of black jeans, a nice flowery top and a pink cardigan to go on top. Alice helped me with the accessories, hair and makeup.

Truth to be told I really liked Edward, and I knew he felt the same way about me. He'd seen me with no makeup and a plain tank top during the past couple of days more times than I care to count. So I knew that me being dressed up didn't had to do anything with him liking me. Never the less I wanted to look good tonight, even if jeans were still involved.

"Ok, I'm done," Alice announced with a happy grin "what do you think?"

My hair had a wavy look that seemed like it took no time to achieve—yeah right, tell that to my aching butt, I've been sitting here for more than an hour. My makeup was simple and natural. Alice had done well once again.

"I really like it, thanks Alice." I told her, looking at her through the mirror.

"I knew it," she teased. "Ok now go get dressed; he'll be here any minute."

I did as I was told and quickly emerged back from my bedroom looking and feeling beautiful. I really had to thank Alice. She had this way of knowing exactly what to give me so that I could feel like this.

A knock on the door told me that my date was here. Alice showed me a thumbs-up before going back to her room, probably to give us a little more privacy.

I checked myself one more time in the mirror, straightened my already straight cardigan and opened the door.

I'm not going to say something cheesy along the lines of he took my breath away, but my guy was looking pretty good in those jeans and plaid shirt. Why we wasted all that time before the storm to finally talk to each other beats the hell out of me. But I wasn't about to waste any more time, and that's for sure.

"Hi," he smiled before bending down to place a soft kiss on my forehead. He took my hand and I squeezed it.

"Hey," I said.

"Ready to go?" he grinned. "And before you even ask, I'm not telling you yet where we're going"

My face must have given me away because he started laughing when I didn't reply right away.

"Fine, come on let's go" we made our way down the stairs, through the lobby and out the door. Once we reached the garage Edward lead me to his silver car, opening my door so I could get in. I swear I'll never get tired of his chivalrous ways.

"Why, thank you kind sir" I teased.

"It's my pleasure" he teased back.

I loved this about us, we could be plain silly and don't be afraid of being judged in any way. Edward was truly a wonderful person and I was glad that I had found him. He made his way to his door and once the car was on the road he briefly turned to me.

"You have to know something before we arrive," Edward said nervously. That was weird, he was a fairly confident guy and I couldn't think of a reason that would put him this way.

"Ok, shoot" I smiled trying to be somehow reassuring.

"Well restaurants are a really crappy place if you don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of stranger—which tonight I don't—and the movies won't let us talk; parks are still under cleaning and reconstruction after the storm, so that doesn't leave us with a lot of options."

"So where are we going then?" I asked.

He chuckled a little before he said, "Believe me when I tell you this feels like elementary school all over again."

Well wasn't that helpful? Where was he taking me?

"Edward, come on!" I whined "now you really have me wondering where we're going."

"Hold on, just two more minutes," he told me "It's right here at the end of the street."

We had been driving for a little while and I noticed that this part of the city had done pretty well in resisting the storm's mishaps. Since it was a little up a hill, the floods weren't able to reach this place so apart from the wet roads it looked like nothing had happened here. I also noticed that the street consisted pretty much of just shops and old family business, the ones that looked like it had been passes on for generations. Needless to say I was more than lost.

The car slowed down at the end of the street and parked in front of a small shop with a pink and blue banner.

Frosty Cones.

I turned to Edward with a confused expression "An ice cream shop?" Now I got the elementary school remark.

He grinned at me and nodded "You'll see."

He got out of the car and came to open my door. Taking his hand we entered the empty shop, and I was assaulted with the sweet smell of homemade ice cream and cotton candy.


"Shh, wait for it" he whispered. "Three… two… o—"

"Eddy!" a little girl came running straight at us from under the counter. Edward dropped my hand just in time to catch the girl as she jumped into his arms. I was shocked to silence.

"Hi Sandy!" he grinned at the little girl who was happily jumping in his arms. "Sandy, this is my friend Bella." He turned to me with an excited smile and I was unable to smile back, especially when little Sandy wiggled out of Edward's arms so that she could be standing on her own once again, she then thrusts a little hand in my direction.

"Hi Bella," she said while I laughed and shook her hand "My mommy told me that Eddy would bring a lady with him this time. Are you Edward's lady?"

The way she phrased that last sentence had me wondering if I should laugh it off of blush a beautiful tomato red. Before I could decide another woman came out into the shop.

"Sandy!" she laughed and shook her head in mock annoyance, "I'm sorry. I'm Sarah, Sandy's mom"

"Hi, I'm Bella." I shook her hand; I could see where Sandy had picked up the habit.

"Yes, I know" Sarah smiled, "Edward here has been telling us about you for a long while."

I turned to look at Edward who had been awfully quiet all this time. "Yeah, thanks Sarah" he laughed.

Sarah looked down at Sandy who had busied herself playing with the small bows on my purse. "Come on Sandy, let's give these two some space. Edward, I'll be upstairs if you need anything. Sandy let's say goodbye, we can hang out with Edward the next time he comes by."

"Ok mommy" Sandy said and turned to me. "Bye Bella, it was nice meeting you"

"It was nice to meet you too, Sandy" I told her honestly. This was the cutest little girl I had met. She turned to Edward and extended her arms up, fully expecting him to pick her up. I wondered what the story between Edward and this family was but I had a feeling I would find out soon enough.

Edward chuckled and picked her up, giving her a little squeeze. Before he put her down Sandy stopped him. She looked both ways as if to check no one was listening and then whispered rather loudly. "You didn't tell me if she was your lady or not?" she looked like she was truly waiting for an answer.

Edward smiled and whispered in the same loud tone that I'm sure Sandy though only they could hear. "Yes, she is" he winked at me while he said that, and now I had to blush. It was practically my cue.

"Good! I knew it!" Sandy exclaimed happily. "Bye Eddy."

"Bye Sandy and thanks Sarah" he told the women.

"No problem, Edward" Sarah told him as she made her way to the back "Any time."

Once we were alone I turned to look at him, "Ok, start explaining"

"Sure, but why don't you go sit over there and I'll go get our lunch" he suggested.

I went and sat at one of the cute little tables that were randomly scattered around the shop. Edward came back and placed two yummy looking sandwiches in front of me, along with two bottles of water. He then went to the main door and turned the CLOSED sing facing outside. Finally he came and sat in front of me.

"What was all that about? And what's this place?" I asked.

"You're not mad, right?" he asked back.

"Hey, don't answer a question with a question. But no, of course I'm not mad but I'm dying to know the story." I told him honestly.

"You eat and I'll talk." He smiled, "I've known Sarah for a long time. Remember how I told you I came from this little town called Forks? Well Sarah's family is from there too. I used to hang out with her little brother, Alec, all the time. She moved out here long before I did but when I decided to give this city a try Sarah became the only person I knew so we kind of bonded over that. By the time I got here she and Peter her husband were already expecting little Sandy. Soon after that I became Uncle Eddy. They're amazing Bella, such good people. I'm glad that their shop didn't suffer from the storm; it would've been a shame to lose this place. I come here from time to time, partly because I still want to keep in touch with them and partly because their ice cream is the best frigging thing you'll ever find."

"Wow, I had no idea" I said "I didn't even knew what was on this street, I nave came this way."

"Well I plan to take you back here as much as you'll let me." He smiled crookedly at me "Besides, Sandy now knows you're my lady" he laughed.

"I swear she's the cutest little kid I've seen" I laughed too. "Eddy"

"Hey! Only she's allowed to call me that, and I'm hoping she'll grow out of it soon" he shuddered.

"Is that how it is Cullen? Giving pet-name privileges to other girls, are we?" I teased.

"Do you want to give me a pet name?" he asked, his eyes bulging out of his head. I just laughed harder.

"Nope, I think Eddy will suffice from time to time."

"Very funny Bella" he said with a straight face, but he had this glint in his eyes that told me he was fighting back a laugh as well.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about everything and nothing, we got to share little anecdotes and he told me more about Sarah's family and how the shop came to be. After we finished our sandwiches, Edward made to cones for us. I let him chose my flavor after I couldn't decide which one I wanted, they all looked so good.

It was moments like these that made me want to keep spending my time with Edward. He was so good to me and I felt like I had won the boyfriend lottery. I had a feeling this was the start of something great.

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