The Everlasting Flower


"Who? Who are you?" a man yelled at the girl standing in front of him.

The girl had a police badge out in her hand with her swords in the other. She was wearing a red cheongsam with pink roses, blue lilies, and purple flowers. He could see a star-shaped birthmark on her neck right below her right ear. She had pure white hair down to her knees and had golden-colored eyes. She had two different earrings; a red sun on her left ear and a yellow crescent on her right. She had a gold ribbon tied around her neck that made it down to the ground which was a total of five feet.

The man was horrified that he could be captured so easily by this girl when other police officers have spent months or even years to capture him. He listened intently to her answer before he was cuffed and dragged away for a trial.

The girl said, "People around these parts know me as the 'Everlasting Flower.' No one knows my true name besides my fellow officers, and I intend to keep it that way. Now then, I hope you have a pleasant trial and that they will go easy on you," the girl now known as Everlasting Flower finished with a sly smile.

"Great work EF. You are by far one of the most impressive officers we have here in America," a random police officer said.

"Thank you for the compliment," Everlasting said.

"Oh yes, the boss said he wanted to talk to you after this mission," the officer said. He left with the criminal as soon as the girl nodded.

After the officer left, Everlasting pulled out her phone and called the personal number of her boss. She waited for a few seconds before the phone clicked and a male voice said, "How did the mission go?"

"It went well Spade-sama. You wanted to talk to me?" Everlasting asked as she walked to her home.

The phone clicked off and in the doorway stood a man, about 40 years old, putting away his phone. She walked up to the man and bowed in respect.

"Now Everlasting. I've told you to call me otou-san when we are alone. After all you are my daughter," the man, known as Spade, said hugging her.

"Arigato otou-san. You wanted to speak to me about something?" the girl said hugging her father back.

"Yes. Your mother in Japan has mentioned something about a few criminals targeting some of the tennis regulars of this one school. We were planning to send you to that school to act as a bodyguard. You'll have to wear a disguise so that you won't be recognized as the best and youngest police officer in the world. You will stay with your mother Dia. You will also be joining the school's male tennis team."

"Seriously? I didn't know girls could play with the boys in tennis teams in Japan."

"Apparently they had this inter-gender rule, but it didn't work out. When they heard about you however, they immediately agreed to have you on the team."

"I see. Arigato otou-san. I'll miss you when I'm in Japan then."

"You will be leaving next week. The other officer officials know of your situation and will explain everything to the lower officers. I love you, Rose."

"Love you too otou-san."