Ghoul Instructor Naruto




Author's Note


One of the many crazier ideas I've started and most likely will ever be done by anyone else.

Scooby-Doo and all related characters copyrighted by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network. Will be the addition of a few extra characters.

If this gets enough reception might do one of Zombie Island and Witche's Ghost. I've stopped watching like around 11 so I don't know about all these new movies and series in like the last seven years or so. (Though Thirteen Ghosts incarnation might be fun to write.) You never forget too much of your childhood.


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Two major changes are occurring. I'm cutting out most of the original characters in favor of focusing on developing the canonical girls. Second I'm cutting out all the bad and forced humor with far wittier human or better serious development. I hope you guys enjoy the better version of this story.


Story Start


Thunder crackled and heavy rain down poured the country side as a black vehicle drove down the murky road. Beams shined out of the head lights as it continued its trek down the road. Inside were two unusual occupants, the first one was a driver with blond spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes. He was wearing a green t-shirt, and black jeans. His foot wear though was unusual, a type of sandal often seen in samurai movies. Around his neck was a green gem of some sorts, but his most unusual features was the six whiskers (not marks or tattoos) on his cheeks, three on each cheek in fact.

The young man was a bit taller than average height with a well-built frame between that of a professional swimmer and football player.

The other occupant was an averaged sized orange fox, but one wouldn't be able to notice upon first glance that said fox wasn't normal unless they inspected him rather closely. The fox was a Kitsune; a fox spirit often talked about in many Japanese legends as both benevolent and malevolent. His nine crimson-orange tails laid to the side of his seats with the exception of two which were being held up to read the map.

In the driver's lap was a flier of some kind. Around one of the sections something was highlighted in Red. 'Grimwood Finishing School for Girls.'

That was the name of the institution of which he was hired. It seemed like an odd place to have a Girl's school so far out in the country side, but it was paying job so he couldn't complain. It was nice, after spending the last few of his adventures going into hectic environments to just sit down and enjoy a quiet and normal life for once. "I'm seriously considering kicking you out the window Kurama." Naruto remarked after yet another comment about the blond's ability to draw in jailbait.

"What has you in such a foul mood? One would think this easy going life of yours would have unwounded you some."

"Well instead of helping me by giving directions my navigator is cracking jokes at me."

"It is well within my abilities to multi-task."

Naruto let a sigh escape his lips as they finally started driving by some establishments. Names that Naruto had recognized from the map popped up until he came to a stop at a gate. They found themselves coming a stop in front of an old world style castle with hints of Victorian and other old world styles mixed in. The infrastructure gave the appearance of a rather worn down building of disrepair.

"One can't help but wonder if there are any spirits here. It is best if you are to be on your guard."

Naruto gave a silent nod as he grabbed his umbrella and got out of the car. They arrived to the steps, which creaked under the pressure of Naruto's footsteps. He grabbed one of the ringlets which let out a horrible shrieking noise. He stepped back as the door slowly creaked open.

It was completely dark, except for some candles. Naruto turned on his flashlight. The air felt not only heavy but stale not to mention the old moldy smell. Was this really a school for girls? "Is anybody in here?" He called. Then the lights went on, and Naruto turned off his flash light. The floor was patterned with old style wood and the hallways were filled with old armors from centuries ago.

Then he heard growling. He looked towards the source of the growling and saw a small green dragon, which it didn't look happy to see him. ''Hey Kurama check it out! A dog sized dragon.''

''Looks small enough to be put in your pocket!''

''A pocket monster? Here? Who knew?'' Both of them shared a laugh at this. The dragon growled at him & turned red. It took a deep breath and blew fire at Naruto, who jumped out of the way in time. He looked up and saw the dragon slowly approaching him.

Suddenly a woman called out. ''Matches! Come here!" Naruto looked towards the source of the voice & saw a slightly aged woman wearing a pink tattered dress & red cape & shoes with black hair with a headband coming up to the dragon, aka Matches, with a rather stern look on her face.

She walked up to it & wagged a finger at it. "Bad Boy!" She said, and then looked towards Naruto and her expression changed to a kinder look. "I hope he didn't scare you." She asked.

''Not really, I was just more or less surprised,'' Naruto answered honestly. Whatever this school was it certainly wasn't normal for housing a dragon.

"Matches is very feisty of strangers, but he's perfectly alright once you get to know him." She explained. She then walked up to Naruto. "You must be Naruto, our new gym teacher. I'm Miss Grimwood, Headmistress of this finishing school."

"Naruto Uzumaki at your service.'' He went to shake her hand, but shook the disembodied hand instead. "I thought you might need a hand with your luggage." Miss Grimwood stated.

Naruto smirked silently at the unusual pun. ''Right...'' He said as a wolf like howled echoed throughout the castle. ''So where are the girl's I will be teaching?'' He asked as a purple bat shrieking, caught his attention.

"Ah, here's one of them now." Miss Grimwood said. The bat flew right up to Naruto's face.

''That bat is one of the students?" Naruto was slightly confused not to mention

Just then, the bat flashed for a bit, AND in its place was a purple skinned young woman. She had long purple hair with a white streak in it. Her lips were red and had small fangs coming out of them. She was wearing a violet dress, at the top it was partly slightly to show a bit of her fabulous cleavage. Not to mention the dress was parted at the sides that gave glances of her long slender legs. She looked about maybe 16 or 17.

The young one in response to Naruto's statement remarked."Vhat's vrong with bats?" Not only was her voice exotic she spoke with something of an accent. "I'm Sybella, Dracula's daughter. Fangtastic to meet you."

''It's lovely meeting you Sybella. I didn't mean to suggest anything was wrong with bats I was just surprised it all.''

Before anything could be said a piercing howl could be heard reverberated throughout the castle. As it sounded through the castle Naruto looked around for its source before he finally saw the originator of the noise. In a high up window seal was another young woman with frizzy carrot orange hair.

She did a back flipped and landed on all fours in front of Naruto. She was hairy, covered nearly from head to toe in fur. Her canines, the slight perturbing snout and her overall features indicating that she was a canine of sorts, most likely a werewolf. She was wearing a low cut black top that showed off her arms and her ample bust as well. She was also wearing a pair of jean skirts that reached down to her knees. She was taller than the vampire and definitely a bit wilder giving off the expression and aura of an athlete. A long bushy looking tail swished behind her. Before Naruto could even respond the girl was next to him sniffing him.

''Winnie!'' Miss Grimwood exclaimed in a disapproving tone. After all not all matters of people were used to how canine species greeted others.

''I'm sorry Miss Grimwood I couldn't help myself." A subdued sigh escaped her lips. "His's just so intoxicating.'' Winnie replied as she took in more of Naruto's scent.

''I'm sorry about this Naruto.'' the headmistress apologized for her student. Winnie was always one of the more wild students after all.

''No it's's a canine thing I understand.''

''You must be the new coach. I'm Winnie the Werewolf.'' She introduced herself with a toothy grin.

''I take it Winnie got into the sugar bowl again?'' a deep husky voice asked from behind Naruto. He turned around and the last thing he expected to come across were these developments. This young woman by far was the tallest one yet. She was seven maybe even nearing eight feet in height. Her brow was slightly furrowed, and her bangs hung over her brows and framed the sides of her face, hiding the scars which showed how her face was stitched on. She was wearing a dark green dress that clung to her body with a figure that in most human cases would be impossible for her height. Be that tall yet with that sort of thickness did not happen often or naturally. Her hair which was done in the square was black and had a white lightning streak to it.

"Hi, I'm Elsa Frankenteen." She said extending her hand to greet the blond.

''Naruto Uzumaki,'' Was all he could said shaking it as he took a moment to compose himself. Any hopes of things being normal was quickly going down the drain.

''Is the new coach here yet?'' Asked a disembodied voice whose tone neared a falsetto.

Naruto nearly jumped with a head poked out from the floor. Soon enough the rest of the body came with her. The girl was a light blue, an almost see through sort of blue, but yet not see through. She was transparent and wore something reminiscent of a Tennis Player's outfit. A black shirt with a white light through the middle vertical and white Skirt that came to her knees. She was wearing White Tennis-shoes as well with a very slender appearance.

''Hey there Sugar nice to meet you. I'm Phantasma. Sorry if I didn't give you a heads up,'' She said, laughing hysterically.

''So much for things being normal in this world." Kurama remarked.

Naruto let out a grumble as one last girl was introduced. "H-Hello…are you our new teacher?"

The last of them was the youngest by far and rather shy. A young girl, a mummy, composed of bandages who was no older then about thirteen or fourteen. Under her bandages one could see glimpses of lightish green-blue skin and thin short black hair.

After the introductions Miss Grimwood spoke up. ''You must tired from your journey. I'll have hand show you to your room and I can introduce you to your colleagues tomorrow morning.'' With a nod Naruto said goodbye to the girl's and followed the floating disembodied hand.