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Story Start


Of all the things Naruto could list that he would consider the shitest moments in his life being interrogated by one of your female students protective father who was Muther Phukin The Dracula definitely went in his top fifteen of life moments that sucked.

It still ranked lower than any moment of having to deal with Sasuke claiming Vengeance on something.

It really sucked that therapists didn't exist back then. What kind of person couldn't function unless they were trying to kill something?

''So tell me, what exactly are you?'' Dracula gave Naruto a calculative glance obviously watching for any tall tale signs of lying.

At first thought he was rather dismayed at the thought of a human of all things teaching his daughter, though upon further inspection he realized that Naruto couldn't have been human. Even a human at peek ability wouldn't be able to handle most vampires, let alone one that was in a frenzy and especially his progeny of all creatures. Even a human that was a peek athlete would have been killed in seconds.

''I am human in a sense or I was born human before I was essentially made a demon vessel. I am a vessel of a being made from a source of energy birth from primordial essence, but even before that my ancestors inherited this source of energy which has led to a mutation through my family lines throughout the generations. While genetically I would be diagnosed as a human what I actually am is a mutated being housing a fragment of a primordial god.'' Naruto explained.

Dracula held his stonewall expression very well not to let any shock or apprehension flow through. A mutated being that housed a demon? More than a half-breed but not a pure blood monster either. Then again it wouldn't be the first time one of his progeny chose from outside the species.

At least unlike Mavis his daughter's first choice had some measure of fighting talent. ''Well Uzumaki, I take it I am correct in assuming you know little about the situation you are in concerning my daughter?'' he asked as Naruto's only response was a mere nod that betrayed little of his thoughts or concerns.

''Quite simply I'm not too happy about the situation. I expected my daughter to bond with a powerful and cultured vampire worthy of being my successor." Regardless of how long the other boy had been in the family line he didn't have a commanding presence. He was just too damn…nice. He had no intimidation factor to him. " Normally in such a situation the Lord or Lady of the family line would have saved themselves the trouble and have one such as yourself would have been executed.'' he casually remarked as Naruto 's expression harden but he did not react in any other faction.

''Though saving young Winnifred has earned you the favor and protection of the UlFang the Wolfman.'' he continued as Naruto showed some signs of reaction by relaxing. ''I am sure my daughter will get over her silly infatuation with you given some time and I advise you not to encourage it. After all, surely a man of valor wouldn't manipulate and crush the heart of a teenager and wouldn't want to deal with the blowback from the news of such an incident.''

''Of course not.'' Naruto replied, trying to remain impassive. Dracula was making it clear that while he couldn't physically bring harm to the blond lest he encouraged the wrath of the Lycans, he was not above ruining Naruto's reputation. It was a bit of a dirty move, but what father wouldn't resort to any means to protect their children? ''I, have in no way encouraged such interests in any of my students. ''

''I am pleased to hear that. Just know that I will be keeping my eyes and ears out for such news.'' and with that Dracula transformed into a Vampire Bat and flew out of Naruto's window. The blond, clasping his face. 'That went by quicker than expected.' he thought as the meeting with the Wolfman followed quickly after. At least he was thankful and didn't threaten the blond. He was a little less inquiring then Dracula, but he did seem to the holding back something. All he would say is 'look after his daughter' and whatever that meant the blond had yet to figure out.

''Naruto, I'm hungry damnit!''

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts due to Kurama jabbing him in the shin with a sharpened wooden steak. ''Go away Kurama. Can't you see I'm trying to lament?''

''Lament later. It's time for dinner and I burned too much energy chasing squirrels to transform.''

Naruto blinked owlishly. ''How the fuck could you of all people burn energy chasing squirrels?''

''They were demonic squirrels.'' he replied as Naruto sighed but nodded.


Back in Revolta's lair the woman was now ready to put her plan into action with a little help with the creatures around her. "There's no time to waste, Grim Creeper. Get cranking." She ordered to the swamp-squid as they entered the largest room in her castle.

"Yes, Revolta." Her humble servant then started to crank a large gear. Unlike Grimwood's crank which opened a drawbridge this one opened a large skylight on the roof. When she saw that the new doorway was fully opened she walked over to the spider-bat that she had just empowered not too long ago.

"This is your target." She said as she summoned an image of Naruto in one of her spare cauldrons. "Now heed these words and heed them well. Find those fools and weave them well. Fly, spider-bat, fly. Soon that teacher will be learning from me." She said while he roosted, and after it flew away knowing its mission.

Meanwhile Naruto was entering the kitchen when he bumped into the angel Alia. Out of everywhere she was the most he knew the least about. ''Hello Alia-san, how are you?'' he greeted as she turned and hand him a cup of brown liquid to which he looked with an uncertain face.

''Relax, its coffee.'' she assured him. ''I thought you could use a pick me up.''

''Thank you. This whole situation, this was not what I was expecting at all. I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to get away from excitement like this for a while.'' he took a sip of the coffee. ''Kiba, one of my old colleagues stated that no matter where I went trouble followed. Turns out he was right.''

''That merely means you are a magnet for interesting occurrences.'' she pointed it out with a kind smile. ''Like for instance, seems some of our girls have crushes on you.'' Naruto turned red, he began sputtering and trying to say something as the angel merely giggled. ''I didn't mean to unnerve you so. It was just an observation. Some men would take advantage of that, but you haven't, you're a decent man. Like a past colleague of mine in another institute I used to work at. He was a lot like you, but he resigned in order to protect the integrity of one of his more zealous students. The world needs more outstanding men like you and him.''

''What was his name?''

''Ashakura, Hana Ashakura.'' she answered. ''Either way I'm sure the girl's crushes will fade. Right now there in that complicated stage where infatuation and lust out weights critical thinking.''

''You're right,'' he nodded, there was no sense stressing about it. The best thing to do would to deflect the girl's towards something else. Have their interest absorbed into something while gently letting down those who did have crushes on him.