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Chapter One: Home Again


I lounged in the backseat of Freddie's car on our way home. I was having fun listening to to Sam and Freddie argue. About wedding stuff.

"I think that Claire lady should be our wedding planner," Freddie said.

"Ew! I hate her. She's a control freak. I like the sisters who run that business, Commitment. We can get married at the estate they live at and have the reception there. They'll help us find a photographer, florist, someone to do our cake, and caterers."

"You just like them because it requires less work on your part."

"What's wrong with that?"

"I just don't want you making an important decision like this based on laziness."

"I'm not lazy!"

Freddie gave her a sideways glance.

"OK. I'm lazy," Sam said. "But we should schedule a meeting with those chicks. Carly and I looked at the website. Tell him how awesome the estate is, Carly."

"Hey, it's your wedding, not mine. I'm not getting involved," I said.

Sam turned around and glared at me. "Tell him."

"Ugh. Fine. Freddie, the estate is huge. The house looks like a castle. There's a beautiful garden, a nice clearing in the woods, and a beach with a lake. Your ceremony and reception can happen at any of these places. Or you can use the ballroom, of course. You have to check it out."

"The house really looks like a castle?" Freddie asked me.


"Hmm. That'll work with Sam looking like a princess."

"Dear Jesus," Sam said. "I haven't even gone to look at dresses."

"But you'll end up choosing a princess looking dress," I told her. She wore a Cinderella looking dress to our prom, and she looked amazing. "Ooh! And you'll wear a tiara."

"A tiara?"

"Yes, Sam. A tiara. God, you're gonna look so gorgeous."

"She always looks gorgeous," Freddie said.

Sam smacked him with the wedding planning binder her cousin Becky gave her last summer.

"Ow! What'd you do that for? I was complimenting you!"

"You were just trying to flatter me so you can get lucky tonight."

"Oh please," I said. "It'll happen either way. You guys do it almost every night."

"No we don't!" they both yelled.

"Guys, my room in our suite at school was right next to yours. You're not exactly quiet."

"You heard us?" Sam asked.

"Oh yeah. You both obviously enjoy each other. A lot."

"Oh God. You think my mom has ever heard us?" Freddie asked Sam.

Last summer, Sam lived with Freddie and his mom to avoid getting annoyed by her mom and twin sister Melanie. She was doing the same this summer.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Sam said. The thought of Mrs. Benson hearing them have sex didn't seem to bother Sam. "Hmm. I wonder if she's been getting any recently."

"What?" Freddie asked with some panic in his voice.

I decided to join in on Sam's torturing of her fiance.

"Mrs. Benson has gone on several dates with guys from the match making service. Becky sure is good at what she does," I said. Becky is also my sister-in-law. She and Spencer married almost three years ago. Becky works for a match making service, and she's a damn good match maker. The best one they have. Hell, she already knows who her daughter will someday marry. Her almost two-year-old daughter.

"My mom is not having sex with anyone!" Freddie yelled.

"Oh God," Sam said. "You're just as delusional as her."

"Excuse me?"

"She used to have it in her mind that you weren't sexually active, now you think she isn't."

"Like mother, like son," I said.

"You two re so cruel," Freddie mumbled.

After several minutes of Sam and me talking about how Mrs. Benson is probably uber kinky, Freddie yelled, "We'll be there in ten minutes! Sam, text Becky. Carly, text Griffen. And stop talking about my mom!"

We both giggled as we did what Freddie commanded.


Griffen and Becky helped me, Carly, and Freddie bring our crap up.

"You best not have failed finals, Sammie," Becky said to me when we finally brought up the last of our stuff.

"Of course I didn't!"

"You would have if I didn't force you to study," Freddie said.

"Whatever, Frednerd." Though it was true. There was so much chiz I didn't want to read. So many notes. If Freddie hadn't refused sex if I didn't study, I never would've studied. Stupid jerk.

Spencer walked in with his and Becky's children. Twins. A little boy named Roarke who has brown hair and brown eyes like his parents. Their little girl is Rosie. She shares her parents hair color, but has my blue eyes.

"Fweddie!" Rosie yelled as she ran up to him. Also, Like me, Rosie loves Freddie. At first, Freddie was a little taken aback by Rosie's affection. He quickly got used to it. Mostly because she was always up his ass.

I walked up to the quiet Roarke and picked him up.

"Hey, Big Guy," I said. "Who's gonna be two soon?"

"Me!" he yelled.

"You excited?"

"Yes," he said with a smile. I saw that he had gotten a few more teeth to add to his adorable smile.

"How was the drive?" Spencer asked us.

"Why do you wanna know? It's not like it was a long ride," Carly said.

"We made Freddie feel uncomfortable," I told Spencer.


"We discussed whether or not his mom is sexually active."

"Please stop talking about it!" Freddie whined.

"Oh Mrs. B has totally gotten laid recently," Becky said.

"How could you possibly know that?" Freddie asked.

"Because I'm me and I notice things. I mean, I noticed when Carly would screw Griffen in the laundry room."

Spencer gasped. "The laundry room?" Spencer didn't like to think about his little sister having sex.

"I should probably go," Griffen said awkwardly.

"Yeah. You should," Spencer snapped.

Griffen quickly fled the apartment.

I giggled. "It's fun to see Griffen scared."

"Shut up, Sam," Carly said. "It makes me feel bad. You shouldn't be angry with him, Spencer."

"He deflowered my little sister!"

"Spencer, dear," Becky said. "Why don't you take a bath." She gave him a kiss. "I'll join you in a bit."

Spencer happily walked away.

"EW!" Carly squealed. "You didn't have to announce that you're going to go have sex with my brother. In a bathtub!"

"Fredwitch, why haven't we had bathtub sex?"

"Well, darling, you seem to really enjoy shower sex," Freddie said. "Though we must try it sometime."

"Bathtub sex is fucking great," Becky told us.

"Stop talking about this!" Carly yelled. "It's so weird!"

"Says the girl who did it in the laundry room," Becky said. "Well. I should go. You three good to watch the twins?"

We all nodded as Becky practically skipped away.

"We're gonna wanna turn on the TV. And have the volume way up. Becky'll make sure to be really loud," I warned.

"How is it that all our conversations today turned to talk of sex?" Carly asked.

"Because we're pervs?" Freddie said.

We heard a moan. Carly let out a scream and buried her head in a pillow.


Carly flew out the door as Freddie and I grabbed the kids.


I happily watched Sam play with Roarke and Rosie on the play set. I smiled at the thought of Sam doing the same with our children one day.

"Hey, Freddie."

I looked over at a red haired woman holding a little boy with red hair. Next to her was a tall man with dark hair.

"Hi, Angie, Bobby, Donnie."

Angie is a friend of Becky's. They met at the daycare the twins go to. Angie's son, Bobby, is going to marry Rosie one day according to Becky. Angie met Donnie through the match making service Becky works for. Naturally, Becky was their match maker.

"How's it going?" I asked them.

"Well, it's such a lovely day, so we decided to come here," Angie said.

"Fweddie! Come play!" Rosie yelled as she came up to me. Her eyes lit up when she saw Bobby. "BOBBY!"

Donnie laughed. "We can give you, Sam, and Carly a break."

"Pssh. He wasn't doing anything," Sam said as she came up to us with Carly and Roarke.

"Maybe if someone hadn't pushed me off the play set, I'd be helping," I said.

I had been chasing Roarke across the wobbly bridge when Sam pushed me over the edge. My arm had gotten scraped up pretty bad and was still stinging.

"I'll keep watching them with you," Carly said to Angie and Donnie.

The three walked away with the kids.

"Let's go swing, Fredifur," Sam said as she pulled me off the bench.

We both picked our swings and started to swing.

"Aren't you going to apologize for pushing me off the play set?" I asked her.

"Why would I do something like that?"

"I could've broken a bone!"

"But you didn't."

"If I did would you have apologized?"


I groaned. I had to take what I could get. Which was nothing.

"So. What were you daydreaming about earlier?" Sam asked me.

"The future."

Sam snorted. "Nerd. What about the future?"

"Future children."

"Aw. You're such a softie," she teased.

"Like you haven't thought about it."

Sam swung herself sideways and hit me.

"You're so immature," I said while laughing.

Sam smiled at me. "That's why I'll make such a good mom. You'll be in charge of all the rules, and I'll be the fun one."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're your mother's son."

"How am I like my mom?"

"You're not as crazy as her, don't worry. But I know you'll be good at keeping them out of serious trouble."

"You don't want them committing crimes?" I asked her. Pucketts were very proud whenever a family member got arrested.

"Oh, they will. It'll be in their blood. But you'll punish them properly so they won't do it again."

"It sounds like you thought about this more than me."

This time she twisted her swing and kicked me.

"Shut up, Fredly."

I laughed. She's so cute when she's embarrassed.

I looked up to the sky. "The sun's beginning to set," I observed.

"You wanna go watch it set in a tree?"


Sam jumped off her swing. I simply began to slow down. My forever inpatient blonde demon grabbed my legs. I screamed and held onto the chains of the swing for dear life.

When I stopped moving, I yelled, "What the hell? You almost ripped my legs off!"

"You were taking to long to slow down. Now let's go." She ran off in the direction of the tallest tree in the park.

I sighed and went after her.

She reached the top of the tree with lightning speed.

"Don't take too long, Fredturtle."

"That's a new one," I said, referring to my latest nickname, as I climbed up the tree.

Sam helped me up when I reached the brach she was sitting on.

Sam sighed happily as she rested her head on my shoulder. "It's a pretty sunset."

"Not as pretty as you."

"Don't make me push you out of the tree, Fredward."

"Aw! You guys are so cute!"

We looked down and saw Angie staring at us with a smile on her face.

"What's up?" Sam asked.

"Carly's looking for you. Becky wants her children home."

"Okie dokie."

We got out of the tree, and joined Carly and the twins.

"Ready to go?" Carly asked us.

"We're here, aren't we?" Sam said.

Carly just shook her head.

"Fweddie carry me?" Rosie asked me.

I smiled at her. "Sure." I held her with my left arm, and I grabbed Sam's hand with my right.

Carly picked up Roarke. We said out good-byes to Angie, Bobby, and Donnie, then headed back to Bushwell Plaza.

"You have fun at the park?" I asked Rosie.


"This was a great first day back for the summer," Sam said.

Carly said, "Yeah. It was. The whole summer better be this good."

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