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Ryon froze hearing his whispered question. She knew she looked stunned and completely afraid. How in the hell did he know?

"You're being very obvious." She said, the deep bass of his voice sending chills down her spine.

She pulled back to look in his eyes.

There were cold as ice, hard as steel, "We'll talk later."

He placed a deep kiss on her lips and headed to the cooler for another beer. She closed her eyes taking several deep breaths to calm her nerves. She had to remain calm, she had guests to entertain and make happy. She had to make sure her son had a blast, her conversation with Randy would have to be put on the backburner. She needed to eat something before she passed out again.

An hour later everyone was gathered around the table singing "Happy Birthday" to Riley who was grinning from ear to ear. Randy's arm was around her as they finished the song.

"Blow out your candles and make a wish." he encouraged leaning over with Ryon to blow out the candles of his "RKO" cake.

Everyone clapped as Randy ran a finger down the side of the cake and fed Ryon and Riley some icing, before kissing them both. Her heart fluttered, he didn't seem mad at all anymore. He had completely turned that emotion off.

"Let Randy take Riley and you and I will get this cake cut." Elaine smiled interrupting Ryon from her thoughts.

Randy smirked at the same time Riley did when he took him from Ryon, filling the room with a chorus of "Awws." Once the cake was done it was time for presents. Riley was much more excited about that than the cake. After that and a little more swimming while Ryon cleaned up some he was knocked out cold.

"You can put a fork in this one, he's done." Dave said coming in with Riley asleep on his shoulder, "The party went really well. Everything was great."

"Thank you." She smiled.

"I'll get him ready for bed if you want to walk your dad out." Randy offered.

She nodded hesitantly, really not wanting him to leave her alone for some reason. She took baby steps to the front door.

"You sure you don't want me to help you finish cleaning up?" he paused.


"No, I've got it." she said standing on her tip toes to hug his neck and kiss his cheek, "Thank you for everything daddy."

"Anytime." he said going out to his car.

The worry and the guilt really sunk in when she saw his tail lights crest the hill. She took a deep breath and closed the door. What the hell was wrong with her? Was she really that afraid to talk to Randy about her impromptu meeting with John earlier?

She had really thought she was over her fears about him lashing out at her like he did almost two years ago. He had apologized a thousand times, and had not raised his voice to her even once about anything. He had been loving, caring, and patient with her since then, knowing he had to earn back her trust. He had given her no reason to be afraid of him.

Yet here she was afraid to go upstairs and face him. She went back into the kitchen and finished cleaning it up and storing things back in their places. When she could find nothing else to do. She slowly went to the stairs. When her hand touched the railing a long peal of thunder echoed in the distance.

"Really?" she asked sarcastically under her breath.

She stopped in Riley's room to check on him. He was sound asleep and tucked in. She pressed a kiss to her fingers and then to his cheek. She went to the door after checking the monitor and left it cracked.

She made her way slowly to her bedroom more than a little unnerved and anxious. Randy was out on he balcony watching the coming storm and smoking a cigarette.


He only smoked when he was worried or pissed. She went to the bathroom and showered quickly before the storm arrived. She put on a pair of blue boy shorts with a grey camisole. He hadn't moved in the twenty minutes it had taken her to shower and change. A long bolt of lightening streaked across the sky and lit up the landscape.

"Randy, please come inside." She called.

The loud burst of thunder shook the house.

"Please, Randy." she begged, her anxiety rising.

He stood up and flicked the butt of the cigarette over the railing. He strolled inside leaving the doors open. He walked past her to the bathroom to brush his teeth. A strong wind blew through the room She hesitantly went to the doors to close them.

"Leave them open." Randy commanded.

She backed away to the bed and sat on her side folding her legs under her. Another rumble of thunder set her teeth on edge. Tears welled up in her eyes as a loud flash and pop hit again. Randy watched her from the doorframe he was leaning against and frowned. He didn't want to do this to her but it was a necessary evil. She had to know that he was absolutely serious when it came to this issue.

"Are you scared?" he asked smoothly.

She looked up at him fearfully. He knew the answer before she replied.


He paused watching her cower as the storm arrived blowing the tree tops around in circles as the night sky lit up continuously.

"This is how I felt this afternoon. My stomach was in knots and I honestly felt like killing him for contacting you." he said lowly.

She was trying to hold it together but was failing miserably.

"How did you know?" she cried.

"I have your phone tapped with caller ID and GPS." he stated matter of factly.

He saw the question on her face, "Every call you send or receive is sent to my phone. I know who calls you, who you call and how long you're on the phone. I can update your GPS anytime to find out exactly where you are."

She was stunned, not only by his surveillance of her but also by his carefree attitude about everything. The way he spoke to her made her feel like every husband did this to their wife.

"So you don't trust me at all then is that it?" She asked.

"I don't trust them Ry, and with damn good reason. When I saw you were on the phone with John, I called my friend from the Marines and had him follow you with strict instructions to kidnap you if necessary to get you away from John if he tried anything." he explained.

She gaped at him then, "You were going to have me kidnapped?"

"If I had to, yes." he answered calmly.

She was in a daze from his admissions, the storm forgotten at the moment.

"So I have no privacy then?" she managed to ask as helpless tears fell.

He sighed, she wasn't looking at the bigger picture, "What if I didn't have all of this set up? You leave to go meet him and he decides to take you because he's not over you, and I know for a fact he's not. Where would that have left us Ryon? I would have had no idea what happened to you. You and our unborn child would have disappeared and I would have been left picking up the pieces. Punishing myself for letting you go by yourself, raising our son alone."

"You're reaching a little bit don't you think?" she asked incredulously.

"I underestimated them before and paid dearly for it. I swore that would never happen again." Randy said tensing up.

Ryon shook her head, "John wouldn't do that to me."

His features hardened then, his anger clearly evident, "Are you defending him now? Did you forget what he did to us Ryon?"

"No! I can never forget that." she cried in outrage, "I just can't see something like that ever happening."

He nodded, "Because I won't let it. I think of the worst case scenarios to prevent them. To protect our family at any cost."

"Including my freedom and privacy?" she asked quickly.

"I don't listen to your phone calls, I only monitor them to keep you safe." he said frustrated she didn't understand.

"What's the difference? I feel like a prisoner now." she cried out.

He went to her cupping her face in his hands, "I'm only trying to protect you and our kids. They took you from me once. That will never happen again. I'm sorry you don't like my methods, but they're for your benefit whether you see it that way or not."

She clenched her jaw in frustration, "Well who watches after you?"

He smirked, "You don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself."

"They got to you too remember?" she stated.

Of course he did, how could he forget? He had walked on eggshells and analyzed everything he did or said to regain her trust.

"I think about that everyday. I know I'll never be able to erase what I did, but I swear to you that will never happen again." he told her reading the doubt on her face instantly.

He then realized what happened and why it took her so long to come upstairs.

She was afraid of him.

"You thought I was going to hurt you again?" he asked waiting for her to answer, "Ryon?"

Tears fell from her eyes as she nodded.

He got off the bed and went to the balcony to close the doors. She had really thought that he would harm her again. That hurt worse than her going to see John.

He closed the doors and turned off the lights and got into bed. He pulled the covers back on his side and slid between them. She was sitting on top of them on her side, still crying.

"I'm sorry." she whispered.

He laid on his back staring at the ceiling. She waited a few more minutes before she got under the covers. He pulled her to his chest and kissed the top of her head.

"I promised you that I would never hurt you again and I meant it." he said.

She nodded slowly as she sniffled, "We just haven't had to deal with this in so long, I guess I panicked."

"As long as we're okay. Then we don't have to discuss it anymore. I don't want to waste another second on that loser." Randy said.

She looked up at him, "You don't want to know why he called me, or why I met him?"

"No." he answered.

She kissed him then, "If you ever do want to know all you have to do is ask, you know that right?"

"I know. I told you I wasn't worried about you babe. It's them that I don't trust." he sighed breathing deeply through his nose.

"I love you Randy." she smiled before settling back down on his shoulder.

He squeezed her, "I love you too. More than you'll ever know."

He heard her sigh contently like she always did when she was about to fall asleep. He listened to her even breathing for hours reminiscing about the rough patch they had went through at the hands of Hunter, John, and Adam. He knew John would be the one to break their agreement first.

He contemplated a retaliation for his misstep, but then thought of Riley, and Ryon and her being pregnant. He couldn't start that war at the moment, but he would always rise to the occasion if the need presented itself.

If Ryon thought his face was scary earlier, she would have run from the room screaming if she saw it now. It was the same expression she saw the night he attacked her. The rage, the pure fury, the mask of a man that would commit murder and then sleep like a baby the same night. He was always careful to hide that dark side, the viper in him from her. He was certain she wouldn't be able to handle it, and what he had done to ensure her safety.

She never needed to know how far he would go to keep her with him. He prayed that she never had to see that side of him again.

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