Chapter 1

I ran away from the 4 huge water warriors chasing me close at my heels. I find it funny that these huge men can not easily catch a 12 year old girl. I spot a stream close by but the big hunks of men are blocking it. This is an easy fix. I stop abruptly my feet sliding on the ice. I flash a quick smile at the confused men then squat.

"What is she doing?" I hear one of the men say.

"Nice playing with you guys but I have better things to do." I say winking at them. With that I jump into the air twisting my body into a ball. I flip over the surprise men easily laughing all the while. I am close enough to the stream now to do what I must. I wave my hand over the water closing my eyes focusing on what I had to do. I am just a beginner waterbender and what I plan to do is hard for the best of waterbenders but I love a challenge.

I twist my fingers in the necessary ways for this waterbending then move my hands over my head and point my fingers towards the men in front of me. A good size wave comes over my head and crushes into the men the way I planed. I spin my hands around pushing the men towards the stream so the current could take them away.

The men scream as the stream takes them further into the city and further from the palace. I jump up to excited to hold any of it inside. I do my victor dance happy I could do such a difficult bending technique for a beginner. Mother would be so proud of me.

Oh no. Mother. Father. The thought of my parents stop my victor dance. Mother would be mad if she learn what I did to the guards and what led to the guards chasing me throughout the palace. Father would probably laugh knowing him he would of done the same but not Mother. Mother was the strict one in this family.

"Kayla!" some yelled behind me. I turn around to see no other then the princess of the northern water tribe and my best friend Princess Kami. Princess Kami was my best friend since I first came to the Northern water tribe and it was my job to protect her. I was a warrior in training when I was ready I would be assign as Princess Kami's personal warrior. Something I could not wait for. But for now I was nothing but her best friend who she usually got out of trouble.

"Hi Kami!" I said running over to her throwing myself into her nice warm purple jacket. Purple for royalty. Kami was gorgeous of course. Her hair was light brown that was twisted in the traditional Northern Water Tribe Princess fashion. My own hair hung loosely around my shoulder. Not even my two braids held my hair up. I was a mess while Kami looked like well a princess. Her dark blue eyes were calm like always. I wish I looked like Kami.

"Kayla my dear friend." Kami said returning my hug her lips were stretched in a smile.

"You want to go find some penguins and go penguin sliding?" I asked grabbing her hand and leading her away from the stream. "Or maybe we can go fishing, or maybe we can…"

"Kayla!" Kami said laughing pulling her hand out of mine. "I can not play at this moment. Actually I have come with a message. The Avatar wants you. He is waiting for you in the hall. I will come with you if you like."

I swallowed fear making my throat dry. Oh no I was in trouble. I nodded to Kami's request and let her drag me towards the hall. I wish I could turn into a fish or a puddle anything to get out of what was going to happen. I was going to be in a lot of trouble.

Kami opened the hall door pushing me ahead of her. I walked into the ice room that had water tribe symbols all over the walls along with all the leaders of the Northern Water Tribe. My eyes fell on the framed picture of Princess Yue. Her white hair shinning her eyes seeming to follow me. For some reason I love this Moon Sprit I never meet who saved her people by giving her life to all. Give me some luck here Moon Sprit I think as I approach the Avatar and Katara.

The Avatar Aang is now an adult not a 12 year old boy saving the world. He still has his soft baby face that seems never to age but he is taller and much more stronger. His eyes that are gray now have a wisdom they never had before. He is bald and his arrow shine for all to see. Katara is a woman now. Her hair is much longer but is tied in the Northern Water Tribe way. Her large blue eyes look towards her husband with love then at me with the same loving way. She has this motherly glow to her that makes her irresistible. She holds Aang's hand gentle. They both are looking at me smiling but I could tell there going to yell at me.

You see the Avatar and his wife the best waterbender there is are my parents. The Avatar is my father. And Katara is my mother. I love them to death and they love me to being there only child. It is hard being the Avatar's daughter everyone expects so much from you which does not work out with me always wanting to have fun.

Some people think I be the best waterbender ever because I have my fathers blood running through me and my Mother who is a great waterbender. Some people think I can bring peace just like my Father. It is hard being me with people thinking these things. I just want to be a normal kid where people never have such high acceptations for me.

"Daughter." Mother said smiling at me.

I walk slowly towards them scared of what will come. "Hi Mom." I said my eyes never leaving the floor.

"So." Dad said sitting down on a step. He gentle grabbed my chin bringing it up so I could look him in the eye. His gray eyes study me and I know he knows everything I have done today. "I hear we got in a little trouble today Kayla."

"Not my fault Daddy." I said quickly. He laughed pulling me onto his lap.

"You hear that Katara dear?" Father says smiling at Mother. "She didn't do it."

Mother sat next to dad grabbing my small hand in her soft own ones. "Kayla sweetheart why don't you tell us what you did."

I sign knowing I had no choose but to tell them. "Well." I say slowly. "I escape from training today. It was such a beautiful day I wanted to do something fun. I guess Master Pakku didn't have the same idea as me. He send some guards after me and well there was a little fight and some guards might be in a stream somewhere. I am sorry Mom and Daddy I just wanted to have a little fun. Master Pakku is not fun and he is so ancient."

Father laughed. If anyone understood wanting to run away from training to have fun it was Daddy. Me and Father's personality are much alike. Mother shook her head grabbing my hand gently.

"Oh Kayla you know that you have to train if you want to protect Princess Kami." Mother said smiling at Kami who stood quietly in the door. "You have to practice if you want to be a great waterbender love."

"But I have enough time to practice I wont even be allowed to protect Kami till I am 16. That is plenty of time." I said happy that I came up with such a good enough excuse.

Father laughed only to be silence by a look shot by Mother. Mother brushed my dark brown hair softly her motion so soothing I could fall asleep. "Love time goes by so quickly before you know it you will be 16 and then you will have to take care of are Princess. You have to be prepare. You must go to your training lessons sweetheart."

"I guess." I said shrugging my shoulder happy I got away so easily.

"Now about using you waterbending on those poor guards." Mother said looking stern now. I was this close to getting away. "You are not allowed to do anything you deem fun for a whole week."

"Yes Mother." I said sadly getting up from Father's lap.

"Katara a week?" Father asked smiling up at me. He knew the punishment could kill a person. He pulled Mother into his arms kissing her cheek softly. "How about half a week."

Mother rolled her eyes as Father kissed her hand pouting the whole time. I join in Father's pout. She laughed kissing Father and me. "Fine I see its two against one."

"Thank you Mother." I said winking at Father.

"No problem my little dear now go escort Princess Kami back to where ever she came from."

I walked back to Kami smiling at her. She bowed good bye to Father then ran out behind me. Kami told me before how luck the city was to have Father here. She said that the Avatar was a hero and that the water tribe felt so honored to have him here. I thought this was silly since Father rarely stayed in one spot. He traveled around the whole world making sure there was peace between all nation. That the Fire Nation, The Water Tribes, The Earth Kingdom and now the new Air nomads were all working together in peace. The only reason Father came back to the Northern Water Tribe was because of me.

When I was a baby Father use to take me everywhere he went. But when Mother and Father saw how early my waterbending talent was developing they realize that if I wanted to be a great waterbender I had to live in the Northern Water Tribe where I have many teachers to teach me. Mother decided to stay with me and that is why I live here. When I turned 9 and they saw how quickly I was learning they figured they make me a guard for Princess Kami. They said I could be the most powerful waterbender and the best should be with Kami.

My life was never easy and I could never be just a kid. So I did everything I could to have fun which usually got me in trouble. But that was all right. I could handle trouble pretty great for a 12 year old. Got that from my father.

The next day I woke up early to someone poking me. I opened my eyes slowly and nearly had a heart attack to see a pair of blue eyes in my face. I screamed jumping high in my bed.

"Oops sorry Kayla for scaring you." Said my little cousin Maiya.

"Maiya!" I yelled throwing my arms around my small cousin. "Why are you here?"

Maiya lives in the southern water tribe where Mother and Uncle Sokka were from.

"Daddy wanted to visit Aunt Katara. We first went to Earth Kingdom cause Mommy wanted to visit her home town Kyoshi Island then we came here with the Prince of Ba Sing Se. We got to come with him because Daddy helped the Avatar and is a strong military leader in the Southern Water Tribe. Oh and guess what me and Akio got to ride giant Koi Fish! You would of loved it."

I forgot how talkative Maiya could be. She was the totally opposite of her twin brother Akio who almost never talked. While she went on talking about the giant Koi Fish I tried to think over what she said. So Uncle Sokka, Aunt Suki, Akio and Maiya were here. That was cool. I loved seeing my family that lived so far. And when Uncle Sokka was over Mother was usually in a great mood. But that was not all who was here. The Prince of the Earth Kingdom was here. Why was he here?

A knock on my door pulled me out of my thoughts. Maiya had actually stopped talking for once. I smiled at her before getting up to answer my door.

Standing in my door way was Princess Kami. Maiya scrambled off my bed and bowed low to her but Kami was not pay attention. She looked beyond worried.

"Oh Kayla I need you." She said grabbing my hand.

I looked over at Maiya knowing she should not hear Kami talk about her personal problems. "Maiya I think Mother would love to hear your story about the giant Koi Fish. Why don't you run along and tell her. I be down in a second."

"Ok." Maiya said excited about my idea. She ran out closing the door behind her. I sat down on my bed and waited patiently for Kami to tell me the problem.

"The Earth Prince is here and I think Father is planning on me to marry him." She said. My mouth dropped open surprised by the very thought. Kami was only a year older then me how could she possible marry anyone. The Earth Prince was her age to how could he agree to this. "Father wants me to spend sometime with him but I won't can you please protect me. Every time you see him coming do some waterbending or something. Please Kayla!"

It was strange that the Water Princess was begging me for help. But I only laughed and hugged her. "Of course Kami. This will be fun."

I spend the rest of the day with my cousins and Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. I had the best time ever. My cousins could be annoying but not Uncle Sokka. Uncle Sokka told me jokes and stories about his time helping Father. He told every funny thing that happened on there journey. Then Aunt Suki would teach me fighting tricks she learned as a Kyoshi warrior. I was as good as fighting as I was with Waterbending. I wish these moments could last forever but I had a job to do.

After Aunt Suki taught me some Warrior moves I had to help Kami. I followed her around the palace keeping my eyes open for the Prince. But it was hard to do when I had no idea what the Earth Prince looked like. All I knew about him was he was an Earthbender.

It really didn't matter any way we did not see him anywhere. I was starting to relax thinking we would not run into the Earth Prince when there he was standing by the Stream with a disgusted look on his handsome face.

The Earth Prince was gorgeous. He had short dark black hair which was odd since most Earth Kingdom nobles had long hair. He had large green eyes that never left the ground. I could tell he was the Earth Prince because his outfit did belong to the Earth Kingdom nobles.

"Quickly! Hide me." Kami whispered stepping away from the Earth Prince.

A plan comes quickly to me. I think I got that from Uncle Sokka. "Kami I am going to create a fog. When I do run from here. I throw him off and then come get you."

Kami nodded. Ignoring the fact that I never made fog before I stand in a good position. I close my eyes and think what I want. I want beautiful white fog that will cover Kami. I want it to be cold and light. I open my eyes slowly swaying my hands right and left then up and down. I lift my foot up my hands never stop moving. To my amazement fog starts to form around Kami till she was almost impossible to see. The fog starts going towards the palace so I know Kami was running away. I smile pleased with myself wanting to do another victor dance but then I notice the Earth Prince staring at me.

"Oh um hi." I said waving my hand at him smiling cheesy. I felt guilt for what I just did which was stupid since I did what I was born to do. Protect Kami.

"Hi." The Earth Prince said. "Did you just make that fog."

I looked back at the fog that now disappeared. "Oh that? Yeah."



"Cool." The Earth Prince looked back at the ground with that disgusted look.

"Does something displeases you?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Yes something does where is the earth?" He asks. "Everything here is ice and snow there is no earth and to be honest it troubles me greatly."

I did not like the way he was talking about my home. "This is a Water Tribe. It is made for water people. Not Earth."

"Well I hate it." He said splashing the water in the stream. This only makes me more anger.

"Sorry nothing is to your liking princess." I said wanting to carry him down the stream like I did to the guards yesterday.

The Earth Prince looks insulted by the princess I added but I watch as his anger slowly goes away. "What is your name?"

"What is yours?" I asked not wanting to give my name to him.

"My name is Prince Rai of the Earth Kingdom." He said formally. He probably wanted me to bow but that was not about to happen. "And your name?"

"Kayla." I said simply. I was not about to tell him I was the Avatar's daughter. If I did he might feel he had to treat me nice and the last thing I wanted was for him to treat me nice. I had decided to dislike this Prince and would not let anything change that.

"Well I would say it was charming to meet you Kayla but it wasn't." Rai said. "Good bye." He stood up dusting off some snow from his green earth kingdom outfit. I could not help what happened next. Before I could stop myself I waved my hands over the stream pulling some water up then shot it at Rai.

He screamed standing there like a wet cat. I laughed uncontrollable knowing I would be punished later. "That is a welcoming from the whole Northern Water Tribe." Rai stopped screaming looking up at me. He stomped his foot, dragged his leg up then kicked in the air. When nothing happen I laughed even harder. "No Earth here." I said. He let out another loud scream but this time I ran away not bothering to stick around.

I got punished greatly for what I did to Rai. Not even Father could loosen the punishment Mother was to unhappy with me. But that was ok. Because of what I did Rai stayed away from me and Kami.