Three months later:

Gwendolyn answered the Manor's door with a smile on her face. "Good Morning, Miss Taylor. Please come in."

The small blonde witch smiled in reply. "I would like to thank you so much for allowing me to interview you today, Healer Hawkins. My coworkers like to spread rumors that you curse every reporter that tries to talk to you."

Gwendolyn lead the little reporter through the Manor's halls, now teeming with happiness, though still just as grand. "Well, unlike all of your peers, you made an appointment rather than bombarded me with questions. When they ask, you tell them that." Gwendolyn motioned for Miss Taylor to sit on the reception room's sofa, placing herself in a chair opposite and offering the reporter tea.

"So, um, you live with Mr. Malfoy now."

Gwendolyn looked up, eyebrow raised. "He made his intentions very clear before we even went on a date, Miss Taylor. Don't tell me you're surprised." Gwendolyn held herself completely still for another twenty seconds before allowing herself to sip some tea. Fidgeting was a sign of nervousness.

Miss Taylor laughed. "You mean the incident by the fountain. Yes, but you do know that the Malfoys were some of the most notorious Muggle-phobes in Europe?"

Gwendolyn's smile turned brittle, her knuckles going white. "Narcissa Malfoy is dead, and if Lucius Malfoy is ever released from Azkaban he will have much more to fear from me than I will from him. Draco is far more accepting than his parents."

Miss Taylor was taken aback by the fierceness in Gwendolyn's tone. "Just a couple more questions, then. Um, there are rumors that, well." Miss Taylor cleared her throat.

Gwendolyn's reply came monotonously caustic. "That I seduced him while he was my patient? Hardly. All advances were made by him, at least two months after his release. Unless you think St. Mungo's would allow the release of a man of unsound mind, Draco was fully capable of making that choice."

Miss Taylor blushed. "Sorry, ma'am. I'm just following up on the rumors. Also, it seems that you are now good friends with Hermione Granger and Severus Snape, who appear to have started dating at the same time you and Draco became acquainted. Do you know anything about this?"

Gwendolyn brightened. "Hermione is one of my dearest friends. It is difficult to find a kindred spirit with such a thirst for knowledge. As for her relationship with Severus, it was in the makings long before I met them. The incident just made things fall in place." Miss Taylor nodded, scribbling furiously.

Gwendolyn smile turned into a smirk as she felt the draft that indicated the front door had been opened. The resounding boom that resounded as it was slammed shut made Miss Taylor jump. Draco made his way toward the sound of Gwendolyn's voice, depositing the groceries on a table for the house elves to care for. "Hello, darling," he purred, hands clasping Gwendolyn's shoulders. "A reporter? Has she asked yet if you seduced me?"

Gwendolyn's eyes took a gleefully predatory edge as her left hand covered Draco's right. "She has, sweetest."

By now Miss Taylor was squirming with unease, and Draco's loud laugh caused her to jump again. "Everyone knows that I seduce the ladies, Miss Taylor. Even when I plan to keep them for the long term." Draco lowered his voice to a false whisper that both he and Gwendolyn knew Miss Taylor could hear. "I've brought you a blue surprise, darling. Any chance you could get rid of this pesky little reporter?"

Gwendolyn replied in the same false whisper. "No problem, sweetest. We were just about done anyway." Gwendolyn stood abruptly. "I trust that was enough for you, Miss Taylor?" The blushing reporter stammered her assent, and allowed Gwendolyn to lead her to the door. Closing it with a smile, Gwendolyn whirled around. "Where are the blueberries, Draco?"

Draco's arms pulled Gwendolyn close. "I didn't say anything about blueberries," he said between kisses. Gwendolyn punched him playfully, and Draco smiled, pulling back. Out of his pocket came a jewelry box, which he opened to show a marvelous sapphire pendant.

Gwendolyn stared at the necklace, before looking up at Draco with wide eyes. "It's a Suitor's Gift."

Draco smiled at Gwendolyn. "I thought you might like a tradition of the old magic. I would like to be your Suitor."

Gwendolyn smiled widely, fastening the necklace around her neck. "I accept your offer of courtship. And we better damn well get engaged at the end of the courtship period."

Draco set the box down and pulled Gwendolyn back to him. "I don't think that will be a problem."

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