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Chapter 21

"You know there are many many people out there who find the twincest to be beautiful." Mai said crossing her arms. Naru choked on his drink.

"Did you just say twincest?" He looked shocked.

"Yeah. The forbidden love between brothers. So poetic." Mai sang out and signed.

"That is just wrong. And before you ask, no Gene and I never had anything like that! You read too much manga." Naru shook his head. Mai laughed.

"Hmm well we'll see." Mai said in sly way. She may have been ignoring her powers, but she did learn a few new tricks.

Dear readers, you may have remembered this conversation back in chapter 13. Well this conversation proves to be very important. As mentioned before. Mai learned a few new tricks.

Mai was tempted to play a prank on Naru, but decided not to until the faith healer incident. Yes. The one where Naru didn't even attempt to catch Mai and she fell off the stage (understatement of the year.)

It was shortly after that event that Mai decided that revenge was necessary. Or at least it would make her feel a heck of a lot better.

How does one pull a prank on Naru?

Many have tried before, but have failed. Naru was smart and his cool demeanor allowed for him ward off attacks by those would be pranksters. Aka Yasuhara and Monk.

But Mai didn't have to worry about that. Her new trick would get him good. He would never see it coming. Mai sat by her vanity grinning as she imagined Naru's discomfort.

She wouldn't be satisfied by just her knowing about her prank and knowing why Naru was acting unusual. She wanted everyone to know.

Mai looked at the clock. Naru should be asleep by now. She was glad at this moment that Gene was back and ready to assist her in her scheme. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She transported herself to another plane.

Gene stood waiting for her. He smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up signaling that Naru was indeed asleep and it was time to commence Operation Twincest!

Operation Twincest

Naru was in his room. He was sleeping shirtless in bed. The room was dark except for the light that streamed in through the curtains from the skyline at night. He stirred. He reached over and put his arm around Mai and pressed his body against her.

She slipped the covers away to expose her naked upper torso. Now that he realize it, he too was naked. She climbed up on top of him. They began to kiss and he rubbed his hands down her smooth body…

As Naru was feeling Mai he realized how different she seemed. Her kissing was more aggressive and her body was harder and more muscular. "Well she is a dancer. Those rehearsals must have really toned her… Wait when did Mai get a six pack?" Naru pulled away and stared in horror.

"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry I guess I just don't know my own strength." Gene said in a seductive voice and went to continue. Naru yelled and pushed him back as he jumped out of the bed.

"What the hell?" he yelled at looked back at the bed.

"Naru? What is with you?" Mai said clearly annoyed as she lay on her side propped up by her elbow.

"I—you- …." Naru stuttered.

"Well if you going to just babble like that, I might as well go back to my room." Mai made a motion to get up. Naru now returning to his senses decided to continue their night together.

They decided to take a bath together. Naru picked up Mai's naked body and carried her into the bathroom. He placed her gently in the large tub with bubbles (Mai's touch) and got in on top of her.

He listened to her moan in pleasure, that was until her realized her moans sounded strange. He turned quickly and for a second thought he was seeing Gene again, but after he blink Gene was gone and Mai was back.

"Here let me wash your back." Mai said seductively. Naru turned to face away from her. She took the wash clothe and gently ran is down his skin.

"hmmm." Was all Naru said. His eyes were closed.

"Our baths together as children were never this enjoyable." Gene said softly into Naru ear and wrapped his arms around him. Naru's eyes shot open and he looked in the mirror in front of him.

Resting his head on Naru's shoulder was Gene. Naru jumped up. He could feel himself slip and fall out of the tub.

Naru picked himself up off the floor. He was in his pajamas and in his dark hotel room. Looked around his room and found it empty. He jumped up and searched the closets and the bathroom. No Gene and no Mai. It was all just a dream.

That morning everyone had decided to eat breakfast together in the dinning room. Naru was the last one to join them. He looked tired and shaken. His seemed out of focus. Mai and everyone exchanged amused looks.

Part two: continue to torture Naru.

Mai had instructed Yasuhara to introduce certain subjects that could be used in breakfast table conversation that would make Naru think about his dream.

"So Mai, that big suite of yours." Yasuhara started.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"How big is the bathtub?" he asked.

"Huge." Mai replied

"Big enough for two?" he asked.

"Oh definitely. It could probably fit three comfortably." Mai answered and returned to her breakfast.

They looked over at Naru who seemed to have tightened his grip on his fork.

"What's the matter, Naru?" Masako asked.

"You as if you've seen a ghost." Ayako commented.

"Didn't you get much sleep last night?" Monk asked.

"Did you have a bad dream?" Mai asked.

"Or maybe a wet one?" Yasuhara asked earning a few annoyed looks and a death glare from Naru.

The waiter brought out a plate of waffles with whipped cream and maple syrup and powdered sugar. It was complements of the chef her informed them. Mai reached her fork in a bite.

She moaned in pleasure. "Ohhh ohhh. Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "This is amazing. You guys have to try some."

They each reached over and dug in. They each moaned out in pleasure as well except Lin. Naru didn't try any.

"This is the best thing ever!" Monk exclaimed.

"Better than a prada!: Ayako exclaimed.

"Better than bubble baths." Said Yasuhara

With every bite the same the reaction. Peter who joined them later commented. "You guys sound like a bunch of moaning ghosts."

"Ghosts having a love fest." Yasuhara joked. Everyone started to laugh except Naru. He slammed his fork down on the table and began to yell.

"How did you find out?" he yelled.

"Find out what?" Lin asked. Everyone gave him confused looks.

"About my dream! Stop playing dumb. I know you all know!" he yelled.

"Look Naru, I think maybe you should get some more rest." Monk said.

"Wait what dream?" Lin asked again.

"WHERE GENE AND I HAD SEX IN THE BATHTUB!" He shouted as he stood up. He looked around at their shocked expressions and then to the rest of the dinners who were also starting at him. He sat back down slowly and began to eat his breakfast.

Everyone lost interest and returned to their meals as well. Mai smiled as she heard Gene say to her "Mission Accomplished."

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