Of all the girls to enter the school she was the sweetest and over all the most beautiful girl anyone layed their eyes upon. Her name was Kagome Higurashi, and she was seventeen. Not many people understood how a girl like her considering her style would be so amazing but she was, in so many ways. She was the outcast all through middle school with her black hair with a purple streak along her the shortest layer over lapping her eyes. She was a pure hearted soul and didn't date anyone, although she was asked daily by every guy in the school. She only had few freinds although the whole school loved her. Her closest freind Sango, was a year older then her, and she loved Kagome to death. They became freinds her kindergarten year, and remained that way ever since.

There was however one outcast of the entire school that everyone hated, Inuyasha Takahashi, a rebellious eighteen year old who had the world at his feet basically. He could have anything and everything he wanted. He choose to be the emo boy for those of you who use the sterotypes. He had one friend which no one understood how Miroku, the football player, could ever cross paths with him. Why they asked themselves. They had always been friends even when they didnt seem like it. They would hang out on the weekends off school ground and be the best of friends however no one knew. That was of course until senior year.

Shikon High

New kids formed along all the rest, they were diffrent changing. Highschool had changed the freshmen are sophmores, sophmores ,juniors and juniors became the seniors. Its funny how so much can change over a four year experiance. The girls started the day as if it was any other, walking into class unaware of who would appear beyond the white brick. They walked through to wood door of the classroom to see, Rin a new girl who just moved in three houses from Kagome.Kikyou a girl who Inuyasha dated for a while who is considered the schools biggest whore. Why you might ask, well back when Inuyasha and her dated, she decided to sleep with seven guys. Inuyasha didnt tolerate it and he broke up with her. Miroku was among the bunch of teens that lurked in the class room. A bunch of other people the girls knew did as well.

"Welcome to class all you seniors, how does it feel to be the last year of highschool. Not much has changed, at the end of the year you will take final exams, and for those of you who didnt take you S.A.T last year you must take it this year or no college will accept you."

The teacher walks to his desk and pulls out a peice of chalk to right his name among the chalkboard:

Mr. Koga

He pulls the papers from his desk, and starts to pass them out to everyone. Its a basic quiz to see exactly how far along each one of the class mates are.

Around one hour passes and the bell rings to go to second unit. The teens get up and lay their quizes on the teachers desk. Kagome walks to her locker to see a white haired boy, who was so handsome. He stood there in all black, emo cut hair, with blue tips. Chain hung from his pants as he stood at his locker with Miroku.

"Hey Kags what you looking at" she looks over to Inuyasha "Kagome you dont wanna get wrapped up with him, hes not the type you wanna date, hes rebellious and a complete and total jerk." Kagome closed her locker and walked over to Inuyasha."Um, Hello, Im Kagome. I noticed you around school-"before she could finish he cut her off "Hey, Inuyasha the name, yeah I know who you are, the popular Kagome Higurashi, get a grip chick your not even that cute, ugh now do you mind."She was floored by the way he spoke to her. What has she done to him, yes everyone loved her but that didnt make her popular, she hated popularity. "HEY! Inuyasha wait a minute! You have no right to sit here and judge me. Yes the school loves me, so what I could care less, popularity isnt something that benifits me. Its school Im here to learn. So if theres anyone who needs to get a grip its you!"

He stood there stunned no one has ever stood up to him like that. He kinda liked it. Fiesty, Cute, Brainy, and amazing style more like his taste. He could grow to like this girl. "Um, Kagome, hold up, um sorry I guess I figured you were like every other snotty girl in this school, and I dont like them, they annoy me. The truth is your really cute, and Im sorry for snapping on you like that. Can you forgive me"

"Yes Inuyasha I most certainly can forgive you. Would you like to go to class with me?"

"Oh is that your way of asking me out?"

"Oh my no! Mildly asking you if you would possibly like to be my friend."

"Then yes Kagome I would love to go to class with you."

Sango stood at the locker noticing what just happened. She stood in awe, scratching her head. "looks like this is going to be one hell of a year, Kagome with him oh jeez what will they think of next"

she said to herself as she grabbed her books and walked to class.