Chapter 7

Victor relaxed back into the seat, allowing Layla to pepper him with childish kisses to his lips and jaw line. It was almost painfully clear that this was her first time trying to be intimate in anyway other than a hug.

Her hands moved of their own accord, tracing the outlines of his abs. Victor found himself grinning. Her inexperience was refreshing after so many years screwing whores, or anyone that took his fancy for that matter. He couldn't remember the last time a woman had taken the time to touch him. To feel him. Hell, he had to think hard to remember a time when a woman was willing! He frowned when he thought of that particular memory. The last willing woman had been Leni. Or rather, it had been Mystique disguised as operative Leni Zauber.

That train of thought was beginning to make his claws itch and would possibly spoil the moment if he didn't push it away fast. That was the one thing Creed thanked the X men, or more directly, the runt for. Since the claw to the brain, he'd been able to control his thoughts and anger better than any other time in his life.
And with that, the thoughts of Mystique, Leni, his 'darlin' baby boy', and the runt were gone, leaving only the present and more importantly, Layla.

The girl's lust was starting to tickle his nose, but her technique was getting him nowhere. Finally deciding it was his time to take control, he grasped Layla's hips, the action and the prick of his claws causing the young girl to jump in surprise.

"Goddamnit girl. Yer doin' this all wrong!" He muttered, before bucking her from his lap and tossing her onto the sofa next to his armchair, before pouncing after her and pinning her to his cushions of the sofa.

Fear began to creep into her scent, threatening to bring her back to reality and out of his grasp. Layla began to wiggle against his grip, slightly beginning to regret her actions. Maybe owning such an untamable animal wasn't really the best idea.

"Be still…" Victor's voice rasped against her ear, stopping all movement. She'd lived with him long enough to know when she was in a dangerous position, but laying under the monster of a man after spending half an hour trying to get his attention, which she now had, was probably the scariest position she'd ever been in.

"Victor…I...Please…" her voice trembled as she tried to reverse what she'd started.

"I said be still girlie. That means be silent too…" Sabretooth growled, his hand snaking around her neck, the grip not strong enough to kill her, but strong enough to keep her from moving again.

Giving in on instinct, Victor leaned in, tracing her lower lip with the tip of his tongue. He could feel her young flesh quiver with what smelt like fear, but she'd pushed him way too far to care about it anymore. He'd have her whether she liked it or not.

"Ya shouldn't play with animals twice tha size of yerself pretty kitty." He purred against her skin and relishing the shudder she gave.

"I was never one to play it safe Vic…you of all people should know that…" Layla whispered in reply. Her eyes were closed. Not tightly, as if waiting for his attack, but gracefully, as if waiting for a lover's tender kiss. Sadly for her, that was the last thing Victor would give her.

Victor's demonic eyes shone down on the girl as he gazed upon her face closer than ever before. She'd grown up well and at fifteen, the adult beauty she would grow into was beginning to peak through her fading child-like futures. His lip curled back in anger as he continued his examination of her. What he was about the do was going to destroy the last few traces of her childhood, and being her swiftly and somewhat abruptly into adulthood.

What he was about to do to Layla was almost the same thing his father had done to him. He was going to take her childhood.


"This is gonna hurt Lay." He snapped in order to silence her worrying tone. She gasped as he pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply. He felt her begin to panic, not sure how to react to such adult intimacy. It was tempting to just be rough and watch in amusement as she tried to cope. But the prospect of their coupling becoming rape seemed a little more likely then. If this was going to be the first and only time Victor Creed took it easy, so be it. If only so he could keep the one thing he didn't want to lose.

The kiss softened, allowing Layla the chance to adjust. She managed to adapt quickly and even managed to slip her tongue into Victor's mouth, surprising him. It explored and caressed his mouth, causing him to grin against her lips as she even dared to gingerly prod at his razor edged canines. It wasn't long before the tang of blood was tasted in both their mouths, causing Victor to pull back with both curiosity and dread.

Red tainted saliva strung out between their parting lips as he moved away before breaking and falling onto Layla's chin, next to the thin line of blood that trailed from her lips. As if worried by Victor's expression, Layla's tongue darted out, clearing the blood and saliva from her mouth and Chin.

"I made ya bleed…" When Victor spoke, it was scary and distant. His eyes never left the spot on her lip where the blood welled up from. Layla swallowed back the nervousness that began to boil in the pit of her stomach. The look in his eyes was just how she imagined him to look as he killed or was about to kill someone.

"No…No, Victor. It's ok. It's fine." She cooed to him, cupping his jaw and trying hard to keep the shake from her voice. This wasn't the kind of position any woman wanted to be in with a psychotic feral mutant with a passion for blood.

Her arms gave way as he lunged forward and attacked her bottom lip, sucking hard on it to milk it of her blood. Layla moaned at the sensation, her body arching upward and pressing against his bulk.

Her reaction spurred Victor on and he continued to nip and suck at her lip as it bled. She tasted better than he'd imagined, and oh, how he'd imagined!

"Better than any fuckin' vampire movie huh, Lay?" he growled playfully with her lip between his teeth.

Layla laughed outright, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck. Letting go of her lip, Victor pulled back to look down on her once more. The scent of her lust was gaining strength again and her hands began to stray as they caressed the back of his neck and combed through his hair.

Layla continued to giggle as she gazed back at him. Maybe it wasn't going to be half as bad as she'd panicked about not long ago. As monstrous as creed could be, he was her monster and now it was going to become official.

A ravenous feeling flooded her as he began to nip at the skin just below her ear, slowly moving down to her neck and throat. "I'd take you over Dracula any night Vic." She groaned as he lapped at the tiny wounds he inflicted with his fangs.

Fisting his hands in her night shirt, Victor pulled it up over her head, meeting no resistance as he did so. Years of 'borrowing' his mutation had not only bleached her hair, but left her with a flawless light tan, much like his own. Screwing Layla would be the next best thing to screwing himself, he thought with a vain smirk against her skin. His mouth made its way down her neck and over her collar bone, his teeth coming down hard on it, causing Layla to wince.

"Fuck! Your not gonna bite are you?" she muttered through another wince as sharp canine teeth scrapped against the bone.

"Course I am." He grunted. "Sex with me just aint sex if I aint bit ya!"

Layla pouted and rolled her eyes in irritation. "Does that mean ya gonna claw me too? 'Cos if you are, can you please not claw me where people will see… or on my legs for that matter. I actually enjoy wearing shorts in the summer Victor."

Victor's chuckle filled the room, slighting relieving the sexual tension.

"That so?" he chuckled, propping himself up on one elbow over her, his eyebrow quirked in amusement.

"Sure…Like you've never noticed…" she muttered back as her arms moved to cover her bra, one hand toying with the strap.

"Yea, well. Ya know what?" He purred in her ear as he leaned down again. His hand swatted her arms away from her chest, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head. "I 'ave noticed actually." He grinned before running his tongue around the shell of her ear. Without even looking, he could sense her deep blush, purely from the heat radiating off her skin. A free hand managed to reach between them and repositioned Layla's right leg to hook itself around his waist.

There was groan from both as Victor pressed their bodies against one another.

"This is, hands down, the most dangerous thing I have ever done." Layla panted as Victor's mouth worked as the skin of her midsection and his free hand reached up to claw her bra. She yelped as the material from torn from her body, exposing her to him.

"Oh yer gonna be doin far more dangerous stuff with me yet, frail." Creed grinned. His eyes roamed the newly exposed flesh hungrily before daring to taste. Layla's back arched as his lips grasped the nipple, grinding it between his teeth and roughly tugging at it.

Miniature claws bit into Victor's shoulders as Layla struggled with the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure as her body was manipulated for the first time. She began to wonder, in her feverish mindset, whether this was how it was meant to be. Was it normal to feel so pleased with her own pain? Maybe she was spending too much time with Mr. Creed…

Suddenly, her world seemed to whirl and she gasped as she was pulled, quite roughly, onto the floor before Sabretooth prowled over her. Long stands of his blonde hair fell over his shoulders and around his face giving him the fierce lion look without the need for the thick ruff of fur he normally wore on the ridiculous all-in-one body suit.

She'd once told him it looked ridiculous…needless to say it had earned her a slap. As many things as she may have been immune to by living with him, a slap wasn't one of them.

"So now what…" she breathed, feeling more than a little vulnerable under his glare.

Without a word, Creed caught her mouth with his own. Now wasn't the best time to give Layla a sex Ed lesson. Although he was sure he could give her a pretty good practical lesson.

His clawed fingers streaked down her torso, leaving angry red welts in their wake. He had no doubt she'd use him to heal them later. The talons caught the material of the waist band of her shorts and began to tug.

The shorts began to slip over her hips and sudden fear flooded Layla's scent. Her hand instantly made a move to stop the removal, clutching at Victor's wrist in desperation. Breaking the kiss, Victor smirked at her, not really reassuring her with the sight of his pointy fangs.

"Relax frail. Ya aint got nothin' I aint seen before…'cept of course if ya got a Johnson down there, in which case, that wont bother me too much either…"

Layla's paled; wide eyed expression of shock amused him greatly, causing a low chuckle to rumble from his chest.

"Oh fuck off Layla." He laughed, slapping her hand away. "How tha bloody hell do ya expect me ta get it in there if yer wear these fuckin' things?" he asked, flicking the waist band of her shorts to get his meaning across.

When she continued to stare back with a mixed expression of shock and slight embarrassment, Victor rolled his eyes and huffed out an aggravated breath. "fine." He grunted. Leaning down, he pressed a gentle kiss to the skin between her collar bones. "I swear I aint gonna hurt ya Lay. Just taken 'em off…Hell, I wont even look if ya don't want me ta."

Layla turned her face away in embarrassment as she began to wiggle out of her shorts of her own accord. She could feel her face burning, much like the rest of her body. Thankfully, Victor was looking across the room, although it wasn't the kind of privacy she'd have liked.

The material finally slipped from her body and she shuddered at the realization that she was left in nothing but her panties. She'd never felt so anxious in all her young life and thoughts of possible things that Victor could say when he saw her ran riot through her mind. He'd never hidden the fact that he's slept, or rather, raped, more woman that he cared to remember. He'd seen hundreds of different women's bodies, all shapes, sizes and colors, but Layla was painfully aware her wasn't yet a woman and the thought of Victor laughing, or even snickering, at the slightest imperfection made her want to cry. Victor could be very cruel like that…

"Can I look now, or do ya want me ta carry on with my eyes closed?" he huffed sarcastically, his eyes still glaring at the bookcase across the room.

Layla coughed weakly, trying to hide the returning quiver in her voice. "You wouldn't even if I asked you to, so you may as well carry on…"

"True" He chuckled. The pads of his fingers were suddenly felt by Layla, as he skated his hand across the cotton of her underwear.

"But, ya see Lay…" He rasped, nipping at her bottom lip. The same lip Layla was biting on to hold back the scream as he continued to toy with her waist band. "…I don't really need ta see ya, ta be able to know what ya look like."

The tears began to build and burn in her eyes as his hand explored her lower body. She couldn't remember ever feeling so humiliated, and Victor's occasional chuckled only aided in making her feel incompetent.

"Ok then." Victor suddenly declared, somewhat cheerfully. "My turn!" he grinned down at her and began to fiddle with the button and zipper on his jeans.

"What? NO!" Layla cried, starting her struggle again. Her mind was too muddled to really understand what she wanted and she desperately wanted more time to think.

"Fer fucks sake Layla!" sabretooth snarled as he slammed her down by the shoulders, stopping all her struggles. "What now?"

"I…I need to think about this Vic…I…"

"You what?" he growled down into her face. "Yer really pissin' me off now frail! Ya spent all morning tryin' ta push me ta this point, and now I'm here, ya wanna think 'bout ya goddamn options?"

Layla remained quiet, unsure whether answering would get her hurt or not. He was right of course. She had made it her mission to drive him wild since the incident that morning. She was beginning to really regret not thinking it through before acting out.

"Now…" Victor started again, his breathing ragged as he tried to control himself. "I'm not makin' promises, but I'll try not ta hurt ya too badly if we get ta the good stuff. But it will hurt no matter what I do. Just warnin' ya now." Layla sniffed pitifully under him. "It's ya first time darlin. It's gonna hurt." He managed to finish in a calm manner. But her indecisiveness was really yankin' his chain something fierce.

It took a moment or two of silent between the two, before Layla finally nodded. "Ok. But…but promise you'll try not to claw me."

Victor sighed. "I swear on my fuckin' healin' factor givin' up the ghost and me dyin', that I'll try my fuckin' best not ta claw ya…too badly anyways."

The girl under him shuddered, but nodded again before gripping his shoulders, and looking anywhere but him as he torn at the jeans and freed himself from confines of the denim.

He felt her stiffen as his erection pressed against her thigh. "Sorry 'bout this babe." He grunted as he reached between them and split her underwear, the material tangling on his claws as he ripped it away, leaving no barrier between their bodies.

There was no protest as he continued, positioning himself firmly between her legs and directly at her entrance.

"This is it sweetness." He warned. "Ya might wanna brace yaself…" he'd not even finished as the sting of his hair being pulled by the roots made him wince. Layla's hands had knotted themselves in him hair as she readied herself for penetration.

"Jesus Layla! It aint gonna hurt that much. Loosen up on tha grip huh?"

"Sorry…" she whimpered as she untangled her fingers from his hair and instead opted to almost strangle him.

"Will you count down please?" she asked from under him, her head resting against him neck as he propped himself over her.

"From ten?" he smirked.

"Not funny Vic. No, just from three." She mumbled. He grunted in agreement.

He'd waited along time for that moment. The moment she'd finally be his, and he was dead set on letting her have her own way, even if it killed him to allow so.

"Three…" the moment he spoke, she tensed, causing him to pause.

"Ya know, it don't hurt nowhere near that much if ya don't fuckin' tense up Lay…" Victor growled in aggravation.

"I'm sorry." She whimpered again. "I just keep thinking about how much it's gonna hurt…"

Victor's extremely short fuse was finally reaching its end and he was only a thought away from full blown raping the girl…
Sucking in a deep breath between gritted teeth, he stalled himself long enough to try and distract Layla. With hunger, he kissed her again and allowed one hand to stray down her body, intent on settling her one way, or another.

"Relax." He growled against her lips as his hand moved down to the junction between her legs.

"Your claws!" she gulped, feeling skilled fingers begin to massage untouched flesh.

"I been doin' this fer years Layla. I think I know how ta do it without cuttin' ya by now."

His kiss swallowed her first strong moan, swiftly followed by many others. Her body ached and twisted as Creed stroked and pawed her into a feverish mess. He brought her to the edge, manipulating her until her body burned and the ache between her legs became too much to bear.

Her body's reactions made Victor's chest swell with pride. It really was true, she really did want him. His mind began to swirl at the prospect of everything he'd planned coming true. She was his, and it was time to finalize it all.

Layla groaned and whimpered as his fingers left her and she tried in vein to buck against his retreating hand.

"I got something far better fer ya now Layla…" he purred as he entered her roughly.

The sudden intrusion shocked Layla out of her lust stricken state and she drew back, inhaling deeply as she filled her lungs to scream. However, she only managed a squeak, as Victor's hand clamped shut over her mouth and he began to hush her. Tears began to blur her vision as she felt the sticky sensation of what could only be blood, drip from between her legs.

Victor hushed her best he could, but needless to say, he wasn't the sensitive type. He mentally kicked himself for not holding back a little more than he had as he pushed into her. He'd thought that getting it over quickly was the best way to do it, much like killing someone. But obviously, from Layla's reaction, he'd miscalculated. He'd felt her tear too. No wonder she'd almost screamed and then began to sob her heart out under him.

Removing his hand from her mouth, he tired to comfort her.

"Layla? Layla, listen ta me. It's ok. Its ok darlin', I told ya it'd hurt didn't I? It's normal."

Layla continued to cry. "No! You lied! You said you'd count down!" she sobbed.

"It coulda been worse babe. But it's all over now, it's only gonna get better from here." He reassured her gruffly as he cupped her face and kissed her sweat covered forehead. Layla continued to sniff and pout. Her eyes were puffy and her face felt sticky and wet. The ache in her lower body was still there and still burning but the feeling of having someone actually inside her body felt far too weird for her to want to acknowledge.

"Victor…" she finally sniffed. The sobs had quickly faded, but like the sting from between her legs, although she cringed as she continued to feel the bleed.

"What is it Lay?" if her mind hadn't been so fucking messed up at that moment in time, Layla would have swore she hear concern in Victor's voice.

She reached up and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "My legs are cramping…."

Victor Creed, not being the average build of a man and with a waist Layla couldn't even get her arms all the way around, was being cradled by her legs and stretching them further than Layla even knew she could stretch them. He grunted some form of apology and grabbed hold of her shoulders again, before rolling and pulling himself up to lean against the sofa, with Layla facing him in his lap. The movement seemed to drive him further into her and stoke the fire in her abdomen. It caused her to gasp and clutch at him.

"Better?" he grinned lazily. Layla's head lolled clumsily around on her neck as she tried to nod.

"Good." Victor chuckled. His hand grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her forward into a hard, rough kiss while his hips bucked. Her inner muscles squeezed and tightened around him, making his head swim with pleasure.

"Victor!" Layla panted as she pulled away, her hands clawing helplessly at his chest. "I…I don't…know what to….do…" she gasped.

"Just let go." He growled and bit at her neck and shoulder.

Like everything else, Layla caught on quickly and the pairs coupling grew heated quickly. Claws extended absently and Victor found himself having to claw the sofa cushions behind his head in order to keep from hurting Layla any further.

When Layla's first orgasm broke, it took her breath away and peppered her vision with stars. She collapsed forward against Victor's chest and whimpered as he continued to drive hard into her until he eventually came with a hiss and strangled roar that almost choked him.