It was all a moment's rush. Moving from a little town called Stratford to Atlanta. But now moving all the way to NYC; I couldn't believe it. Hey, names Justin Drew, Justin Drew Bieber. I'm the heartthrob of this century and all the girls would die for me. I'm at 16 year old boy and I'm proud to say that.

"Bye Justin, I'll miss you." Caitlin hugged me goodbye and then it was time to say goodbye to my little bra Christian. We did our handshake and then gave each other a hug. He was one of my four best friends and I was going to miss him the most.

"Justin! Hurry! We'll be late for our flight!" my mom called from the limo. I hugged both of them one more time before going to the car. My mom and I waved and slipped in. "Don't worry, Justin. You'll see them soon."


It was the first day of summer and it would be another boring summer. I know for a fact. Nothing happens in NYC, ever. I made my way up the street from school when a limo drove passed. I looked at it in awe as it stopped in front of my apartment. Out stepped a beautiful brown hair boy. He was dressed in all black with purple shoes and a purple hat. I decided to go introduce myself since it was the neighborly thing to do.

"Hi I'm Violet." I smiled. He took of his glasses looking at me.

"Justin." He shook my hand. Wait a second. I knew that voice, name and look.

"Wait a second," I pulled my hand away in disgust. "You're Justin Bieber." I sneered the name as if it had a bitter taste.

"Yeah, I am." He frowned. He didn't look to happy and suddenly a feeling rushed through me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." I apologized feeling guilty.

"I'm guessing you're not a fan." he raised an eye brow.

"I like your music." I shrugged.

"but you don't like me." he finished.

"I don't know you so I can't like or dislike. Here let me help." I grabbed a few of his bags while he grabbed the others. His mother stayed behind waiting for the truck.


This girl was beautiful. She had long black hair with blue eyes and a smile that could make your heart pound. Woah, Justin. You're loyal to your guitar you can't like this girl.

"So, why come to New York City?" Violet asked.

"My label company." I answered tossing the bags onto the floor.

"Oh," of course she didn't understand. No one understood me. Bitches.