This place had its blessings to go along with the innumerable curses. It had been years since anyone had spoken to Moira as though she were anything more than a crazy person. True, Bill and, to a lesser extent Charlie, still did that but Joe and Janet treated her as an equal, respecting and recognizing her peculiar and specific skills and knowledge.

Graham was becoming a friend. He was quiet, but when he spoke, his words had meaning, something to be treasured after the constant, non-sensical babble at the hospital. He was even teaching her something about his faith and she, in turn, was giving him piano lessons…there wasn't a lot to do.

And then there was Tori.

Moira could honestly say she'd never met anyone quite like Tori before. The blond clearly came from a privileged background, had never wanted for anything. From what little she had said about her father, the ambassador, it was clear Tori had rebelled against his strict nature and become something of a party girl.

But despite their disparities, she and Tori had bonded, though the butterfly incident had caused a brief estrangement. Tori reminded her of that butterfly. Beautiful and caged.

She wondered what that made her.

However things turned out, meeting these people, meeting Tori almost made all of this…new kind of crazy worth it.