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As I got tired from writing, I stopped, but I wanted to try the lemon a little, so maybe the next one...Besides, it ended as such a cliffhanger...I don't like that!

Pairing: Heiwajima Shizuo x Ryuugamine Mikado (How long it took me to know how to write Shizuo's other name correctly...¬¬;)

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If I did, I think most of the male characters would be a little...whorish, as I want a lot of pairings xD

(Strangely enough I don't like Simon, Shinra, Togusa or Walker in a malexmale relationship much. And I love ShizuoxCelty a lot too...)

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So, like, today, suddenly, while I was having breakfast, this idea came to my mind and developed while on the shower. Besides, it's not a common pairing at all, so I was kind of excited about writing about them, although I was expecting another Kida x Mikado story.



"S-Sorry, sorry, I-I'm so sorry… I-I-I wasn't looking in front of me, I'm so sorry!"-Mikado stuttered, without taking off his eyes from the ground, fact that kept him from noticing who he had just bumped into.

Fortunately, Heiwajima Shizuo was that day in a good mood, or at least it looked like that, as he just looked down with a little smile at the boy, who suddenly recognized the bartender outfit and lifted up his face with a slightly scared face.

Shizuo couldn't do anything but chuckle in his low voice at the sight and Mikado blushed slightly.

"Ah, I recognize you now…You're that little, flat chested, shy girl with the unpronounceable name that follows that yellow brat, Kida, around!"-said Shizuo, obviously proud of himself for having remembered someone.

"Heiwajima-san, I'm no girl! I'm Ryuugamine Mikado and I'm a full fledged boy!"-wanted to shout Mikado, but it only came as an embarrassed line said in a rather soft voice. He had nothing to say about his name, though.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever…Are you sure?" –said back Shizuo while raising a brow with a wondering face.

"Yeah, of course!"-answered back Mikado in a louder voice.

"Okay, okay, no need to get like that…"-Shizuo sighed-"Where are you going?"

"Eh? Ah, I was thinking of having a walk around the town for today. Masaomi is busy helping some classmate with a school project so I'm alone for today"-said Mikado, smiling sweetly yet a lit bit lonely.

"Hmm…'That so..."

Mikado didn't know what else to say. The man in front of him stood there like a tower, looming over him, watching him closely with some curiosity reflected in his eyes, but did not talk anymore, so he bowed his head a little and kept walking.

Who knew that the same man he wanted to left behind would follow him...

"I'll accompany you for a while. I'm off work today, and although I'm happy, I'm a little bored as well."

Mikad looked at him as the man got himself beside him and started walking as well. The problem was, after not so many steps, the difference in the length of their legs became obvious, as Mikado had to skip a little to keep up with the older man's rhythm.

Said man seemed to notice, as he suddenly slowed down, even allowing the boy a minute to catch his breath. The man looked from above down to the reddening boy's face because of the effort and couldn't help feeling that he was indeed as cute as a real girl. He had a well shaped face, with big, round eyes that were the colour of the sky in mid-summer, which was quite uncommon, and pale and fragile-looking skin.

This last thought made him smirk sadly, thinking how that skin could be easily turned purple, black or red by his stupid strength any moment of anger and insanity and stepped a little further away from him. However, the boy didn't seem to be an expert at reading minds and repositioned himself at the same distance as before.

The silence in which they were walking didn't bother either of them. Shizuo knew the boy was not a chatterbox and Mikado somehow assumed the older man was a person who liked to hear his own thoughts, even while walking on the buzzing streets of Ikebukuro. What's more, not having a lot in common to talk about, they appreciated it in some way.


A sudden movement in which Mikado was lifted up from the ground took him out of his thinking.

Before he knew it, he was resting on top of Shizuo's arm, leaning against his chest, eyes wide with surprise and terror as he watched the car that almost had run over him at the cross road honk at him.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, HUH? ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU WANT TO DIE THAT BADLY?"-shouted Shizuo while still holding him in his arms, a vein popping out in his neck already.

Mikado could only shiver, shut his eyes into fine lines and clutch onto the man's white shirt and black vest at the shouting and the event while the rest of people retreated some meters.

One car and a truck.

The blond suddenly regained part of his consciousness and felt the trembling. Strangely enough, he calmed down quite a lot, but didn't let the boy go.

A bike and two more cars.

Slowly, Mikado opened his eyes again and stopped shivering after a while. Then, after some time, he calmed himself down completely.

"Ne, would you put me down, please?"-he asked with a soft, almost inaudible voice.-"It's a little embarrassing…"-he blushed.

Another car and a bicycle.

"No. No way. I'm not letting you repeat that same scene again. Besides, it's easier this way. Other way I'll have to force myself to take little steps so you can keep up with me and I'll end up losing my patience."


["You were the one who decided to accompany me…! You don't even know where I'm headed or where I live…"]-thought Mikado, not having enough courage to speak his mind.

Another truck and…


The blond perked up suddenly at the sight of his natural born enemy, who, for once in his whole life, hadn't looked for an encounter with the beast-like man, as he was listening to music and having a walk around town. However, at the sound of his name, he looked up to a very interesting sight.

["Shizu-chan carrying Ryuugamine-kun almost like a bride in the middle of Ikebukuro? Now, that's interesting, not this popular singer I'm checking out!...Not that I have the time either, because I'm meeting a client in 30 minutes…What to do, what to do? Damn…It had to be today of all days! How Shizzy-chan-like, to annoy me in every possible way without knowing it!"]

Fortunately for him, the light kept red all the time (A/N: yes, it was a very annoying and long red light!), so he started to walk away, not before sticking out his tongue at Shizuo, of course.

Said man was surprisingly respectful with traffic lights even in his beast mode, since once he had been run over by a truck, so he attemped to throw at Izaya something from the other side of the road.

What he did have forgotten was that he still had Mikado in his arms until he started to lift him up and Mikado shouted.

He snapped back and looked surprised at the boy. Partially because he couldn't believe he almost threw an innocent and frail person over like a vending machine, but mostly because he had snapped back as easily as that with the boy's help, thing that happened scarcely even when Celty was around.

Mikado held on tighter at the man's clothes, and when both looked up again, Izaya was long time gone.

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