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Mikado woke to the warmth of the morning rays on his face. He slowly turned over in bed and stretched out like a lazy cat. When he opened his eyes he could feel his head begin to pound with an ungodly force.

'This must be what they call a hangover' he thought to himself.

But even the thought of thinking to himself made his head pound harder and to add insult to injury, his backside was also hurting…badly. He heard something being placed on the nightstand and it made him groan in pain.

"Aspirin, to make your…aches and pains go away" he heard Shizuo say softly.

"Oh god, Shizuo-kun, why does it hurt so much?" Mikado said pitifully.

"Hn. You must have not had a drink in your entire life to get a hangover after drinking so little alcohol" Shizuo said with a chuckle "and the rest, well let's just sum it up to me being a very thorough lover" He added with a smug smirk.

"Shut up jerk!" Mikado shouted then winced in pain as he unintentionally made his head ache worse.

Mikado gingerly sat up in bed, due to the pain in his backside, and reached for the aspirin and water on the night stand. He quickly gulped down the pills and sighed in relief as he could already feel some of his pain go away. He glanced over at Shizuo to see him still smirking. He sent him his most deadly glare but it only made him look like a sulking kitten. Shizuo leaned over and placed a gentle kiss to his fore head. Mikado turned his head away to try and, unsuccessfully, hid his growing blush. It was then that he noticed the time.

'Hmmm, it's already 8:50' Mikado thought.

"Oh my god! It's 8:50! I'm late for school!" Mikado yelled while starting to freak out.

"Relax Mikado" Shizuo said "I called Kida and told him to tell the school that you had the flu and won't be coming in today" He said with irritation.

"What? You told Kida-kun? What did he say?" Mikado said with concern "Oh no, I can see it now! He is going to start some outrageous rumor about us now" he finished with a defeated sigh.

"What does it matter if he starts some rumors, they will most likely be true by the end of the day anyway" Shizuo said with a perverted leer.

"W-wait Shizuo-kun! My backside still hurts!" Mikado said as Shizuo started to push him down and nibble on his neck.

"Hmm? Don't worry Mikado, once you do it often enough it will stop hurting" Shizuo said "besides, it's been 5 hours since the last time I was in you, it's been entirely too long"

"Haa haa, S-Shizuo!~" Mikado moaned loudly.

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*~*~With Kida-kun!~*~*

'I can't believe Mikado is with that guy" Ithought to myself as I sat at my morning class.

"Psst, Masaomi-san, where is Mikado-kun?" Anri whispered to me.

"He is sick with the flu" I whispered back with a large smile "I think I'm going to skip classes today and go check on him" I said as I rose from my chair and began to walk out of the class room but Sensei called out to me.

"Masaomi-san, where are you going?" He asked me.

"I'm going to see the nurse, I feel rather ill" I replied back with a fake sick face.

"I see, well, go on then" he dismissed me with a wave of his hand.

As soon as I was safely down the hall I broke out into a run and headed to Mikado's flat. When I finally got to his there I began pounding on his door. I was aggravated when I received no answer.

"Mikado-chan is not home" a voice said from behind me.

I whipped around to come face to face with Orihara Izaya. He was smirking at me in a way that made an uneasy feeling settle in the pit of my stomach. He began to move towards me and I began to move away from him when I felt the door at my back. He slammed his hands on either side of my face and leaned in close to my ear. I could feel his warm, moist breath on the shell of my ear and it made a shiver go down my spine.

"I can see how jealous you are that he is with Shizuo" he said "I am a little jealous myself. He is quite the prize to be had you know, for a human" he began to lick and nibble the sensitive part on my neck making me moan.

"Hnnn, h-he's not an object asshole" I said with as much venom as I could.

"My apologies, Kida-kun" he chuckled against my skin "would you like to be my prize instead?"

"S-shut up!" I yelled.

Izaya suddenly pushed my whole body against the door and began to grind our hips together. His hands made quick work on the buttons on my uniform and his fingers quickly found my sensitive nipples. Izaya was playing my body like he had been doing it for years. He was drawing the most embarrassing moans from my lips and it made me sound like a cheap whore. Then I felt a slight prick on my neck and my vision began to blur.

"You don't have to worry, I will be gentle" was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

*~*~with Mikado-chaaaan~*~*

"Oooouch! 'Once you do it often enough it won't hurt' he says! What a load a bull!" I yelled to myself as I limped back to my flat. "I can't believe I missed a whole entire day of school! I'm never going to hear the end of it from Kida-kun" I pouted.

After twenty minutes of limping and strange stares from people I finally made it to my flat. I hastily opened my door and went inside not wanting to spend anymore outside. All I wanted to do was go soak in a nice warm bath and sleep for about three days. Of course that was all blown out the window when I saw Orihara Izaya sitting on my sofa. He looked disheveled and slightly flushed, like he had run a mile in the wind.

"Ahhh, Mikado-chan I was wondering when you would be coming home" He said with his forced smile "I see you had a good time with Shizuo."

"S-shut up! What are you doing in my flat?" I yelled.

"Relax, you are one of the few humans I like so I won't do anything to harm you" he said as he slowly stood up and began to move towards me.

"Y-you didn't answer m-my question" I stuttered as panic ran through my veins.

"My, my, I didn't, did I?" He said with a low chuckle "Why, I came to collect you of course."

"Like hell you are going to collect me!" I yelled as I tried to fight him off.

Izaya lunged at me and grabbed my arm. I tried to fight him off as best as I could but I was sore all over my body. 'Damn Shizuo for being too rough with me!' I yelled in my head. I finally got the upper hand when I was able to elbow him in the stomach. He loosened his grip on me enough to make a break for the door. I threw open the door and ran as fast as I could. The adrenalin going through me made me run faster despite my pains. I was hoping to get to Shizuo's flat before Izaya could catch up with me. Then it hit me. 'My phone! Shizuo gave me his number cuz he was going to call me later!' I felt relief flood through me. I fumbled in my pocket for my phone and quickly went through my list. I brought it to my ear and felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness as Shizuo picked up on the other line.

"Mikado, I thought I said I was going to call you later" He said coolly.

"S-Shizuo! Izaya is after me! He said he wants to collect me!" I yelled. "I managed to get away and I'm heading over to your flat right now. Please help me, I feel so scared!" I choked out the last part.

"Mikado, where are you? I'm on my way to meet you" Shizuo said.

"I'm-" but I couldn't finish my sentence because something hit me from the side and knocked my phone from my hand.

"Sorry, Mikado, but I can't have you spoiling my plans." Izaya said and I felt something prick the side of my neck.

"No! Stop!" I began to thrash around and Izaya held me down. Soon, I could feel my limbs become heavier and my eye sight became cloudy. "W-what d-did you do t-to me" I slurred out.

"Just a little something that will ensure our fun later." I heard him say before I blacked out.


"Hmmm? What's this? Ahhh, must be Mikado's cell" I said to myself as I picked it up. I could hear yelling coming from the other end.

"Helloooo?" I said with a happy smile.

"Izaya! You little shit! What have you done to Mikado?" I hear Shizuo yell at me.

"Ahhh, I see, Mikado-chan made contact with you after all" I said happily "Well, at least that saves me the trouble of finding you later!" I held the phone away from my ear as more shouting ensured. 'Honestly, doesn't this human do anything else other than yell and scream?'

"Are you quite finished yet?" I asked and I heard a growl on the other end "Hn, I guess not. Well, before you start yelling again let me tell you that I will take good care of Mikado-chan! Don't worry, it will be his pleasure to be with me" I said suggestively "If you want to join the fun you have to find us~"

I clicked the phone off and waited.


"Oh my, I didn't know he was that close" I smiled "Let's go Mikado-chan, we have lots to set up before the fun really begins" I said as I picked him up bridal style and headed off.

*~*~With Shizuo~*~*

"That flea better not touch Mikado" I grumbled angrily to myself as I watched some people fell over themselves to get out of my way. They all know now that they should get out of my way when I'm angry. I felt like I had looked everywhere. I started off with his flat, then empty flats and after that, I began to search empty buildings. It was almost eight at night by the time I came to the last empty building. I kicked open the heavy metal doors and ran inside. I knew I was in the right place because I saw Mikado's book bag in the floor.

"Izaya! Where the hell are you!" I yelled angrily.

I heard moaning coming from a door on the upper level of the building. Anger flooded through me as I ran up rusted stairs. As I threw open the doors I got shocked at the sight before me. Kida was there with his legs wide open moaning with a vibrator in his ass. (B/N: Come on, people, who wouldn't stare at that! x3)(A/N: Yeah, you're not human if you don't *smug smile*) As I looked more closely, I noticed that his hands were tied to the wall behind him. I was so shocked that I never heard someone behind me until it was too late. There was a prick on my neck and I instantly fell to my knees. I jerked my head to look behind me to see a smirking flea.

"You bastard! What did you stick me with?" I yelled.

"Just a strong dose of an aphrodisiac" he chuckled as he walked closer to me.

I could feel the drug work its way through my veins and spiking my arousal. It began to dull my senses and my vision began to haze over. I could feel myself being pushed to my back and my clothes being taken off. I looked down to see a smirking Izaya unbuckling my belt. The drug must have messes with my head because all I could think of was those smirking lips around my hard hot member sucking me like Mikado did earlier that day. Once my pants were gone I reached out and grabbed Izaya's hair and pulled him down to my hard member.

"Suck it" I commanded.

He chuckled against it and took me into his mouth. I gave a husky moan and let my head fall back to the floor. His mouth felt so good around my engorged length that I wanted more. I quickly sat up and grabbed his shoulder and threw him face first on the ground. I spit on my hand and slicked up my member. Once I felt it was good and slick I shoved it in his entrance. Once I was fully inside him I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"You need to be punished for sticking me with some drug" I said.

"Oh yea, punish me Shizuo" he moaned.

"Hnnnn, yea, moan my name bitch" I said.

I started to thrust hard and fast into him. I was probably making him bleed but I didn't care and I could tell he didn't either. I could feel that I hit his prostrate. He squeezed tightly around me and it made him arch his back like a whore. I could feel my end drawing near so I began to thrust faster. I grabbed Izaya's hair and pulled him up on his knees. This new angle made him give me a high keening noise that pushed me over the edge. I came in his quivering entrance but I quickly growled in frustration as my hardness didn't go away. I noticed that he hadn't come so I pulled him up and pushed him into the wall. I made him wrap his legs around me as I pounded him into the wall. I leaned forward and bit his neck hard to stop one of my louder moans. I felt him wrap his arms around my back and drag his nails across my back. He began to move with me now, bringing us both to orgasm. I pulled out of him and let him slide to the floor.

"I can see why Mikado-chan likes you so much" Izaya panted out "You are quite talented"

"Shut the hell up" I growled. I heard a moan come from behind us and it was then I remembered that Kida had also been here. Why the hell was he here anyway?

"Kida-kun is my new pet" I heard Izaya say.

"If you have Kida, why the hell did you take Mikado" I said.

"Because I wanted to have a party of course" He said with a smile "My poor Kida-kun, I haven't played with you in a while, have I?" Kida moaned as an answer.

"I love the effect the aphrodisiac has on him" Izaya said happily "he just turns into a trembling pile of moaning goo! Don't you want to play with him Shizuo? I know I do" he crawled over to where Kida was.

He grabbed the vibrator and moved it in and out of Kida. Watching them made me hard again I made my way over to them and kneeled down and untied Kida's hands. Once his hands were untied he looked over to me with glazed eyes. I leaned down and began to suck on one of his nipples. He began to moan louder and louder. Soon he was flipped over on his hands and knees by Izaya. He began to push slowly into Kida making him moan. I used the opportunity to slip my member into his opened mouth. All of us soon got into a smooth rhythm. All of us were moving together like we had been doing this for years. Kida was very talented with his mouth, Izaya probably made sure he was well versed in oral pleasure. It wasn't long before all of us were cuming. Izaya was first; he was starting to thrust harder until he came which made Kida cum, and his moaning around my sensitive flesh made me cum for the third time.

As me and Izaya pulled out of Kida, he fell to the floor, panting and exhausted. I looked over to Izaya to see a pleased smile on his face. He reached out and ran his fingers through Kida's hair. He picked him up and carried him over to a pile of soft looking sheets that I never noticed before. He gently placed him on them and folded up some extra blankets and made a make shift pillow for him. Then he wrapped an extra blanket around his naked body.

"You did good, pet" I heard him say to Kida "You can rest now" (B/N: Random fluff moment? O3o;)

"Shall we go to Mikado-chan now?" Izaya turned to ask me "I think you will be quite pleased when you see him"

"Shut up and take me to him" I growled out.

He chuckled as he walked past me to the door. I followed him out and up another flight of stairs he walked down a corridor then pushed open one of the many doors. Inside was a large four poster bed with Mikado in the middle. I rushed over to his side to notice him fast asleep. I put my hand on his shoulder and I felt a shiver run through him and a slight moan escape from his soft lips. His eyes began to flutter open and he looked over to me with glazed eyes. He reached his arms out and placed them around my neck. He pulled me down until I was almost on top of him.

"S-Shizuoooo" he moaned out "I feel so hot, please make it stop"

His lust filled voice sent a shiver down my spine and made my already hard length throb with need. I grabbed the back of his head and gently molded our mouths together in a kiss. I felt him wrap his legs around my waist and begin to grind against me. It was then that I noticed that he was also naked. I growled deep in my chest and began to nip down his neck to his nipples.

"Oh god, Shizuo! It feels so good!" he moaned out "More, give me more"

"Yea, Shizuo, let's give him more" I heard Izaya say from behind me "turn him over on his hands and knees"

My brain must have been on auto pilot because I actually did what the annoying flea told me to do. I watched with bated breath as Izaya moved to Mikado's face. He rubbed the tip of his cock on Mikado's lips, smearing them with his pre-cum. Mikado gave a hesitant lick to his tip and a slow smirk appeared on Izaya's stupid face. The flea seemed to remember something, since he leaned over to the night stand and pulled some lube from the drawer. He tossed it to me and resumed his position in front of Mikado's face.

"Do you want to suck me off, Mikado-chan?" He asked him.

"Yes, I want to taste you on my lips" He moaned back.

Mikado then moved forward and took Izaya into his mouth. He seemed to like how he tasted because he gave the most needy moans I have ever heard from him. He bobbed his head a few times then came off, a string of pre-cum connecting his lips to Izaya's cock.

"Mnnn, you taste so good Izaya" Mikado moaned.

He then went to lick the underside of Izaya's cock. He traced the vein with his tongue, then circled the tip as well. He hands began to fondle his sack as well. Watching Mikado and the flea play was beginning to be too painful. I uncapped the lube Izaya gave me and spread it over my fingers. As soon as I stuck my first finger in his puckered entrance, Mikado moaned loudly and began to fuck himself on my finger. Having him so relaxed made the stretching process much easier. I soon had three fingers inside of him and found his prostrate. I had never seen Mikado so wild before. He was bobbing his head fast on Izaya's cock while fucking himself hard on my fingers, all the while moaning lewdly and fisting himself and I couldn't take it anymore.

"I think he is ready for you, Shizuo" I heard the flea say.

I quickly lubed up my cock and wasted no time in pushing into Mikado. I began a fast pace making sure to hit his prostrate every time, while Izaya, at the same time, grabbed Mikado's hair and began to thrust into his mouth. Mikado was eagerly meeting both of our thrusts and moaning in appreciation from both of our combined attention. I was almost at my limit, just a few more thrusts and I would reach my limit. I began to pound into him more franticly until I could feel the tug of my orgasm. As if sensing that it was my last orgasm of the night, Izaya didn't miss a beat. He pulled out of Mikado's mouth making him groan out in protest.

"Ride me, Mikado-chan" Izaya panted out.

"Oh god, yesss" Mikado hissed out.

Mikado crawled onto Izaya's lap and slammed himself onto his cock. Mikado threw his head back and screamed as he slammed himself down over and over again. Izaya had grabbed onto his hips and was helping him move while meeting his thrusts. Mikado soon became too tired and pleasure filled to move properly, so Izaya pushed him on his back. I then watched as Izaya hooked Mikado's legs over his shoulders and continued to pound into him.

"Oh yea, Mikado-chan, you are squeezing me so good" Izaya said.

"Haa, haa… Nnnnn! I-Izaya I'm cuming!" Mikado yelled.

"Nnnn, me too" Izaya said.

I watched as both of them came, Mikado first, he threw his head back and screamed. Izaya came shortly after, he muffled his cry by biting Mikado's shoulder. Izaya pulled out of Mikado slowly and gently placed him next to me. He then got up and walked out of the room. He came back in shortly after carrying Kida with him. Izaya placed the still sleeping Kida next to the now slumbering Mikado. The flea settled next to his recently dubbed pet and pulled a cover over us. I didn't mind much sleeping in the same bed as the flea seeing as how there was plenty of space. I pulled Mikado close to me and I noticed that Izaya did the same to Kida.

"Why are you being so nice to Kida?" I said "you are not the kind of person to care for us mere humans"

"I take care of what's mine" was the only answer I got from him as he settled in for sleep.

I figured tomorrow I can kick that flea's ass for kidnapping Mikado. Right now I was much too tired to care.

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