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This will eventually have slash, Ron and Hermione bashing, though they may get over themselves eventually... it deviates from canon greatly though most of the events still happen up until year three or four...

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Harry woke slowly, relishing the heat that surrounded him. He was always cold and despite the warm weather he could never get warm. His blankets at the Dursley's were always thin and threadbare and when he was at school he never had time to relish in just being warm.

He rumbled in contentment as he stretched everything all at once, from the tips of his fingers to his toes. He stumbled to his feet, he shook himself before turning in a circle and curling up on his other side.

The low rumble of a purr lulled him back to sleep.

Lately, though, it hadn't been out of the ordinary since Crookshanks had taken to sleeping with him most nights.

x X x

The next time Harry woke he was flying through the air.

How had that happened?

Then the high pitched screeching reached his sensitive ears,

'Get away from my precious kitty!'

Then a foot came at him and he tried to dodge it but he was caught up in his own legs, there were too many of them, and the foot caught him in his ribs sending him through the air again.

Harry landed with a squawk and the stones bit into his flesh, even through the fur.


'That retched beast is probably ridden with fleas and diseases,' the voice that Harry vaguely recognized suddenly gave a pained howl.

A ball of ginger fur was landed near Harry and positioned itself over Harry, hissing and growling at the human.


He spell was cut off by a smooth and too calm,

'Miss Granger, surely not,'

Harry had never been so glad to Professor Snape in his life, maybe that one time when Snape had been shirtless...

They, Harry and Snape, had managed to sort out their difference with a long night of talking –yelling- things out, while they weren't exactly friends, they weren't at each other's throats like they had been.

'Professor?' Hermione actually looked afraid of the older man as she held her wand behind her back.

'Really, I would have thought you would have had more sense than that,' he drawled, '75 points from Gryffindor, for the abuse of animals and mishandling of your familiar and for disrespecting your professor. You'll also have detention for two months with Filch,' he stated.

Hermione looked like she was going to protest or argue or something but the growling that came from her own cat behind her had her keeping silent.

'I suggest you leave the feline alone,' Snape stated when she reached for Crookshanks, who was poised to attack.

Hermione finally looked at her cat, and was surprised to see his fur had bristled making him appear even larger than he was and his ears were back and his teeth were bared as he stood over the small white and black injured kitten that was huddled under him.

All of the colour drained from her face as she realized what had happened, what she had done. She covered her mouth with a hand before fleeing into the castle.

Snape sighed and looked around; making sure no one was watching him.

The ginger ball relaxed slightly when Hermione had run off but was still protective of the small kitten under him.

Snape thought it odd behaviour for the half kneazle but shrugged mentally. There was no explaining the behaviour of some animals.

'Relax friend, I only want to help the little one, he looks like he's hurt,' Snape said softly as he crouched in front of the cat, holding his hand out for Crookshanks to sniff.

The ginger cat gave the dark man a hard look, studying him before revealing the small, injured kitten he had been protecting.

Snape was gentle in his examination of the small kitten, he now knew why Granger had been so violent with the kitten, it was no excuse, but for someone who hadn't ever seen a full blooded Kneazle it was a bit of a shock. They were actually quite cute, they had little tufts of fur on the tips of their ear and they looked like miniature lions with bushy manes and short body fur. Even their two tails had a tuft of fur on the end.

Though at the moment, Harry didn't have the full mane that a full Kneazle had.

'I don't have anything for him on me, but I can help him in my lab,' Snape spoke like he was talking to a person as he spoke to the large orange cat.

Harry let Snape gently pet him, enjoying the massage, that was, of course, until Snape hit a very sore spot and he lashed out at the hand.

Harry flinched, he knew that Snape was only trying to help but it had hurt!

'I'm sorry little one,' Snape soothed, Harry gave a pitiful meow, and Crookshanks had batted at Snape's hand, as if he wanted to say, "fine, help him" but there was also a low growl that told Severus he better not hurt the poor kitten anymore than he already was.

'I only want to help,' Severus repeated, as he carefully picked up the kitten and wrapped him in a large handkerchief to keep him warm.

If anyone thought that the well known Gryffindor feline was following the surly potions master they didn't say anything about it.

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