'I don't remember you ever making a promise like that,' Harry offered, pressing himself against Severus, hoping he didn't sound as desperate as he thought he did.

'It must have been in my head then,' Severus replied with an air of put upon thoughtfulness.

'Must have been,' Harry agreed, shifting so he could straddle Severus' lap.

'So what do you say to an early night,' he asked, nuzzling Severus' throat, causing him to moan.

It took all of Severus' strength to push Harry-Kit away.

'However, we will take it slow and I will not rush you. If you do not want to do something, I will not push you into doing so, you only have to say so.'

'But Sev,' even Harry winced at the whine in his voice. He took a breath and tried again, 'but Sev, please. I want you, all of you, I can't wait to feel you stretch me. I want to feel that burn, it'll be so much better than the toys,' he finished with a smirk and a blush.

Severus raised an eyebrow, 'toys?'

Harry-Kit gave an unrepentant grin as he nodded, 'toys,' he repeated before he launched an assault on Severus jaw and throat.

Severus stood, gripping Harry's arse and causing Harry to tighten his hold on Severus and wrap his legs abound the taller man's waist.

They made it to the bedroom with little trouble and Severus dropped Harry on to the bed.

Harry-Kit bounced and scrambled away from the edge, watching Severus as he slowly undid his charcoal grey oxford shirt.

Harry loved the fact that when they were alone, Severus often shed his heavy teaching robes, leaving the older man in an oxford shirt (usually black) and black trousers with bare feet.

Severus left the shirt on, but opened and stepped from his trousers and shoes, leaving it all in a pile on the floor.

He kneeled on the bed and gently pulled off Harry's lounge pants that he preferred when he was in Snape's rooms.

Severus tossed the pants to the floor blindly as he crawled up the bed to cover Harry.

'Sev, please,' Harry-Kit, pleaded softly. He had no idea what he wanted but he knew he needed Severus to do something. Anything!

'Patience, my Kit,' he said softly, as he peppered kisses over Harry's face and neck.

Harry keened and grasped at Severus' shirt, tilting his head back to give Severus' more room.

Electricity shot through Harry-Kit as the older man brushed his cloth covered erection against Harry's and the half-Kneazle's tails wrapped around Severus' waist along with his legs bringing their erections together.

'Please,' Harry whimpered, trying to get to whatever skin he could get to.

Severus reached up and gently massaged one of Harry's ears, 'hush, Kit,' he murmured softly and Harry-Kit began to purr. The sound went right to Severus' cock.

'Let me do this my way,' Severus requested, 'all you need to do is lie back and feel,' he instructed, 'feel my hands on your beautiful body, feel my mouth on your delicious skin,' he licked and nipped at Harry's shoulder, 'just... feel,' he finished as his hands roamed Harry's soft flesh and his lips, tongue, mouth suckled on Harry's nipples.

The first time Harry thought he would reach his climax, Severus gave his sac a sharp tug to stave off his orgasm, Harry thought he was going to explode... or implode... or kill Severus... or something.

'Please, Sev,' I need to cum,' he pleaded/sobbed after the older man denied him that pleasure for the fourth time.

Severus, the bastard, chuckled! Then he swallowed Harry-Kit whole and the poor sod didn't know what hit him as he arched off the bed before emptying himself into Severus' mouth. Harry collapsed, shaking with the tremors that still shot through his ravaged body. He moaned when Severus pulled his fingers from Harry's hole.

When had that happened?

Harry wanted to see more of Severus despite the fact that the man was now only wearing the oxford shirt.

'Leave it,' Severus commanded, assaulting Harry-Kits mouth.

'But Sev,' Harry-Kit tugged at the shirt, wanting to get it off the man, 'I want to see all of you,'

'You are, and you have,' Severus stated as he kissed his way along Harry's jaw to his neck.

Harry suddenly realised what it was that Severus didn't want Harry to see. He grabbed Severus' left arm and pulled it to him, causing Severus to almost topple over, and he pushed up the sleeve to reveal the faded mark of a mad man. Before Severus could react, Harry licked his forearm where the dark mark was in one broad stroke of his tongue.

'I don't care about this, you got it but you've also atoned for it. You're a good man Severus Snape, and you made one mistake because you were hurt and angry but you've more than made up for it,' Harry stated heatedly, his fingers idly tracing the skull and snake.

Severus stared down into the young man' under him for a long minute before he leaned down and tenderly kissed him again. He pulled away and leaned back, pulling off the shirt.

Harry grinned, 'I love you,' he said happily, his hands touching whatever part of Severus he could reach: chest, back, arms, forearms, anything.

Severus finally positioned himself at Harry's entrance and dived in for another kiss as he pushed into Harry.

Harry cried out in surprise before pushing back onto the invading member.

It was so different from a toy.

He knew it would be but it was still a surprisingly welcomed shock got Harry.

'Are you okay?' Severus asked; he was poised to push more of himself into Harry's channel, however he was also ready to pull out in case it was too much for his Harry-Kit.

'It burns so good,' Harry managed, and it did, the slow burning stretch and the heat that radiated off Severus cock, 'so good,' he repeated clutching at Severus with everything he could, his internal muscles his hand and legs.

Harry groaned as Severus pushed into him, filling him. Completing him.

'You feel so good,' Harry panted as he rhythmically clinched his muscles around Severus, effectively massaging the older man's erection.

Severus didn't move, afraid he would be finished before he even really started.

They lay tangled and panting for several moments, or rather Severus did. Harry was wriggling about, trying to get Severus to move already.

Severus, however, wouldn't be rushed. He growled as he thrust into Harry and managed to brush against his prostate.

Harry cried out wordlessly as stars blossomed behind his eyes.

Severus gave a few experimental thrusts before he found a rhythm and all too soon Harry cried out half formed words as he coated their chests and stomachs. Severus followed right after, Harry's channel clinching around him, milking his orgasm from him. Severus continued to thrust into Harry as they rode out their orgasms.

Too soon, Severus pulled free of Harry, who moaned at the loss, but let Severus manoeuvre him around so that the older man could spoon behind the younger man.

Severus waved away the mess as they lay together, neither one noticed the soft glow around them.

'Love you,' Harry muttered as he quickly drifted off to sleep.

'And I you,' Severus replied softly, kissing Harry-Kit's temple.


Severus hadn`t ever been woken in such a pleasant manner before.

His hand went to the nest of black hair that was at his crotch and he moaned as Harry began to purr around the length in his mouth, sending vibrations up Severus' spine and through his whole body.

Harry pulled off of Severus' cock with a soft pop before he pulled each of Severus' lightly furred sac into his mouth and then he licked down, giving his perineum a broad lick. He then moved further down and gave a tentative lick to Severus' hole.

'Oh Merlin,' Severus' hips bucked and he pulled his legs back to his chest to give Harry more room.

Harry-Kit grinned as the older man moaned and began to plead with half-formed words.

Harry liked and nipped at Severus' entrance before he slid one finger into the older man.

'Is that okay?' he asked in concern despite the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he wiggled the finger.

'Brat,' Severus didn't whimper, it was a very manly whine.

'What about this?' Harry asked sliding in a second finger.

'GAH!' Severus managed, 'just shove your cock in already!' Severus demanded. The older man didn't normally enjoy bottoming, but he knew that his brat had never gone beyond toys, so he'd never had the experience of being in someone before.

Harry stared at Severus with wide eyes, 'Really?' he asked, his three fingers still moving in Severus.

'Before I change my mind, you irritating imp,' the older man blurted in frustration.

Harry pulled his fingers from Severus' arse and wiped them on the sheets. He moved up to lean over Snape, positioning himself at Severus' entrance.

As Harry pushed into Severus, the older man pulled him down for a kiss.

Severus' moaned into it; he'd forgotten what it was like to be taken.

While he preferred to be the one doing the taking, he figured he could let Harry take him, not often, but for special occasions, like the brat's birthday or on an anniversary.

Harry came first, lasting for only a few thrusts, coating Severus' walls even as he continued to thrust in to the older man.

Severus almost jumped out of his skin as he felt something soft and furry brush against his erection.

The imp was using his tail!

Harry wrapped one of his tails around Severus leaking erection while the other one played across Severus' chest.

Suddenly Severus exploded over both of them as the free tail brushed his nipples.

Harry-Kit finally collapsed onto Severus, his cum covered tails limp beside them.

Severus let his legs fall to the bed as Harry reluctantly pulled himself from his older lover.

Neither one noticed the faint silver and golden glow that surrounded the pair briefly, cementing their bond together.

'We should shower,' Severus suggest, though he made no move to get to the bathroom.

Harry made a humming noise before he stretched up to kiss Severus affectionately.

'Thank you,' he said with a soft smile.

'You're welcome,' Severus replied automatically, 'what are you thanking me for?'

'For letting me top. I much prefer to have you inside me but it's nice to know what it's like to be inside you, and that you won't object to letting me take you every now and again,' Harry replied, snuggling into his older lover's side.

'Yes, well,' Severus blushed, there had been something about being taken by a much younger man that he had enjoyed, 'relish it, because your next opportunity won't be till Christmas.'

Harry gave a loud, joyous laugh, 'that's just fine,' he replied with a grin as he could continued to chuckle, 'I like having you inside me best, anyway,' he offered with a kiss.

Severus moaned, 'As it should be,' he managed as he pulled the man-cat from the bed and carried him to the shower.


Lucius watched as Remus angrily stormed about the room, slamming things onto tabletops and grumbling to himself.

'I had no idea,' he offered from his spot in the doorway. He didn't move for fear of possible projectiles.

Remus glared at Lucius before he sat with his back to the blonde.

Lucius took a tentative step into the room, 'I went over the plans,' he began. He stopped moving when he heard a soft growl coming from Remus.

'I just wanted to say that I don't think a monkey could have done these,' he said softly, almost sadly, 'I believe that these are the work of a very intelligent wolf,' he finished, a touch bit hopeful.

Remus sighed and turned to the blonde, 'I may have over reacted a little,' he offered his own apology as he slumped against the desk behind him.

Lucius quickly closed the distance between them and pulled Remus into his arms, 'I should have asked before I shoved my foot into my mouth,' he countered.

'You do have a peculiar oral fixation,' Remus said, with a small smirk.

Lucius ran his hands down Remus' back and one hand made its way into his trousers, giving Remus' arse a squeeze before the fingers ghosted over his entrance. Remus bucked in surprise, pressing his rapidly hardening erection against Lucius'.

'I've never heard you complain about it,' he smirked as he pushed Remus back onto the desk and quickly stripped the other man of his pants.

'Hold these,' he commented offhandedly as he pressed Remus' knees to his chest, Remus obey before his brain could really process what was going on.

Lucius had him bent practically in half. There was a sweeping tingle and then Lucius had his tongue buried in Remus' arse.

If it hadn't been for the fact that Lucius had one arm wrapped around Remus' waist and the other pulling at his cock, Remus would have ended up on the floor.

Lucius chuckled and the vibrations shot through Remus who exploded over himself. Lucius continued his ministrations to Remus' arse as his rode out his orgasm.

They sat panting for a few minutes, Lucius having found his own release in pleasing Remus.

'I'm still mad at you,' Remus said from his spot, sprawled across his desk.

Lucius gave a put upon sigh, 'well, I tried,' he said as he pulled himself up.

'You can continue trying for another two weeks,' Remus offered, letting Lucius pull him to his feet.

Lucius simply laughed as he pulled Remus to the shower.


Later that night, Severus sat in his office grading essays.

He was startled from his work as Harry came bounding into the room.

'Can we go?' Harry-Kit blurted as he pulled Severus to his feet.

For an eighteen year old, the teenager could be fairly child- like in his exuberance. Though Severus couldn't really fault the young man, knowing how the young man had grown up.

'Where are we going?' Severus asked, putting up a token fight as he was pulled from his office, 'I have marking to do.' He announced feebly.

Remus and Lucius seemed to have made up, judging from the way that Remus was leaning against the blonde, babbling about something.

All Severus could make out was "wolf's bane".

He groaned in frustration; he'd forgotten to make it. He'd been so worried about Harry that he'd lost track of the moon and had forgotten to make it.

He started to apologize but Remus waved him off.

'It's fine, Severus, we don't it anymore now that we've mated,' Remus grinned as Lucius squeezed his arse.

Of course! Severus mentally smacked himself. Mated pairs of werewolves were basically a pair of giant puppy dogs on the full moon. There was something about having their mate that grounded them.

'What's this all about?' he asked as they all headed to the stairs and out of the castle.

'It's the full moon!' Harry announced, practically bouncing.

'So I've surmised,' Severus stated dryly, Harry simply ignored him.

'It's raining,' Remus announced, ignoring Severus.

Severus was sure, had the two been teenage girls they would be jumping and clapping- oh never mind, they were.

Suddenly Harry-Kit grabbed Remus' hand and the pair bolted from the castle, laughing like the crazy loons that they were.

Severus sighed which caused Lucius to chuckle softly.

'Let them play,' the blonde said as he and Severus watched the pair out in the rain.

Either Harry wasn't as big of a Kneazle-Lion that Severus thought or Remus was a big wolf.

The auburn wolf was on its front paws, his arse in the air as the white and black Kneazle-Lion was getting ready to... pounce!

The pair rolled in the mud and rain, tails flailing energetically.

'Come on, Severus, you need to loosen up a little,' Lucius commanded with a grin before he took off running. He was a large blonde wolf in about four steps. He joined the pair in the rain, growling playfully.

Severus sighed and rolled his eyes before he casually walked out into the rain, smoothly becoming a panther as he walked to the group.

He was suddenly attacked by a white and black Kneazle-lion who licked him.


From one of the towers Hermione watched the quartet as they played in the rain.

'Why didn't you tell him you were drugged? He might be more ready to forgive you,' Draco said softly, pulling her into his arms.

Hermione shrugged, but leaned back into the blonde, 'in the beginning I was drugged, but, in the end, when I kicked him, that was who I'd become.'

'What made you change?'

'I realized I was someone I didn't want to be,' she replied sadly.

He tightened his hold on her, 'do you hope he'll forgive you one day?'

She shrugged again, 'I think I'd rather try to start over with him than pick up where we were. He saved me from a troll, I think I want to try without the life threatening situations this time.'

Draco kissed her neck; that sounded like a good plan.

The pair stood in the window and watched as the panther batted at the Kneazle-Lion who was trying to play. The two wolves were curled in on each other.

'They look happy,' she said softly. Draco hummed in agreement.

They did, they looked content, and Draco had never seen his father, who had rolled onto his side letting Remus lie on him, look so content. He vowed to master his transformation by the next full moon.


Harry purred softly as Severus ran his hand through Harry's hair.

Severus was reading out loud from a book. Harry had no idea what book it was, he was just letting Severus' voice roll through him.

'I love you,' he said suddenly, sounding sleepy.

Severus stopped reading and looked down at Harry, 'I thought you were asleep,' he said, leaning down to kiss him.

'Not yet,' Harry replied, when Severus pulled away.

'I love you too,' Severus said.

Harry gave Severus a beatific grin and settled onto Severus' lap and the older man continued to read.

Harry fell asleep with a soft smile on his lips. He was where he wanted to be with someone who wanted him for him and not because of what he had done, even if he did have a few extra parts now.

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