Flying With Dragons


Here's more and thanks to Toothless 23 and Toothless the Night Fury for their reviews as I love writing this but I hope you guys enjoy.

Kari's beginning her dragon training and is feeling scared but Mica is going to help her feel better.

Kari was in awe hearing her uncle talk about dragon training but was nervous as she wasn't good around other kids but saw Mica nuzzle her making her laugh but Hiccup smiled knowing they had a good bond like him and Toothless as he knew she would be going there in the afternoon.

"Let's go for a flight, okay?" he said to her.

She nodded knowing that flying always made her feel better as she climbed onto Mica's back but left the stable before taking off and Toothless smiled seeing both Kari and the younger Night Fury together.

"Let's go!" Kari said hearing Mica agree.

They then took off into the skies of Berk but Kari smiled feeling the breeze through her hair but he sensed she was still worrying about this afternoon and he needed to make her feel better.

"Kari it's okay to be scared.

It happens to everybody.

Besides I know you'll be a good dragon trainer.

Just like your uncle." he said to her.

"Yeah I know Mica.

But other kids don't like me.

They hate me because I'm different.

When the kids of Berk find out my secret.

That I'm half dragon, they won't like me." she replied.

Mica's eyes were full of sadness.

"They won't hate you Kari.

They just don't know you yet.

What about Riven?

He likes you.

I'm sure the others will too.

Once they get to know you." he answered her.

She was distracted thinking about what Mica had just said knowing that she had never had the chance to make friends as in her old clan, the other kids were scared of her.

Suddenly blue flame eripted from her mouth.

Mica chuckled seeing that.

Kari then covered her mouth worriedly.

She hoped nobody had seen that.

But Astrid had seen it and she was curious about the young girl after hearing about her from Hiccup and wondered how she could've done that but would wait as she saw Angora her dragon getting restless.

"Don't worry we're going for a flight soon." she told it.

Kari could hear the dragon was excited from where she and Mica were in the air but decided to land as Astrid was surprised seeing Kari's dragon was an Night Fury and wondered if it was related to Toothless.

"It's okay Kari.

Tell her." Mica whispered.

Kari nodded in reply.

"I-I'm Kari.

That's Mica.

Yes he's an Night Fury.

He's not related to my uncle's one.

Your dragon is very hyper active." she answered.

Astrid was in awe hearing this because she never knew that before as Kari noticed the woman staring at her but she sighed wondering if Astrid would believe her if she did tell her about her being half dragon.

"How did you know that and breathe blue fire?" she asked her.

"I-I'm half dragon.

I've been that way since I was born but didn't know until now.

After that day, my old clan treated me badly and were scared of me.

They outcasted me and sent me here to Berk.

That's when I found Mica and we became friends.

My Uncle and Aunt told me yesterday about it.

But the other kids will hate me.

Like in my old clan.

But it's okay because I have Mica now." she answered.

Astrid was stunned hearing Kari's story but remembered hearing from Hiccup that his niece was different from other kids but when he'd been asked, he wouldn't answer but knew why.

Mica saw worry in Kari's eyes.

"Are you okay?

You seem quiet.

You're worried about how Astrid would react." he said.

She nodded in reply.

"Astrid you can't tell anybody about this.

They wouldn't understand and it would cause trouble." she told her.

"I understand Kari.

I won't tell anybody.

But the people of Berk are understanding.

You should trust them." she said going after Angora.

They then saw Riven tend to the dragon.

"What's he doing here?" Mica asked.

"Let's find out." Kari answered.

They then entered the stables seeing Riven getting ready to ride Angora but he smiled seeing Kari was here along with Mica as she smiled seeing him but Angora was excited seeing another dragon here.

"What're you doing here?" Kari asked him.

"I-I can explain.

Astrid is my aunt.

I've been living in Berk for a whole year now.

She took me in after my parents were killed.

But it feels like home.

But I'm excited and nervous about dragon training.

The other kids just won't understand." he answered.

Kari was stunned hearing this hearing that Riven had the same feelings she had as they climbed onto their dragons and took off into the skies but Astrid was watching them knowing Riven had somebody like him in his life.

She then heard the horn signaling lunch...