Chapter 1: Prologue.

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Prologue: Not Him Again!

"Welcome to Starbucks. How can I help you?" My cheeks feel strained from the fake smile I have plastered on my face. I wait for what seems like an eternity for his response.

What is it with people? The same damned people come in here everyday and they still don't know what they want. They wait until it's their turn to order, and even then they stare at the menu, trying to get some divine inspiration. Idiots!

I thought all corporate types were supposed to be so smart. They always ask for their frappe, latte, blah blah…. whatever.

"I'll have a large iced coffee."

His voice pulls me from my mental smack down, and I stare up at him.

"Excuse me what"? Obviously annoyed that he has to repeat himself, he restates his order.

"Will that complete you order, sir?" He nods, not really paying attention. He seems engrossed with something on his iPhone.

"That'll be $4.25."

He reaches in his wallet, still not paying attention, hands me an extremely crisp twenty dollar bill and proceeds to grab the coffee and exits the store. There must have been something really interesting on that phone for him to forget his change; or it's just my lucky day. Now I'm pissed off because I have to do the noble thing, or don't I? I eye the money suspiciously.


"Ang, cover me."

I sprint to the door; change from the twenty clasped firmly in one hand. I recognize him from the back and yell.

"Excuse me, sir you forgot your change!" He doesn't turn to acknowledge me.

"Keep it," he says, unconcerned. I stand there; gaping with what I'm sure is a gormless expression.

Due to my brief but untimely absence, chaos now reigns at ground central. I resume my position next to Angela, and she glances in my direction. "Work much"?

The line has doubled in size, and the patrons… well let's just say they aren't very happy at this point; the obscenities I hear make that point clear. I do my best to get everything back into some kind of order, before things get really out of hand.

I mean, Starbuck's in a downtown Chicago area. Need I say more?

"Was he worth it?" Angela smirks, never lifting her eyes from the register. I look at the exit, and then shift my eyes to the change from the twenty in the tip cup. I smirk back.

"Do you have to ask?"


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