Chapter 6: Chapter 6 The Date

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Chapter 6


What the hell was I thinking? I can't believe that I agreed to go to dinner with him. Now I'm standing here in my room, completely freaking out.

Flashback: 2 hours earlier

"So, where should I pick you up?

"Huh?" I'm still completely in a daze.

"For dinner, Brown Eyes. Where should I pick you up, unless you'd rather just leave from this spot, right now? He asks, with both eyebrows raised.

"Um…no, I'm sorry. I…you…you can pick me up from my house." I'm staring at him stupidly. He steps closer to me and leans down to my ear.

"What's…your…address, Brown Eyes?" he whispers, ever so slowly.

Oh God. My eyes roll back in my head and I'm sure I start panting like a dog in heat. The effect he's having on me is mind-boggling. I don't know how I'm going to be able to get through dinner with this man.

"Oh! Um, my address is… I snap out of my thoughts and jump slightly. He knows he has me flustered because he chuckles…

3412 W…. should I write it down? "

"Oh there's no way I'll forget it, Brown Eyes," he adds with his signature smirk and a mischievous glare. I can no longer hide the smile that's threatening to break through. My cheeks feel like an inferno.

"Ok, um 3412 W 17th Street." I repeat, sounding a bit desperate.

"I'll pick you up around eight thirty? He asks.

"Okay" I'm reduced to only giving him one-word answers when he looks at me with those eyes. I don't trust myself, at this point to not say anything stupid or embarrassing. He reaches out and brushes my cheek with his index finger.

"Just make sure you bring this," he says, stroking my cheek lightly. I'm sure he's referring to the way my face turns red when he makes me nervous.

"Eight thirty, Brown Eyes." He says, dropping his hand from my face and walking to his car. He gives me one more look over his shoulder and pulls off.

Oh My God!

End of flashback

I arrive home in a state of panic. I'm going out with him. The same him that I thought would never be interested in me.

6:36 pm. I'm freaking out.

6:45 pm. I'm pacing back and forth in my room, trying to figure out how I got myself into this mess.

6:54 pm. More freaking out and pacing.

7:00 pm. I'm calling Angela, but she's not answering. Oh No! Goddamn you, Angela! I hurl the phone across the room, sulking like a petulant child.

7:05 pm. I've pulled all of the clothing from my closet, looking for something to wear. Nothing

7:15 pm. I'm sitting on the floor like a statue, in the middle of said clothing.

7: 20pm. I'm staring at what looks like a dangerously high, pair of open- toed black heels and a dress that looks to be even more dangerous than that.

7:25pm. I decide I'm not going.

Damn it! I don't even have his cell number. I stomp a little too hard on the floor, which alerts Charlie to poke his head into my room.

"Something wrong kiddo? Why are you beating up the floor?"

"I have a date." I say, flopping back onto my bed.

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It is." He sighs, walks over to the bed and sits down next to me.

"Why is it a bad thing, Bella?

'Oh because he's way too gorgeous and way too sexy and way too rich… he's just way too everything.' "Because I'm out of my league, Dad."

He sighs again. "What's that supposed to mean."?

"Nothing," I say quickly. I'm not about to get into this with Charlie. I already know what the lecture will be. So I do the next best thing….I lie…sort of.

"I have nothing to wear." He looks at the pile heaped on the floor and starts to open his mouth, but I stop him short.

"I have nothing to wear." I state a little more forcefully this time.

"Well I'm sure you'll find something". His eyes still fixed on the pile. "Do I need to stick around and put the fear of God in this character you're going out with tonight"?

"No!" I don't mean for it to come out that way, but Charlie will ruin the evening with his gun toting and sizing up of my date. It would go easier on both Edward and I, if we can get through this night without Charlie scaring him half to death with the whole 'if you hurt my daughter', speech.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I won't threaten your date. I have to go to work tonight anyway. You just make sure he treats you right…you want to take a gun with you?"

"Dad." I say, rolling my eyes.

"Okay, well call me if you need me and have a good time."

7:45 pm. I'm obsessing.

8:30 pm. I'm showered, shampooed, dressed and scared shitless. I'm waiting in the living room with my hair twisted neatly in a bun and my lips lightly glossed. I'm wearing a simple knee length black jersey knit dress, courtesy of Rose's closet. I realize that I didn't ask him where we'd be having dinner so I could dress appropriately. Damn it!

My eyes glance at the clock, then to the door, then back at the clock. It's 8:40 pm and I'm starting to perspire. Gross. I'm acting like some teenage girl going out on her first date.

8:45 pm. He's late and these heels are starting to murder my poor feet.


The doorbell rings, and I'm cut off from my obsessive countdown, realizing that it's him on the other side of the door. Oh God! Pease don't let me embarrass myself, and please don't let me fall in these shoes!

I stand, straighten out my dress, take a deep breath and walk over to the door; successfully. When I open the door I'm nearly floored. He always looks even better than the last time I've seen him. He's wearing a light blue shirt with the top two buttons undone, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms and a pair of black slacks, very expensive looking shoes and a smirk. His hair… as always, is a beautiful mess. No one should look this good. Damn him.

"You ready for me, Brown Eyes?" He asks, reaching out and taking my hand.

"Um…I didn't know what to wear. You didn't tell me where we were going." I say, looking down, my voice almost an inaudible whisper.

"Well, you look like you got it right to me. You look beautiful." He kisses my hand and my legs turn to Jell-O. "And as for where we're going, it's one of my favorite places. I'm sure you'll approve. I'm very gifted in the art of pleasing." He winks.

What does that mean, exactly?


"Um… yes." I place my hand in the one that's waiting for mine and follow him to his car.




"So, you didn't tell me where we're going."

"I know."

"Are you going to?" I ask nervously.

"Why are you so suspicious? I'm not going to blindfold, tie you up and kidnap you… Not unless you want me to?" He asks, glancing at me sideways and smiling.

"No, of course not. I…I just meant…I don't like surprises that's all." I'm fidgeting so hard that it must look like I have a nervous condition.

"Relax Brown Eyes. It's not a surprise. I just thought we could go to one of my favorite places. Have you ever been to any of the area restaurants?"

"Not really, just local deli's and small eateries. Nothing special." I answered truthfully.

He just nods his head. The rest of the ride is in silence, which makes me feel extremely awkward. I don't' know what to say and he finally breaks the silence.

"Are you cold? I could put the top up."

"No, I'm fine. I like the open breeze." I toy with the hem of my dress as the wind swirls around inside the car, I shift in my seat and my dress moves up my thigh slightly. He notices, because his eyes shift down to my now exposed leg for a brief second then back to the road. I subtly pull my dress back down. He notices that as well.

"This is a nice car, I like the color."

Shut up Bella.

He turns to look at me, and he smiles.

"Is it the actual car that you like or the color?" He asks, running his fingers through his hair.

"I like both." I'm not telling him what I'm really thinking about the car. Like the fact that he had a different car earlier that looked equally expensive. That riding in this car alone does things to me I can't explain. It makes me feel

"I'll have to keep that in mind," he says, amused.

After driving for about twenty minutes, we end up in the valet section of a restaurant named the Hi-Life Café. It looks elegant. I start to feel self-conscious about what I'm wearing. I don't know if I'm dressed appropriately enough for this place or him. He exits the car and makes his way around to open the door for me. He hands the valet the keys, takes my hand and before I know, we're inside the restaurant.

"Good evening, Mr. Cullen, your table is ready, if you'll follow me right this way," the hostess says, and we head to our table.

"Thank you, Kate." He says, giving her one of his panty moistening smiles.

I wonder if he's slept with her? Stop it Bella.

He pulls out my chair, and I sit down carefully. I've never been in a place like this. It seems so private and romantic. I glance around and notice that we're basically the only people having dinner.

"Penny for your thoughts," he says, while staring at me.

"It's so pretty here, and private." I answer, looking around nervously.

"Does that bother you; the privacy?"

"No, I like private things." I instantly wish I hadn't said that, because his stare is now accentuated by a very wide grin.

"I'll have to keep that in mind."

Why does he keep saying that? He's still staring at me. It's way too intense and it makes me feel uneasy. I can't stand it any longer.

"Do you do that a lot?" I ask, with my eyes now focused on his.

"Do what?"

"Watch things so...carefully?"

He leans forward with his elbows on the table, never breaking his gaze.

"Only when there is something worth watching." With that, the waiter arrives at our table. Saved by the bell, Bella.

"Good evening, my name is Demetri. I'll be your server. May I offer you a selection from our wine list?"

"Bring us your finest and leave the bottle, Demetri." He says, without a moment's hesitation.

My head shoots up from the wine list. Obviously, he's had this planned. I'm so out of my league.

"So, Starbuck's huh?" He sounds almost annoyed that I work there.

"Yes, Starbucks," I answer, with a quick chuckle, trying to hide the fact that I feel a bit unnerved by the way he said it.

"Why there?"

"Well, it helps to pay for my apartment and for my incidental college needs."

"What college?"

The waiter returns with two glasses and a bottle of the finest. He walks away, leaving the bottle, as instructed.

"Um…I go to the University of Illinois. He starts to fill our glasses and nods his head for me to drink. I taste the wine and it's delicious. He's watching closely again.

"So, how is it?"

I sit the glass down and bring my fingers to my lips.

"It's really good. What is it?"

"Dom Romane Conti. I'm glad you approve. What are you going to school for?" He quickly changes the subject.

So much for savoring the wine.

I don't want to answer his question. I've never been ashamed of my career choice, but somehow, I feel reluctant to tell him about what I want to do for a living. I wish I could just change the subject, like he so effortlessly did a moment ago.

"I'm studying to be a veterinarian," I say in a low voice, while watching my fingers fondle the napkin on the table. I decide that if we're going to continue this conversation, then I'll have to finish the remaining contents in my glass, and fast.

"How old are you?" He asks as if he's a bouncer at a club, checking my fake ID.

"Nineteen," I say, taking a huge sip. He sits back and downs his drink in one swallow, but that's after he nearly makes me choke with his comment.

"So, a brown-eyed nineteen-year old potential veterinarian, who works at Starbuck's, and who is clearly virginal, I must be fucking insane." He mutters the last part to himself.

I sputter my drink and cough. He goes to stand, apparently to assist me, but I hold up my hand and tell him I'm fine.

"Sorry, I didn't mean…I didn't mean to upset you. And, it's just as well that we're in a private dining room, as you really shouldn't be drinking." He says dryly.

I finally get my coughing under control. I don't understand the sudden turn of events. Why is he saying these things?

"What do you mean…virginal?" I ask, like it's a dirty word. I know I sound a bit annoyed as well.

"Well, you are, aren't you, a virgin?"

"Wha…no…that's not… what are you asking me exactly?" I stumble horribly over my words.

"Nothing I was just making an observation," he says, while refilling his glass.

Now I'm the one staring… but in disbelief. At that moment, the waiter comes to take our orders for dinner. I've never been happier for someone's arrival.

My selection isn't simple nor what I would normally eat, but it sounds divine nonetheless. Merlot roast duck topped with a port wine sauce, served with white and wild rice and glazed baby carrots. The way he orders his meal makes my mouth water.

"I'll have the Hawaiian crusted, cashew coconut butter fish, with roasted, grilled red bliss potatoes, and curry sauce on the side. Thank you." He says with confident finality.

"Listen, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable before. I can be a bit bold sometimes, it's uh…. one of my best and worst habits." He stretches his hand across the table and starts tracing over my knuckles.

God! Why is everything that this man does so erotic?

"You know, my favorite color is blue, but I see I'm going to have to change that…maybe to red. Do you like red, Brown Eyes?"

He's screwing with my head and he knows it. I can't form words. I just sit there, watching the hand that's touching mine, trying to figure out why he's asked me here. Suddenly my inner being wants the answer to that unspoken question.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Oh, why not." He says with a bored sigh, never taking his eyes off what he's doing to my hand.

"Why me? I mean, I'm sure you can have any woman you want, but why did you ask me out?"

"Why wouldn't I ask you out, Brown Eyes?" He's still watching my hand, but his finger traces higher, to my wrist, and I start to feel slightly warm.

"You could have anyone." I repeat in a choppy whisper.

"You've said that already." He slowly flips my hand over, palm side up, and begins tracing the lines.

"How do you know that I could have any woman?" he asks with a crooked smile. Wait that's a new one! Shit he's pulling out the heavy artillery. He's baiting me. Damn it! And I'm falling for it miserably.

"You…Your…I mean…" I can't formulate words to save my life. I know what I want to say, but they won't come out.

"Breathe, Brown Eyes."

I inhale, exhale then sigh.

"You're incredibly good looking and…wealthy…and confident. You could have an.."

"Any woman. Yes, I got that, but what if I want what's right in front of me? What if I want you? I know you want me. I can sense it when I'm near you. I can feel it when I'm touching your hand like this. I can feel your heart beating when I hold your hand; it's a vibration actually. The pace is rapid, like it's about to jump right out of your chest. You want me."

He's right…about everything. I do want him and I'm getting tired of trying to hide it and at this moment, it becomes clear to me that I can't any longer.




"So, did you enjoy your dinner?"

"Yes, it was really delicious. I've not tasted anything that good before." He glances at me from the corner of his eye.

"I'll have to keep that in mind." He says, extending his hand to help me out of my seat.

We're back in the car and driving in silence once more, he reaches over to turn on some music. It sounds relaxing and soothing and completely sensual.

Our conversation is starting to smooth out some. He's beginning to become more talkative, which I'm glad for, because I feel more comfortable with him now.

"Are you cold?'


"Liar, I can see goosebumps all over your arms," he laughs.

"Okay, I'm a little chilly, but please don't put the top up, the breeze feels amazing." I smile at him.

"You're beautiful when you smile. Do you know that?"

"I'm not beautiful and you should be watching the road."

"You don't trust my driving or my ability to know when a woman is beautiful? I'm wounded, Brown Eyes." He says, clutching his hand to his chest, as if he's truly hurt by what I said.

I try to hold back a smile, but I fail. So I try to stifle it some by biting my bottom lip.

"And you're incredibly sexy when you do that," he says, raising the back of his hand to my cheek. He drags his hand slowly down my cheek to my neck. Then he slides his hand around
the back of my neck massaging firmly, yet gently.

How in the hell is he doing this while driving.

It feels so good. I feel my eyes close and my head lolling forward slightly, enjoying what his magic fingers are doing. He moves his hand upward, never breaking contact and stops at the crown of my head and gently pulls locks of hair down from my bun. My hair floats down to my shoulders, and he now runs his fingers freely through it.

"You have beautiful hair, especially when it's blowing in the breeze."

He moves his hand back to join the other on the steering wheel. I instantly feel the loss of his touch. I'd do anything to have his hands touching me like that again.

"I'm not a virgin," I say without thinking. I don't know what possesses me to say that, but I've been feeling the need to clarify that since he first voiced it.

"Really?" he scoffs, but he sounds sarcastic rather than surprised. I stare down at my hands in my lap, berating myself silently for sounding like some sort of desperate slut.

We pull up to the front of my house and sit in complete silence for a moment. I'm the first to speak.

"Thank you for dinner, Edward. I had a nice time." I pull at the handle on the door, ready to make my exit, but he leaves the car before me and comes around the other side to open the door for me. I look up at him and smile, taking the hand he holds out to me.

"Will you allow me to at least walk you to your door?"

I nod my response and we walk to the porch. We stop once we reach the bottom of the steps.

"You didn't have to do this."

"I'm nothing if not thorough." He says, pushing a strand of hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. God, he's so gorgeous, it's unreal, but his mouth is especially perfect. His lips have this adorable, permanent pout. I want to kiss him. I want to know what his mouth tastes like.

God, Bella you're such a perv.

"Your heart is broken." He says, his voice taking on a husky tone.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I'm confused, but he's a confusing man so I guess my thoughts are justified. He raises his hand and pinches my heart pendant between his thumb and index fingers. He looks at me with his signature smirk firmly in place.

"Oh…yeah, I thought you meant…"

"That your heart was broken?" He shakes his head slowly, letting his fingers linger right where my heart pendant rests. "The contrast is amazing against your skin. Is silver your favorite color?"

"No." I have to stop this before I let him have me right here, on this porch; then Charlie would shoot him for sure.

"Um…I should get inside. Thank you again for dinner." I turn and start to walk up the steps, but he reaches out and grabs my hand.


Whoa! That's a first. He never calls me by my name. The way he says it sounds almost like he's pleading with me for something.


"I'm not ready to let you go yet."

Oh Lord, this is not happening. Oh God, look at him. How am I going to say no to him? Easy…I'm not.

"Um...Edward, I…"

"Let's just go somewhere. It's still early and I'm not ready to end the night so soon."

"Where do you want to go?" I'm smiling widely now, happy at the thought of spending more time with him. I want to go anywhere he asks me to.

"Anywhere, your choice." He says moving closer to me, still holding onto to my hand.

"I…I don't know. I haven't really been anyplace here. I don't know what you like."

"Don't you?" He steps even closer. Close enough that our bodies are almost touching. I can feel the heat of his body radiating off him and he smells so incredibly good. There's no way I'm saying no to him.

"I don't know, maybe you should choose."

"Do you trust me?"

I don't know if I trust him, but it isn't about trust right now, it's about my need to be close to him.

"I trust you." I say hesitantly.

"So, is that a yes?"

"Yes." I say, smiling up at him.

Oh dear Mary, Mother of God, what have I just gotten myself into?




"A night club?" I ask, confused, staring at the blinking neon sign.

"You said for me to choose. It'll be okay, come on." He holds out his hand, waiting for me to take it and I do.

"You have your own private V.I.P section?

"It's not mine per se. I just have access to it whenever I want. Can I get you something to drink? We're in a private area, so you're safe to indulge."

"Um…maybe a watermelon martini." I say a little shyly.

"You've got it, Brown Eyes, I'll be right back."

I watch as he goes to the bar to retrieve our drinks. I admit when I first saw where he was bringing me I wanted to turn around and bolt, but he asked me to trust him so I did. There was a line a mile long outside the club, but that didn't matter. We walked right up to the entrance and were immediately admitted and led to the V.I.P. area. I guess I should be happy, because he could have decided to take me back to his place and I'm not prepared for that yet.

The music isn't as loud up here as it is on the lower level of the club, but it doesn't seem like his type of music. It's so different to what he chose to listen to in the car. We're the only people in this section, with the exception of one other couple who are preparing to leave.

He makes his way back to our table, with drinks in hand.

"Miss me?" He asks, handing me my drink. I flush in response.

"So, how many of those do you have to have before you start to loosen up a little? He says, with his hand wrapped around his drink and his pinky finger pointing in the direction of my untouched glass.

"I'm…loose…I think." I quickly start to second-guess my use of the term 'loose'.

"Are you now?" He adds, quirking one eyebrow.

I know there's no way I'm getting out of this conversation. He's so good at turning a simple phrase around, just to suit his particular interest and to no doubt make me feel utterly embarrassed. I think he does it purposely, just to see me blush.

"I meant that…I mean...well look at you! You're obviously out of your element here," I say, waving my hand in the direction of club. He flat out laughs at my mini-tirade. I smile too, knowing that I sound ridiculous. I pick up my glass and sip. "This doesn't seem like your type of thing, clubs, crowds, loud music, dancing."

"Are you saying that I can't dance?

He's chewing on the stirrer from his drink, watching me closely, and daring me to answer him.

"No, I just can't envision you in here, dancing to this kind of music. You seem more the ballroom type." The next thing I know, he's flicking the stirrer out his mouth and standing beside me with his hand out. I look up at him, eyes wide in sheer horror at what he's silently asking me to do. I shake my head almost violently.

"Oh no, I.." He acts like he doesn't hear my protest, pulls me up from the chair and walks me backwards, to the dance floor.

"You've just challenged me, Brown Eyes, and I never back away from a challenge, especially when the challenge is coming from a beautiful woman."

Oh God, this isn't going to end well. It isn't going to begin well either, but I have no idea how to stop it. Me dancing? It's going to be a disaster.

Thank heavens the music isn't that fast, I'm sure to break a limb if it is, either his or mine. The hands that are holding onto mine, somehow manage to take up residence on my hips. My hands never move. I'm a statue; I don't know what to do. My head's swirling and not from the alcohol. He senses that I'm nervous.

"Are you going to put your arms around me?" he says, smirking down at me, but I can't focus. All I can discern is the way he smells and the way his body feels pressed so close to mine. I also notice that the music changes, and I recognize the song.

Moment of honesty
Someone's gotta take the lead tonight
Who's it gonna be?
I'm gonna sit right here
And tell you all that comes to me
If you have something to say
You should say it right now

You ready?

As if in response to both his question and the one in the song, I reach up and snake my arms around his neck. He pulls me closer and even though he's significantly taller, our bodies line up perfectly. He has his newly discovered crooked smile in place and is staring directly into my eyes. He starts moving his hips slowly back and forth to the music.

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it

I deserve it, I think it deserve it .. Let it go
It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
And I can't take it

I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
If you ask me I'm ready

I'm ready, I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready

I'm ready, I'm ready

His face becomes serious. All smirks and crooked smiles are gone, but his eyes are still locked with mine as he moves our lower halves back and forth. I feel as if I'm about to burst into flames. I've never danced this way with anyone before, but I can tell that he has. He's so good at it. He's good at everything. I lose my self in him. My fingers unintentionally lace at the nape of his neck. I though it was impossible for us to get any closer, but he slides his hands from my hips up my back, pulling me even closer into his body.

"So, do you take back what you said about my dancing?" He leans in closely, whispering in my ear.

I pull back to look at him, and I nod my head. His hands keep traveling up and down my back slowly. I can't take the way he's staring at me, it's too intense, so I lean my forehead against his and close my eyes, just concentrating on the movement of his hips to guide me. I feel him growing against me, and I feel the moisture build in my panties. We have to stop.

"Edward, we have to stop." I say breathlessly, but don't unhook my hands from around his neck.

"Why?" he asks, just as breathless, as he continues moving, this time more slowly, more pronounced like he's trying to….

"Edward?" I'm panting now. His hands slide down my thighs to the hem of my dress, and start sliding it up, not all the way, but just enough so that he can caress my bare skin. His breathing is becoming uneven in my ear, and I swear I feel his tongue.

"You feel so good," he says, leaning his head in the crook of my neck inhaling deeply.

If we don't stop soon, we'll be having sex in the middle of the dance floor, but I can't bring myself to stop. I don't want to. I want him so much. And then I feel the vibration of his phone in his pocket, and his movements freeze instantly. I think I hear him say "cockblocking phone" but can't be sure. He pulls back from me, clearly pissed off and answers the call.

"What!" he says, through clinched teeth.

I adjust my dress and he quickly grabs my hand shaking his head.

"He did what!"…Yeah I'll be there in a few. No don't do anything, just wait for me. Fuck!"

"Is everything okay? I ask, not able to look him in the eye.

"It will be, but we have leave. I'm sorry." He runs his fingers through my hair.

"It's okay, it's getting late anyway," I say, hoping that my disappointment isn't too obvious. He nods and takes my hand, leading us out of the club.




We're back at a familiar spot, standing at the bottom of my steps in front of my house, saying goodnight. This time, the silence is really awkward.


"So." He says, mimicking me.

"I should be going."

"I want to see you again," he says, stepping closer. "Tomorrow."

He places his hands on my hips, moves in close and places an open-mouthed kiss very close to my lips. He doesn't wait for me to confirm. Instead, he shocks the hell out of me with his next words.

"And Bella, next time, don't wear any panties."


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"Music played at the club: Alicia Keys and Drake's Unthinkable