It took a little over a month for Eiji and Oishi to completely heal.

Oishi had taken it easy as he was told and moved a little more each day, never straining himself, until he had regained his full mobility.

Eiji had had no choice but to take it easy since his two older brothers and two older sisters were constantly taking care of him. One of them was always there to get him anything he needed and keep an eye on him. They were all relieved that their little brother was okay and getting well again.

The Golden Pair had their last check up a few days ago and both had made complete recoveries. Eiji had a small mark where he had been cut, but was assured that it would fade in no time at all. The stitches had been put in in time, so there would be no scar.

Taka spoke with his father and they both decided they wanted to celebrate Eiji and Oishi's good health. The sushi shop had become a comfortable place for the regulars to go when they wanted to celebrate. And they definitely had a reason to celebrate.

Oishi was reluctant at first, not wanting to impose and cause Taka's father trouble, but with some pushing and convincing from the others, he relented.

So, the regulars gathered at Kawamura Sushi on a late Saturday afternoon. Looking at them, you'd never know anything bad had happened.

"Momo-senpai, give someone else a chance to eat!" Echizen exclaimed as he tried to wrestle some sushi from his senpai.

"Yeah Momo! You've eaten twice as much as everyone else!" Eiji added.

"What do you expect from the pig?" Kaidoh stated.

"Picking a fight, Mamushi?" Momo said angrily, getting right in Kaidoh's face. They glared daggers at each other.

Oishi ran over to stop the two second years before the argument could become anymore heated. Eiji and Echizen were elated because with Momo distracted, they finally got some sushi to themselves, although Echizen was eating more.

After settling Momo and Kaidoh down, Oishi went and joined Eiji. The two suddenly felt an ominous presence. A pair of glasses glinted behind them. Eiji and Oishi stiffened reflexively.

"You know, Oishi, Kikumaru," Inui began, smiling evilly. "The newest version of my vegetable juice is perfect for revitalizing the body. It would do you two well to have some," he stated, bringing out a pitcher of juice. It was neon green and appeared carbonated with the bubbles continually going through it. Chills ran up Eiji and Oishi's spines and they shuddered involuntarily.

"Nya! No way! That stuff will probably put us back in the hospital!" Eiji exclaimed, shaking his head vigorously and moving away from the concoction.

"Thank you, but we'll pass, Inui," Oishi said, eyeing the pitcher suspiciously.

"Hmm… What a shame. Perhaps I can get Kaidoh to test it for me," Inui answered, moving away from the Golden Pair. Eiji and Oishi sighed in relief.

"That was close, way too close," Momo said, watching as Inui tried in vain to convince Kaidoh that the juice would help him train more effectively.

In the end, Inui could not persuade anyone to test his latest creation, except for Fuji. But since Fuji liked pretty much all of Inui's juices, including this one, there wasn't much data to be gathered there.

The celebration continued late into the evening. Everyone ate, laughed, and had a good time together.

The incident with the waterfall had been stressful, and no one wanted to experience anything like that again, but it had brought everyone involved closer together.

It was proof that the Seigaku regulars would share a bond no matter what paths in life they decided to follow.

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