Kiba arrived at his house and went directly to the kitchen to look for something to eat.

He opened the fridge and sighed. He was an Inuzuka and lived in a house of women, everybody knew that, but he didn´t lived in a girlish pink ambient. Inuzuka women weren´t like that, luckily for him in that aspect but inauspicious in others, such as cooking. Inuzuka´s women didn´t cook. He remembered the first time he went to Chouji´s house, they had for a quick snack more dishes that he had known in his whole life. Right now the Inuzuka´s fridge had one apple, a yogurt and something that looked like sauce.

"Ki-chin" A female voice called him.

He turned around and took a bite of the apple.

"That´s my apple" Kiba´s sister said.

He licked the apple all around and offered to her.

"Yakk… What are you doing dressed like that?" she noticed he was wearing doctor scrubs.

He kept eating the apple "I´m considering a new career" he said.

She raised an eyebrow "You smell like a lady" she said deducing what he had been doing.

"And you curse like a sailor" he chuckled and she sighed.

"What are you doing up?" He looked at the clock it was 4 am.

"I was waiting for you… You can´t take Akamaru to your mission tomorrow"

He panicked "What? Why?"

"Calm down! He is ok… but he needs a couple of days more of resting"

"I´ll go check him up" he moved to another room followed by his sister.

"Hey boy! Are you ok?" he petted the resting dog who growled.

"You woke him up"

"You are getting old and lazy, but don´t worry. I´ll do your work"

"You can take Oni" she said.

Kiba glared at her "Onigiri? He is 6 months"

"Don´t call him that! He is fierce and he is ready for a mission" she crossed her arms over her chest.

He sighed "If you say so"

"Go to sleep, he is ok"

"Ok" Kiba nodded and went to his room.

- The next day -

Kiba arrived at the Hokage´s office. Shizune was standing on the door.

"Hi Shizune. I have to check in for a mission" He greeted her.

"I can´t believe it! It´s the cutest thing I´ve ever seen" She smiled widely at him

"Oh well thank you" He joked knowing of what she was talking about.

"No silly" She extended her arms to get the tiny white dog that was sleeping on Kiba´s head.

"He is Oni. He is a daemon" He said serious.

The black haired nin giggled and kissed the dog "You are so cute" she cuddled him against her chest.

"Lucky dog" he said as the puppy barked.

"He doesn´t like me" She gave Oni to him.

"No. He was rubbing it to my face" He put the puppy again in his head.

She giggled "Naruto is waiting for you"

He smiled at her and opened the door. Inside they were Naruto, Sai and Anko.

"Kiba!" Naruto greeted him but surprised at the little dog.


"What happened to Akamaru?" He asked intrigued.

"He needs to rest so I brought another partner" He took the little dog from his head and showed it to Naruto.

"It´s so tiny" Anko petted his little head.

He grinned "Tiny but ferocious"

She turned around and looked at him "Mmm… I think that sizes matters"

Naruto chuckled.

"I guess we´ll have to find out" He winked at her.

Naruto coughed "I´ll explain you the mission"

- 3 Day´s Later -

"Oni! Guide Sai to the village!" Kiba ran through the snow filled woods.

The little white dog jumped from tree to tree guiding the black haired nin who had his arm broken and hobbled.

Anko battled against 2 ninjas and Kiba quickly joined them.

The 4 ninjas fighted in the middle of a snow storm. They could barely see with that weather but they managed to keep it up with their enemies.

"We have to move to a clearer space" Anko shouted at him.

Kiba nodded and tried to move the fight to where she was going. After a couple of minutes of running, kicking, punching, cloning, summoning, etc they reached a clear area filled with snow.

The pair was surrounded by 5 ninjas. Suddenly Anko bit her thumb and summoned a huge snake which took 3 of the 5 ninjas down.

"Why didn´t you do that earlier!" Kiba shouted and in a quick move knocked the other 2 down.

The ambient got silent and was only interrupted by the heavy breathing of the 2 Konoha ninjas.

Anko collapsed on the frozen floor "How the hell it went so wrong?"

Kiba turned around and looked at her. "What the hell is that noise?"

"What noise?" Anko asked only to be interrupted by the noise of the frozen floor cracking.

"ANKO!" He screamed and tried to catch his partner as she fell on the freezing water of the frozen lake. "Fuck!" He jumped into the water.

- 30 Minutes later -

Soaking wet Kiba tried to start a fire inside a cave. He had managed to rescue Anko from the frozen lake, but she was unconscious and blue. He tried to get shelter from the storm and got into a cave.

He started the fire and brought Anko closer to the bone fire. He looked at her and sighed. "She is all wet and it´s cold" He said at loud as if he was trying to prove his innocence. "With some body heat she could recover her conscience" He started to take off his clothes. "She is unconscious don´t get horny" He repeated as he took of her coat. "Don´t look" He turned her around and rested her against his chest. He took of her mesh tshirt, skirt and sandals. "I´ll leave her underwear on" He gulped and hugged her with his arms over her arms, around her chest and his legs wrapping over hers.

The girl was freezing. He rubbed his hands over her arms to warm her up but there was no case. He sighed again. He wondered how could he be getting aroused in a situation like this one, she could be dyeing right now. He tried to get serious but the whole thing of having a semi naked Anko between his arms and crushed against his naked body didn't let him.

"K-k-kiba w-w-what t-t-the h-h-hell happened?" she stuttered product of the coldness she was feeling.

"You fell into a freezing lake and fainted, I brought you here to warm you up" He tried to sound stern.

"And y-y-you got me naked?"

"Your clothes were wet.I thought you could use some body heat" he tried to move away but she didn´t let him.

"d-d-don't go I´m freezing"

"ok" he said and they remained in that position for several minutes.

The cave sheltered them from the snow storm. The bonfire barely lit the space but she could tell the cave wasn´t to big.

"Kiba" she called him. Her voice sounded better, at list she wasn´t stuttering.


"Is that a kunai in your pocket or you are really happy to hug me" she said in a teasing tone.

He blushed ashamed of his luck of self control. "I´m really happy to hug you" he confessed honestly.

She laughed.

He dropped his head forward defeated placing his forehead on her shoulder.

"I´m still cold, maybe you could help me even better" she grabbed his hand and guided it towards her panties.

He felt fabric with his fingertips and his body stiffened. "S-s-sure" he stuttered a little nervous. He was always confident around women but this one was older and experimented. He gulped and slowly started to caress her over the fabric of her underwear.

Anko moaned and relaxed her head on his shoulder.
As his right hand caressed her sex his left one traveled over her body taking special attention to her breasts. His fingers played with her nipples as his other hand went inside her panties.

She felt his erection pressed against her back "Kiba you are really hard"

His finger tickled her clit "This is so freaking hot" He softly bit her neck.

"You like to touch me like this Kiba?" She moaned

"I want to make you cum" He said as one of his hands squished her left breast and his finger traced her crack slowly up and down.

"Make me cum" She said and opened her legs widely so he could move his hand freely.

"Yeah baby" two fingers slid up and down over her wet count. "You are so hot"

She cried his name "You are pretty good for being so young" Kiba seemed to know what she liked. She rocked her hips to follow his movements and intense her feelings.

His movements speeded up and turned rougher as he fingered her. Anko couldn´t stop moaning. "If you knew the times I´ve jerked off thinking of you when I was at the academy" he licked her neck.

The naughty confession aroused her even more. "Really?"

"I want you so badly"

Suddenly she felt a jolt of energy around her pussy "Yeah baby" she encouraged him a little more as she was reaching her orgasm. He pressed harder and moved more rapidly. When he heard her scream his name and felt her shake, he knew that she was reaching her climax. A couple of seconds later his fingers were soaked with her juices.

"Oh god that felt so good" Anko enjoyed her orgasm.

Kiba was so horny he wanted to rape her but he controlled himself.

"I´m feeling a lot warmer now Kiba. Thank you" she turned around to face him. Her eyes went from his lustful expression to his exposed sex where she found out one of the most interesting things she had discovered in the last couple of years. "Kiba you are huge" she said surprised

He grabbed her face with his 2 hands and crushed his lips against her. He kissed her so violent and needy. Her hand went directly to wrap her fingers around his girth shaft and he moaned in her mouth at the contact.

She wondered how she could have missed this cock for all these years. She started pumping him, it was extremely hot and hard, she wanted to break the kiss and look again. Could this kid have the biggest dick she had ever seen?. "Kiba, let me ride your cock"

The young Inuzuka froze at her forward comment. The purpled haired kunoichi pushed him a little away and moved to sit on his lap. Kiba who was sit extended his legs and put the palms of his hands against the floor to support his torso.

Anko positioned her vagina over the tip of his cock and licked her lips. Kiba stared at her in trance. She slowly started to go down, painfully slowly for him. "Mmm It´s so big"

"You are so tight"

It went all in "So deep" she said pressing her forehead on the crook of his neck. One of his hands moved to her waist and he buckled his hips against her.

"Oh Kiba" She whined. Anko started to move slowly, up and down. His cock entered her fully in and out. Her arms were wrapped around his neck for a better grip. She took a good look of his body, he was muscular but toned. He was handsome and charming. It all added up, as a result: an extremely sexy guy.

"Oh Anko! you are so sensual" He nibbled in her ear as she started to ride him faster and faster. He put his hands on her butt to make her movements more aggressive. She moaned wildly feeling his huge cock stab her viciously.

He moved his mouth over her breast to suck and lick her harden nipples. His other hand moved to her abdomen to stimulate her clit with his fingers as she rode him harder.

The kid had a few tricks under his sleeve. The stimulation he was performing on her was making effect. He could tell it by the way she was panting and screaming. She went wild, she started to move so fast he couldn´t believe how could she let his whole dick out of her pussy and in the next second fully inside her.

"I can´t take it for too long" He said. She was driving him crazy.

She grabbed his head and placed it in front of her face to kiss him. He slammed his lips over hers "Cum puppy, cum with me puppy" she said between kisses and he lost it.

He grabbed her tightly from her bottom and started thrusting her brutally. "Kiba I´m cumming too" she arched her back and let him guide her.

"OHH God Anko" He screamed as he felt his release. He hugged her closer against his chest and let her pussy contract and milked him off. After a couple of seconds of heavy moaning and panting Kiba lay on the floor with the purpled haired kunoichi on top of him until both of them fall asleep.

- The next morning -

Anko opened her eyes with the feeling of something wet on her face. "What?" she was laying on top of Kiba, covered with her coat and Kiba´s little dog licked her face.

When she moved Kiba opened his eyes "Hi"

She looked at him and he smiled at her. She felt his hand caress her back.

"Hi boy! Are they looking for us?" He talked to the little puppy that barked.

"We have to go" she felt his harden member pressing against her tight.

He sighed "Ok…"

She stood up and both of them started to get dress.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked and moved dangerly closer to her.

"Yeah" She said coldly.

He placed his hands over her waist. "Good" He stared into her brown eyes.

"Calm down puppy" She said when he moved his face to ghost her lips.

He grinned and brushed his lips with hers. "Sorry. I can control myself" He pressed his chest against hers and she smiled.

He kissed her softly. The tip of his tongue stroked her lips begging for entrance. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. They enjoyed a long fervent kiss for a couple of minutes until the little white dog started barking.

They broke the kiss and looked at the door.

"They are coming" He said and she moved away.

A couple of seconds later Sai entered the cave with 2 other ninjas.

~Karen K.

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