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It was night in the forest of Konoha and the gentle light of the full moon shone down on a lonely child. Uzumaki Naruto was all alone and sitting out in the forest on this night for a purpose. It had been 6 months since he had started at the ninja academy and for 6 months it felt like he was being tortured. The children either berated him like the villagers or avoided him like a disease. The teachers would never help him when he asked for it and he was damn sure that he was being forced to take harder tests than the other kids.

Scratch that, he KNEW he was when he compared his test questions one day to a kid that sat next to him. When he asked his teacher about it, Mizuki simply accused the boy of cheating and from then on told him to sit by himself. Naruto really could not figure out why it seemed like everyone didn't like him... why everyone seemed to hate him for something. However, Naruto had a goal in life. It was inspired by one of the few people that shone light into his world.

The third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, would usually once a month come by and visit Naruto. He would ask how he's been, take him for a meal at their favorite spot and then sometimes would buy him something. When Naruto asked the aged man why he went out of his way for him, the wizened man simply smiled and patted his head. "Naruto, as a hokage I see everyone in the village as family. I look out for and protect all who live here in Konoha. That includes you, you know?" That was when Naruto proclaimed to the Sandaime that HE would become the next hokage and protect all in the village.

Currently, Naruto was practicing something he overhead another class talking about while he stalked the school during lunch. If the hokage was the strongest ninja in the whole village then it was only natural that Naruto start training on jutsu early. His class had talked about chakra; it's meaning, how they use it and how to manipulate it for their needs. It was a little underhanded of Naruto who was able to sneak into the teachers office and stole a third years study book. The first jutsu he should learn would have to be important and yet simple. Choosing based on the difficulty, he picked out a move from the lowest rank, E. He was going to do something higher but when he remembered something that Ayame told him when attempting to make a special ramen at the store but was confused by the instructions "Always start with the basics." If only he knew the henge was the hardest of the beginning three jutsu.

Thus, Naruto finds himself enveloped by the forests of Konoha that are inside the walls. Nestled in a zone that was not a part of any marked training ground meant that he would probably remain alone and able to train without incident. He had already found out once that using training areas before being a ninja was prohibited. He still had fun that day running from the two chuunin before losing them in his neighborhood.

Letting out a sigh, the blond haired boy mulled over his thoughts on the justu he was working on. The Henge illusion. An infiltration and stealth jutsu would be amazing to have under his belt. Not only for the fact that he knew it but also because it would help him out in so many ways. Hiding, pranking and running away were at the top of the list. A slight shudder ran down the boy's spine but he had no idea why.

Gathering himself, Naruto began to mold his chakra to build the illusion. Being Saturday, he spent the entire day working on getting this to work and met with utter failure for the bulk of the day. It was hard to get the chakra right. The instructions said that he needed to have a constant amount of chakra flow in order for the illusion to properly hold together. It would have to flow like a perfect stream… for Naruto who had never practiced using chakra before, this was a nightmare.

It was sometime near midnight and he was feeling exhausted but he kept pushing. He could feel himself getting closer, a few times he saw his form waver a bit in the light. However, sleep and hunger were pulling at him, so Naruto decided to put his all into a last attempt. Slowly, Naruto brought his hands up to perform the seals. "Dog…" Pulling his chakra together Naruto began to mold the strength within him. "Boar…" Forming an image of himself but as a girl with pigtails he kept molding his chakra and seeing what he wanted to look like. "Tiger…" Pushing his accumulated chakra together and calling upon the image in his mind Naruto attempted to finish the technique.

"HENGE!" He screamed out to the forest. Simultaneously, three things happened. A plume of smoke erupted and covered Naruto from view, the moon seemed to flicker in the sky and there was a flash inside of Naruto's mind. It distorted not only the chakra he accumulated towards the technique but also abolished the mental image Naruto held for his illusion. Another flash in his mind showed that of a girl his age with astonishing red hair.

When the smoke cleared, Naruto quickly brought up a mirror he kept nearby. A strangled cry erupted from the forest that scared some birds from their rest and flew off into the night. Staring back at him from the mirror was none other than the visage of Uzumaki Naruto. "I'll just have to try harder tomorrow I guess… I can't wait to get home and sleep though. I'm exhausted!" Proclaiming his intentions to the silent forest Naruto's footfalls padded their way to his dingy home where he promptly hit the bed and fell asleep in an instant. If only he knew that this night would be his last as he had known it.


Sunday, just another day in the monotony to Naruto. Sleep still clinging to his eyes, he groggily made his way towards the bathroom to start his morning ritual. Feet dragging, the form made it's way toward the small and dank apartments sole area of release. Unceremoniously lowering his pants and boxers, Naruto began to relieve himself with eyes still closed until he finally noticed something. His legs felt warm and wet. "Great… just pissed myself." He thought irately to himself. Seeking to fix the problem Naruto reached down to adjust his aim. It lingered for a moment when his hand found no purchase in the air.

Eyes snapping open, Naruto looked down to let out something he never in his short life so far thought he would, a girl's scream.

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