((Sorry this is so short, I just wanted to get something started for Gabby after getting good reviews on the first one. My next posts will be much longer. Thanks to all those who said to continue this. Hope it turns out good!))

It had been a week since the encounter in the lab and Abby still wasn't sure she could get her head wrapped around it all. Fortunately, it had been a slow week. That meant she'd been able to at least calm down about the most recent case where Tony, low and behold, had gotten himself hurt. "It's always Tony," Abby mused out loud and tapped a black painted fingernail on her mouse. Swirling the thing around and watching the white pointer spin circles on her desktop, Abby heaved a sigh. She really should go talk to Gibbs. They couldn't leave this heaviness just hanging in the air. The team was noticing something was wrong.

Pushing back from the table, she spun the chair around and hopped down walking towards the elevator. When it "dinged" and opened up in front of her he was standing there. His gray eyes looked peculiarly bright today and his silver hair was cropped short in a new hair cut. He looked good in those black dress slacks and white button up. Why he wasn't wearing the over jacket anymore had Abby's thoughts going off again. Refocusing at Jethro clearing his throat, Abby smiled brightly. "You're just who I was-"

Ducky came through the stairwell and into the office with a folder in hand. "Ah, Jethro. I was looking for you. I looked over that case file from the deceased medical examiner. I think you are. Oh, do you know when the first medical examiner was used? You see it's very interesting…"

Gibbs grabbed the case file with a smile. "Some other time, Duck. We've got another scene." He looked to Abby and his smile changed. It smoothed out to gentler and softer smile than he normally gave.

"Oh, yes of course, Gibbs." Ducky kept rambling on though, about the first medical examiner and the details of the case involved.

"Here Abbs, you're going to need this."Jethro pulled his other hand from behind his back and gave her a Caf-Pow with a C.D. on top of it.

"Je- uh, Gibbs, you sly dog. Can't you just ever bring me a gift and skip the work?" she asked bounding off towards her computer with Caf-Pow in one hand and C.D. in the other.

She heard the older man chuckle but didn't turn around. The door closing announced Ducky's leaving probably to get the medical bag and Palmer all set to go. Feeling hot breath on her neck, Abby paused, realizing Jethro was now standing looking over her shoulder. "Thought I did that at the beginning of the week," he breathed into her ear sending shivers through her.

"Jethro! I thought we decided not to talk about that." Abby turned her head slightly so she could level a glare at him. As much as she felt it needed to be talked about, she couldn't pluck up enough courage to actually do it. She really hoped he would bring it up first.

" 'bout what Abby? I don't know what you're talking about." He grinned and watched her pop in the disk. "I need that cleaned up. It's the ransom note a Marine got just before a small explosion hit one end of his house.

Abby looked at the computer screen and nodded. "And I thought you were going to ask me to do something hard." She smiled clicking buttons and hitting keys.

"To me, it is." Gibbs laughed and patted her lower back. "Check in with me when you've got something." He landed a soft peck on her cheek then headed for the elevator again. There was something in the way he walked away from her, something almost reluctant. How she wished what she thought she was seeing was real. It was just slightly crazy to think of Gibbs breaking any of his rules, even after saying he was allowed to.

Abby turned around and started work on her computer wanting to find something just so she could have an excuse to talk to Gibbs again. "Come on, boys. We've got work to do," she said to her computers.