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Abby stood at the top of the stairs to Gibbs' basement. Images of Gibbs' looming over her from the other night at her place sat heavily in her mind. The two days after that had been perfect; one had been spent finishing up the latest case. The second had been the two of them out on the town all day and winding up at Jethro's by that night. So, this morning she was standing at the top of the basement stairs in one of Jethro's NCIS t-shirts, the hem hanging just over the rounding of her bottom. Her black panties shown in flashes each time she took a step. She felt beautiful.

Starting down the stairs she parked it halfway and found that the boat was missing. Funny, she'd thought she'd noticed it down here the day before. "Jethro…where's the boat?" she asked folding her arms around herself.

"I didn't need it anymore." He looked over at her from his workbench as he sat the last of the tools into the toolbox, finely polished. He tossed the brown stained red cloth onto the tabletop and smiled at Abby. "I was thinking, we have an two hours before we should head into work. Want me to make breakfast?" he asked standing and heading over towards the stairs.

Abby watched him with a smile and nodded. "I didn't know you knew how to cook, Jethro."

Gibbs scoffed. "Abbs, I'm a product of divorce…some habits were forced after losing so many wives."

Grabbing a hold of Gibbs' arm as he started up the stairs with her, Abby turned a hard look at him. "You won't break your promise if this gets serious, will you?" she asked with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

A frown grew over Jethero's face as he looked at her for some explanation. "What do you mean?"

"Don't ask me to marry you. I know your record with wives and I think we'll work out just fine if you stay in your place, I stay in mine and we keep out of that marriage game." The two of them made their way into the kitchen, Abby her normal chipper self despite how late they'd stayed up.

Gibbs was surprised he felt as good as he did. Letting out a thick roll of laughter from Abby's request, he nodded. "Yeah, good idea. Besides, I've had enough of marriage for two lifetimes." He moved further into the kitchen, dropping his arm from Abby so he could maneuver cooking a lot easier.

"Good." Abby took a perch on the counter top, away from the stove where she figured she'd be mostly out of the way. She watched Gibbs move around with practiced expertise. He gathered eggs, bacon, bread, milk- everything to make up a delicious home cooked breakfast.

The sizzling of eggs and bacon on the stove top and the sweetness of toasting bread washed over Abby's senses. It soothed her and eased her into thoughts. She only half realized she was voicing them aloud. "I'm jealous sometimes, you know. Of the team. I mean, I know I do my part in the lab…but I'm just a visitor upstairs." She shook her head and looked down. "I feel trapped sometimes. I can't help you guys out. Of course, I'd probably just freak out if I had to deal with everything you guys do." The silence that met Abby made her realize she was starting to ramble but couldn't seem to stop herself. "I mean, I have my lab. You guys see me, visit me I guess. I worry about everyone, but I don't save your guys' lives. You all save each other and help each other and bond with each other. What if what I'm doing with you right now is just to fill that lack of a work bond?"

Scooping food onto two plates while she rambled, Gibbs was able to finally turn off the stove. He turned around, ignoring the food for a moment, and eased his way over to Abby. Grabbing her by the shoulders he looked into her eyes, a thumb running soothingly over her cheek. "Abbs, you're saving so many people with the work you're doing. If we didn't have you in the lab, do you know how many people would have gotten away?" Gibbs smiled and pulled her into a hug so he could whisper in her ear. "Don't be silly, you've also saved nearly every single one of us from that lab of yours. Think back on all the cases. You've saved Tony's life maybe a hundred times." He chuckled a little.

The closeness of Gibbs, the rumble of his laugh, the smell of him- it all had Abby settling down and thinking straight. It was true, Tony had been in need of saving quite a few times and Abby had been the one to do it. She chuckled along with him and hugged him back. "I guess your right. I've just been stressing over needing to break away from the lab."

"Well, we need you there to back us up. You break away from it when you're here, with me." He pulled back to look into her eyes again. "Now can we eat before the food gets cold?" he asked.

Abby nodded and watched Gibbs step away to grab the plates from the counter. She followed him over to the small dinning table in the kitchen and sat to eat with him. She had to admit, the forced habit of cooking for himself turned Gibbs into a half-way decent cook. The good tasted good and made her feel a lot better. "You know, if we hurry up we'll have about an hour till work…" she looked up at Gibbs with a sexy smirk and wagged her eyebrows at him.