Last Scarifice

Rose and Drmitri conversation

As I laid there with my back to the bars I could hear

footsteps coming down the hall,

Without turning around I knew who it was.



That hurt so much hearing him call me by my nickname.

I didn't turn around in fear of losing control if I saw his face.

I still wanted to be mad at him for what he said to me that

night in the church.

"What are you doing here?" I said

"I just wanted to see you and make sure you are o.k." Dimitri said

"Well I'm alright and you don't need to pretend that you care.

You made it very clear on how you feel about me."

After a moment of silence and no response from him I continued,

"You should go now."

"Rose please turn around and look at me."

Against my better judgement I turned around. He took my breathe away like always.

I was pretty sure I took his breathe away also but with all that darn self control

of his he wasn't letting it show. We stared at each other for a good length of time

and I broke the gaze.

Staring at the ground I said

"Will you take care of Lissa for me when I am gone?"

Looking back up and meeting his gaze he had a look I had never seen on his face.

I wasn't sure if it was anger or sorrow.

"What do you mean when you are gone? I am not going to let them execute you.

Didn't I promise you that I would never abandon you?"

"Yes, but you also once told me that you loved me,

Turns out that was a nothing but a lie." He flinched at that.

I continued to say "So just promise me that you'll look out for her. She is what matters most, not me."

He just stared at me not saying a word. He was driving me nuts.


I was getting mad with the fact he wouldn't answer me. Finally he answered.

"Yes I will protect her but I will find out who killed the Queen and get you out of here.

And you DO MATTER. Never forget that, Rose."

To my suprise he had a single tear fall. Maybe he does still love me but well, lets face it

I am doomed unless I can get out of here. I got up and walked over to where he stood.

Looking him in the eyes I told him

" I will never forget what we had Dimitri and I will always love you.

I forgive you for the things you did to me when you were strigoi.

If I get out of this alive I will give up on us and move on.

Just as you want me to. Adrian loves me and even though I don't feel the

same way, I do care about him and I realize he is my life now."

With tears sliding down my face I leaned in and wrapped my arms around him.

He was clearly taken by suprise but after a few seconds he relaxed.

He whispered something to me in Russian and I felt his fingers run through my hair.

I cried in his arms and wished this would never end.

I heard the guard say

"2 more minutes then its time to go Gaurdian Belkiov."

I released my hold only to find Dimitri still holding on.

He pulled back to look at me and he too had been crying.

I leaned in and Kissed him lightly on the lips and then whispered

"take care and I hope you are able to forgive yourself someday."

With that I turned and walked away from the only person I will ever truely love.