She'd been the reason he started wearing suits and ties after high school. Because he simply adored the way they hung so loosely on her petite frame and the way her blonde hair spilled out over the finely pressed collar. He reveled in the way she squirmed when his ties were wrapped around her delicate wrists. Hissing when he pressed his lips to the patch of skin below her navel that was revealed to him when her back arched off the bed. The innocence in her movement only served to turn him on furthermore. He would thrust into her with abandon, waiting until he felt her toes against the back of his thigh. He would fuck her until she came with his name on her lips.

No matter how many times he fucked her though, the innocence was still there. That look in her eye, the way her body moved beneath his. That look was something that sparked fry inside of him. He'd destroyed much more innocent creatures than her and yet it was she who seemed to be breaking him. He would visit Nathaniel on the intent of lighting up and enjoying a game of pool later on, only to see her waking through the house. He couldn't blame it all on her though. He usually visited in the morning, knowing that she always slept in those shorts that showed off her leg just so. She would walk downstairs for breakfast and his eyes would devour the sight. She teased him innocence! He hadn't thought it to be possible.

She was sweet.

She was delicious.

She was his addiciton.

She wasn't Nathaniel's little sister when she moaned his name and came apart underneath him.

She was Natalie Archibald. Innocent temptress. He liked it that way.

She was his.