"You are such a little creep!" She screamed at him, tossing her glass at him. He ducks swiftly before straightening his jacket and glaring at her.

"And you're just little."

"I am not. I'm petite." She argues. Natalie has been protesting to the fact that she is small for the past eight and a half minutes. It's beginning to irritate Chuck on how she has a reply to every snarky, witty remark he says to her. His eyes roll as he leans against the door.

"Petite; short and having a small, trim figure." He says and this time she crosses her arms.

"Take it back! I am not short. I'm just not an Amazon like Serena or a nugget like Erik!" Her bros come together and it's too adorable for him to not chuckle. She frowns and walks up to him with her hands clasped around her hips. "And just what is so funny?" She demands.

"You. If I said the carpet was red and not burgundy, you would argue." He smirkss at her and she let out an irritated noise that's a mix of 'ugh' and 'Idiot'.

"I would not!" He raises an eyebrow at her.

"You're arguing about whether or not you would argue with me? Real sophisticated, Tali!" Chuck wraps his arms around her waist only to have her struggle uselessly in his hold. "Mmm, I love it when you squirm." She slaps him and he slaps her back, not hard enough to sting but hard enough to make sure she understands he doesn't do the whole 1950s slapping, resistance romance thing.

"Basstard!" She says as she pushes away from him.

"Why are you so upset that I called you little? Typically, that's what most girls thrive to hear!" She's silent and glaring as she purses her lips together.

"Being li-,er, petite, has it's advantages. For instance, easy lifting..." He picks her up the waist and hoists her onto the pool table.

"C'mon, Tali. Everyone knows big things come in small packages. Or small dresses..."His hand drifts to the inside of her thigh and she looks down to see and feel him push her underwear aside and plunge two talented fingers inside of her.

She begins to think being small isn't so bad and that having Chuck finger her on the pool table is an advantage to wearing dresses to school. He moves his fingers in out of her, playing with her until he can tell she needs it. He presses a bruising kiss on her lips befores he presses his thumb down on her clit -hard- and rubs small circles on it before he pulls away to see the way her eye roll back and her heels dangling off her feet as she curls her toes.

"Mmm, big, strong man fucks the innocent little girl. Kinky." He looks at her for a moment before speaking.

"Define big." He commands.