Sena's life

Genre: Humor, Adventure, and Supernatural! Pairings… hm…a lot of one sidedness for Sena…

Summary: Sena has fast healing prowess, and gets pains in his stomach when something bad is gonna happened and he's a klutz. In this fic, Mamori and Takami are seriously out to get anyone who tries to hurt Sena… so beware, Mamori's broom might have a hidden blade…and Takami knows various ways to kill…(Just kidding, or am I…?)

Disclaimer: I do not own Eyeshield 21 or any of the characters in it; if I have any OC's then I do own those!

Eyeshield 21 © Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke

Chapter 1: I wanna be like Mamori-neechan!

"Sigh… I wonder what Mamori-neechan is doing?" a small boy with big honey brown eyes and spiky wild hair wondered as he was packing up his black school bag just as the school bell had rung.

"That's all for today class" the teacher announced as he packed up as well. Some of the students complained about having to clean up while the boy got up to leave. But as he was stepping out the door a hand fell onto his shoulder, before even turning around the boy asked,

"What do you need Mamoru-kun?" the boy asked with a sweet voice; when he turned around he let out a bright happy smile. Flowers filled the background.

"E-eto … Sena we were just wondering if you didn't mind doing our chores for us?" blushes covered their faces, they couldn't look at him straight in the eyes.

"Hm, of course I don't mind…It's just, you'll let me borrow your shounen jump again right, cause you know how my mom feels about me reading manga…" he whispered and pouted, (adorable! (= W =))

"Y-yeah of course!" they turned bright red. After they left Sena was left to clean with a few others.

"Why do you let them do that to you Sena-kun, you know if you just said no they would've stayed behind" a brunette pig tail girl, holding a broom, lectured him as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Hm, oh. Well, I wanted to; they didn't force me, besides this way I can stay to chat with you Sara-chan~" he smiled. Sara turned pink as she stuttered "O-oh" he just giggled happily thinking 'Everyone is so funny' as he went on wiping the desks.

Sena has always been this way, ever since that faithful day back in elementary school.

(Starting with the childhood arc!)

"Hahaha, stupid, this is what you get chibi!" a bunch of boys bullied Sena just because he was popular with the girls because he was so small.

"Hey you! Stop bullying Sena!" A girl with short red hair and blue eyes shouted to the rescue as she chased after the bullies. Afterwards she gave the still sobbing Sena a piggyback ride home.

"Sena is sweet, so it's okay, I like Sena just the way he is" she tried to cheer him up. But he was determined to get stronger and protect Mamori one day instead of vice versa. That's when he came into the picture. Kaitani, Riku.

That day, it was just after school and the sun was still high in the sky. Sena was trying to stand up for himself by telling the bullies that he wouldn't carry all their bags, though stuttering did not help. Even though he was fairly determined he just didn't have that much practice with speaking without stuttering. They were just about to land a hit so he braced himself with his arms, but nothing happened all he felt was a gust of wind. He looked up to see all the bullies with their pants around their ankles…the perpetrator was swinging their belts in his hands.

"So… cool" Sena muttered to himself as he just sat there on the ground as the bullies quickly pick up their pants while running and shouting curses to his savior, Kaitani Riku . He snapped out his stupor when a voice called out to him.

"Hey why didn't you fight back?"

"F-fight back… well I tried… but I'm just too weak…" tears pushed their way onto his face, but he struggled to hold them back. That's when Mamori-neechan came to the rescue again!

"Hey you, don't bully Sena" she pointed her accusing finger at the boy with the blazing white hair and emerald green eyes as she came between him and Sena.


"U-uh, n-no, you've got it all wrong Mamori-neechan… Kaitani-san helped me!" Sena stood up as he pulled her shirt lightly to stop her mothering.

"O-oh. Thank-you and I apologize for yelling at you…" she smiled apparently embarrassed.

"No, it's fine"

From that day forward Riku had become friends with Mamori and Sena, and taught Sena that he shouldn't let Mamori defend him like that anymore, that he should protect himself. So he taught Sena in secret, the secret to running fast, if he can't beat the other person just out run them. It wasn't running away (or so he said), and so Sena practiced because he idolized Riku, though there was one odd thing about Riku, he kept on insisting that Sena call him his Nii-san. Then came the faithful day that Riku had to leave…

And after Riku left, the bullies started to go after poor little Sena all over again, and the more he ran the more they went after him (he didn't want to use his speed to beat them up, well cause that'd make him just like them, and that's no good). He wanted to continue down this path, the path of running, but at the same time he needed a defense mechanism if they ever caught him by surprise. So he…

"Mamori-neechan?" the ice cream in his hand was melting, so he quickly licked it. They were situated on a bench in front a pastry store under the shade of a tree.

"Hm, yes Sena, what is it?" she asked eating crème puffs, quite happily.

"I- I want to become strong like you!" he put up his brave face which came out as a cute pout.

"That's good to hear" she giggled.

"No, what I mean to say is… can you teach me how to become like you?"

"Well, Sena you see you're a bo-" she couldn't finish her sentence, his tear filled eyes just didn't let her. They were begging her…

"Oh, so cute!" she squeezed him… forgetting the ice cream in his little hands.

"A-ah, Mamori-neechan my ice cream…" he stated, she immediately let go… Now the remnants of the ice cream laid splattered on both their clothing…

"Ah… Hahaha!" Sena laughed and Mamori joined in. After cleaning up Mamori thought of something, what Sena needed was confidence. So they went over to Mamori's house and asked her mom if Sena could join his mother in their cooking class? What better way than to socialize, if not with kids his own age, then with some nice ladies. And his mom would be there as well.

And soon enough Sena's mom was bragging about her son's cooking ability, which surprised her (because she can't cook…) and that made Sena's day.

Next he needed to get associated with other people around his age, but no one violent… who Mamori pondered… the music club came to her mind. 'A peaceful group of children, perfect. Now what instrument should Sena play?'

Meanwhile Sena kept practicing running unbeknownst to Mamori or his family; the only people who knew were his neighbors whom woke up as early as he did during his morning runs, so he would bring over some things he learned how to make in cooking class, for them; they seemed to enjoy his visits.

"Mamori-neechan, thank-you, cooking is fun!" and he did think so, especially when people complemented him on it and he got to take the leftovers home, this was great because again his mother couldn't cook.

"That's good Sena. Now I was wondering, would you like to try something else?" they were walking home together after school because today she didn't have anything to do afterschool.

"What?" he asked curiously tilting his head a little, which he saw the ladies in his mother cooking class do often, with his big brown eyes he looked so innocent.

'Cute!' "Um, how about joining music club? You'll meet lots of nice people there!" she said grabbing his shoulders gently. Before he would have flinched, but now he stared straight into her eyes.

"I don't know… I can't play anything…" he bit his forefinger as he held his little hand to his face (another habit he picked up).

"Don't worry you don't have to know, you'll learn. And then you'll have something to talk about with other kids" she pushed on. He looked a little weary about it, but she was right about the cooking class, so why not. And soon he started to practice piano and other instruments, but mostly piano.


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