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Chapter 73: Big Fans, Jealous Boyfriends

Outside, still San Antonio

"Scarlet-sama!" Taki laughed as he twirled around the chibi and Suzuna, who happened to be walking.

"…Um, Sena is fine" 'I'm not important enough to be addressed with anything above -kun or maybe -san' Sena thought, in fact everyone called him Sena, not many people ever addressed him with a suffix of -kun, and no one ever called him Sena-san.

"Sena-sama!" Taki threw out.

"…No sama please" Sena smiled wearily, "I'm not anyone important" Sena shook his head as he placed back on his sunglasses. (KH: I kinda find that ironic… but with the baka shouting out Scarlet this and Scarlet that someone might figure him out.)

"But-" Taki tried to rebut as he was trying to get Sena's attention by constantly spinning around.

"Alright already! Sena doesn't like to be called -sama, just Sena, means you're close enough to him to be his friend, right! ?" Suzuna explained, waving her arms.

"Ahaha! That's right! Sena!" Taki announced and started twirling away.

"*Sigh*, thank-you Suzuna-chan" Sena sighed and sweat dropped.

"No problem, you have to know how an idiot's mind work or you'll be plagued with headaches…" she said with wide and serious eyes, they were twitching.

"Haha… Okay, um Natsuhiko-kun, would you like to join the Deimon Devil Bats? They're my school's football team" Sena tried to change the subject; he didn't really want to berate anyone. (KH: But an idiot is an idiot…)

"Eh! Really?" Suzuna turned to Sena then to her brother who was stunned quiet.


"Really, we really need a tight-end. I'm sure you'll be perfect, but-"

"But what? !" both siblings asked flinching forward, making Sena flinch back.

"Um, you kind of need to be a student…" the two looked down casted 'These siblings are actually similar to each other, more than they care to admit… Well more than Suzuna-chan cares to admit'

"Don't worry, there is midyear entrance exam, though it's only for one, I'm sure I (Or rather Yo-chan) can secure it for you, you just need to pass it… is that okay?"

"Did you hear that Baka Aniki, this is your chance!" Taki was quiet but then started twirling "Sena's done a lot for us, Aniki… you should at least try your best"

"Ahaha! I'll do better than my best, I'll perform at 120%!"

"That's good to hear, because the Demon Devil Bats all give 120%, we defy odds and crush those who dare say they're better than us!"

"…" the siblings were stunned, at first they thought it was Sena who said that… but the voice was too scratchy…

"What was that?" Suzuna asked first, snapping from her stupor.

"Ah, Devi!" Sena looked up to the sky and down the devil bat doll descended. It landed in the tuff of wild multi-brown colored hair.

"D-Did that doll just talked…?" Suzuna asked pointing to the red bat with a shaky finger.

"Oh, yes, I have lots of dolls that can talk, I'm into reverse voodoo!" Sena chirped, while waving his arms.

"…" 'Well that fits Scarlet's image…' Suzuna thought. Suzuna then looked at the blushing boy with the doll on his wild chocolate colored hair. '…'

"Devi, where is Yo-chan and the others currently?" Sena asked the doll perched on his head.

"Route 10!" the doll announced.

"Hm, I see… they're not that far ahead, we can catch up" Sena turned to Suzuna.

"Okay, let's go, come on Baka Aniki!" Suzuna pulled her brother.

"T-T-The d-d-doll talked!" Taki pointed while being dragged by his little sister (KH: Wow he's slow…)

"Wait, can we hit a supermarket first?" Sena asked, making Suzuna turn around.

"Um, sure" she nodded, but she had kind of a questioning look on her face.

"I'm going to make dinner for them, as an apology for just running off without any notice; I probably caused them to worry…" Sena looked up at the sky solemnly.

'Sena…' "Mm, that's fine, let's go" Suzuna shook her head.

"Okay" he turned to smile at her "but speaking of food, we haven't eaten yet, let's go to a restaurant too. My treat" Sena smiled as he pulled Suzuna, whom pulled Taki along.

"T-The d-doll!" Taki pointed.

"Get over it idiot!" Devi screeched as he turned in his nest/ Sena's hair…

"H-Hai…" Taki whimpered as his nose dripped.

"Now Devi, be nice!" Sena lectured taking the bat off his head and taking into its large face.

"…Sorry… idiot" Devi muttered, looking away.

"*Sigh*" Sena sighed, as he placed Devi back on his head.

"It's fine Sena, he is what he is" Suzuna stated, as Sena took out a red cell phone.

"Oh, can I have your number… or…um… never mind ignore that" Suzuna blushed as she tucked her hair behind her head, looking away.

"Hm, Oh, this cell phone is only for business" Sena showed the phone "my cell phone for club and friends is- A-re… where'd it go…" Sena checked his pockets.

"You dropped it, Hiruma has it" Devi told him, trying to get comfortable again in Sena's hair.

"Ah, okay, that's a relief… I thought I lost another one" Sena sighed a sigh of relief.

"Hahaha, you're forgetful aren't you?" Suzuna teased as a cab came up to them.

They got into the cab; Sena told the man the directions and sat back.

"Mm, not really, the first one… well let's just say someone has something against me…"

"There's a person who wishes to harm Scarlet!" Taki shouted.

URRRRRRK! The cab driver slammed on the brakes!

"BAKA ANIKI!" Suzuna throttled her brother back and forth for nearly have killed them.

"I'm so sorry about that sir, is everything alright?" Sena asked leaning forward.

The man didn't answer, he just shuffled through the glove compartment, and pulled out a notepad and pen, and handed it to Sena.

"Um… Am I supposed to write down something?" Sena took the items.

"Autograph" (Translation: I am your fan, and I would like your autograph Scarlet)

'He speaks powerful-go…' Sena thought astonished, then uncapped the pen and signed Scarlett, and handed back to the flush man, "Here you are" (People who are fans knows Scarlet signs his name with two T's)

"Thanks" the man thanked and then he took them all the way to the market area.

"How much do I owe?" Sena asked as they got out of the cab.

"Free" (Translation: This ride is on the house, anything for Scarlett)

"Aw~ How sweet. But I really can't, your job is to give people rides, and they have to pay, I'm no different than everyone else" Sena handed the man a twenty.

"Mm" the man nodded, took the money, he was about to hand back the change.

"Keep it, as an apology for my friend's outburst; I hope you'll be alright"

"Tough" the man slammed his chest (Translation: I have years of experience in this field, lots of people come and go, this ain't gonna hurt me, I'm tough as nails) (A/N: That was long!)

"Oh, okay then, thank-you" Sena took back the change and the man drove off.

After they went to eat…Now in a supermarket.

"I'll protect your highness with everything I've got 210%!" Taki was blabbing on, Sena just smiled and nodded as Suzuna rubbed her temples.

"Ano, Sena, why didn't you go to one of the open market areas, isn't the stuff there fresher?"

"I'm going to go there next, but as of right now I need some canned goods, seeing as this trip will last for another thirty something days"

"Ah, I guess you will then" Suzuna nodded as all three walked through the automated door.

"But another reason I wanted to come to a supermarket is because-" Sena grinned making Suzuna blink.


The three of them went speeding by on a shopping cart! Dodging both pedestrians and grocery goods!

"Why are we doing this? !" Suzuna asked, as she clung onto the cart as they rounded a bend, and went into another aisle.

"Because it's fun!" Sena who was pushing the cart, jumped on and spread his arms like he was flying, he was piling in stuff from the passing aisles.

"…" 'Baka Aniki is enjoying this too…' she turned to her brother who was laughing manically.

"Besides we'll never get the chance again, back home we only have carrying bags, or the carts are too small for this!"

"I guess you're right!" Suzuna smiled.

"Yup, live it up! Woo!" Sena pumped his arms in a cheer!

"Hey you three!" a man in a burgundy apron jumped in front of them, causing them to crash into a pile of cans, when Sena veered to avoid a crash with the man.

"Owie, ow, ow!" Sena was upside down "Ouch!" Suzuna was lying next to him, but she was right side up "Ahaha…" Taki's eyes were spinning.

"What do you think you're… Oh my god! You're Scarlet!"

"Hey~" Sena greeted grinning, while still upside down. After paying for the damages, which he didn't have too, because the owner was a big fan, but he wanted too anyways, and he bought lots of can goods, they were off to the outdoor market.

Suzuna watched as he ruffled through the grocery bags, pulling out shiny purple eggplant "How come everyone knows you?" Suzuna asked, they were finally on the road, Sena wanted to run there so they were running after him, while he ran backwards, which they thought was amazing, so it was safe to say they didn't notice the rock he was kicking…

"Mm… Maybe it's because my debut was here in San Antonio…?" Sena stated/ wondered.

"Ah…" Suzuna nodded, trying to keep up with Sena, though he was running backwards he was faster than they were.

"Ahaha! I knew that!" Taki panted.

"Duh, because you're obsessed…" she rolled her eyes.

"Mm, I don't think Natsuhiko-kun is obsessed with me, if he were… he'd be mobbed" Sena smiled, turning to look at the road ahead; Taki blanched.

"…" Suzuna imagined her idiot brother carrying Sena off, and a mob coming to attack him, of course they'd set Sena down gently first, and then attack Taki with pitchforks and torches… She grimaced.

"Ah, there's the truck!" Sena pointed, and then ZOOOM, he was already there… the siblings just blinked.

"S-Sena-chi!" a car door open and "Ah!" Sena was tackled by a wailing and sniffling Hana.

"…Sh, sh, it's okay Hana" he soothed his baby cousin.

"O-Oi Sena, what happened?" Juumonji asked getting up from the back, the other linemen and linebacker were there too.

"Where have you been, man, Hiruma was going beserk! The monkey and Yuki-senpai are being murdered right now (since they're running with Hiruma), Anezaki had to go and check on them to see if they're still breathing" Kuroki explained…

"I went and found us a tight-end!" Sena pointed to the blonde in the distance.

"Huh?" "Huuh?" "Huuuh?"

"Ah, I missed that" Sena cooed, making all three blush.

"S-Sena-kun!" Kurita rolled over to the edge of the truck and lifted his head; Komusubi was on top of his back, "S-Sena!"

"Hello to you too, Kurita-senpai, Daikichi-kun"

"H-Hiruma… Hiruma got you something…" Kurita continued as he peered over the edge of the truck, and then looked away.

"?" Sena tilted his head "What is it?" he looked around, everyone avoided looking at him, even Hana who was still sniffling.

"You'll find out when we catch up to them…" Doburoku cleared his throat, and blushed while sipping some sake.

Later that evening, the sun is going down, orange and red, and the air is cooling, more so than the scorching daytime. Hana had cried herself to sleep. Juumonji was keeping an eye on her in the back of the truck while everyone gathered around a campfire.

"Kuso Chibi!" Hiruma bellowed as he stalked over to the sitting chibi.

"Scarlet-san… you got a hair cut" Mamori pointed out, Sena forgot the wig…

"Ah, y-yes, d-do you like it…?" Sena stuttered, everyone could tell he was lying, well everyone besides Mamori.

"Yes, you look cute… though I can't but help but think I've seen this hair somewhere before…"

"…" everyone sweat dropped…

Sena had already explained to both siblings, well to Suzuna and she explained to her brother that Sena's identity must remain a secret as both Scarlet and Eyeshield.

"I missed you al- Yo-chan what are you doing?" Sena looked down at his boyfriend's arm as he worked on something; he was fastening something on Sena's neck, pushing Sena's chin up, and a click was heard.

"There…" Hiruma tugged on it a little to make sure that it wasn't too snug, even if he sometimes wants to, he wouldn't really choke the chibi.

"…A collar… and tags?" Sena felt the black leather collar and silver tags. 'Property of Hiruma Yoichi, Tel: XXX-XXX-XXXX'

"…" everyone was quiet.

"Yo-chan, I'm not a dog"

"You keep getting lost and picking up perverts… Once they see this they'll know to stay away" there was a hidden 'or else' at the end.

'And you're not a pervert?' everyone wondered except Taki who stunned that Sena his idol had allowed the man to do that.

"Ah, oh, that's right, mina (everyone), this is Taki Suzuna, and Taki Natsuhiko, our Head cheerleader and our tight-end"

"Cool" Toganou and the others agreed.

"A c-cheerleader?" Yukimitsu asked, blinking.

"Yup! Even though I don't go to Deimon, I can still cheer you all on, Ya~!" red pompoms appeared out of nowhere, as Suzuna flipped. They clapped.

"Tight-end, what's that?" Toganou asked.

"A person who can play all positions! Versatile, isn't he?" Sena smiled.

"Yeah that's coo-" Monta agreed, or he would have if someone hadn't interrupted.

"Who says I'll let him join"

"…" everyone turn to Hiruma.

"We only have one slot for this position, there's no way I'll give it to an amateur" Taki visibly wilted.

"…What if he finishes the rest of the course with us, if he makes it to the end, will you give him a shot?" Sena asked as he turned to the truck and pulled over his knapsack. Turning around he had a bag in his arms.

"We have a month left, if you can make it… I'll think about it" Hiruma announced as he walked over to Sena, and pressed him up against his side.

"Arigatou~" Sena hugged and snuggled his face into Hiruma's abs.

"I missed you, I missed you, I missed you" Sena chanted.

"Then don't fuckin' leave" Hiruma muttered looking down at the brunette as he threaded his hand into soft tuff of chocolate brown, making them go every which way.

"Ah man, I'm starving…" Kuroki muttered as he turned away from the sappy scene. Everyone looked away too.

"Ah, that reminds me, we'll have Unaju tonight!" (Eel and rice bowl, which is marinated grilled eel with rice)

"Where are we gonna get eel, Sena-kun?" Kurita asked, though he was craving a good home cooked meal.

"We're in the middle of America" Toganou added.

"Here!" Sena pulled out a pack of vacuum sealed precooked eel out of his bag, there was more in it too!


"Hey, if Yo-chan can smuggle in guns, I can smuggle in precooked vacuum sealed eel, besides it's only for our consumption, ne~" Sena turned over to Suzuna for moral support.

"U-Uh, un!" she nodded, she too was craving a Japanese style meal; it had been just way too long.

"Well if you don't want Unaju, I guess I can make some vegetable curry too?" Sena pulled out his grocery bags. He thought that Suzuna hesitated because she didn't want eel, 'Besides, variety is always good'

"That sounds good, I'll help" Mamori inputted.

"Right, then, ah, I only have American eggplants… sorry, I couldn't bring eggplants they would have spoiled…" Sena moped as he rubbed the eggplant he just bought from the market.

'… Sena, you think of everything…' "That's fine" they all agreed.



And so began the Japanese camp-cook out in America, where an almost complete team will venture forward past harsh terrains and meet unsuspecting weather, and circumstance. Their wits and body will be pushed to the limit, some think of quitting but they all pushed forward together!

"Kuso chibi… what are you doing?" everyone had gone to sleep, the girls got the front of the truck, while Hana chose to sleep next to her older cousin, who was lying next to a wide awake blonde captain.

"Writing in my journal" Sena said in a whisper, as to not wake Hana, she refused to let him go after he woke her up for dinner.

"… About things that haven't happen yet?" Hiruma peered down at the journal.

"It's called being imaginative~" Sena countered with a pout.

Hiruma chuckled, leaned down and kissed Sena. Sena leaned into it, and after a few seconds pulled back.

"Yo-chan, are you feeling better now?" Sena asked, concern in his eyes.

"…" Hiruma arched a fine eyebrow.

"You were moping about something?" Sena closed his journal and sat up, propped up on his elbows.

"… Sigh, it's nothing, go to sleep" Hiruma turned back to his laptop.

"… Was it about me? About this curse…?"


"I'll be fine, don't worry about me…" Sena sat up, then turned to smile at him "We'll definitely go to the Christmas B-" Hiruma pulled Sena into a rough hugged.

After a few minutes, "Yo-cha-"

"Shut up" Sena did just that, he stayed still in the tight embrace. It was a bit suffocating, but he stayed absolutely still.

Hiruma wondered if Sena had fallen asleep, he looked down, and Sena was looking up at him with flush cheeks and a dazed look in his eyes. The glossy amber colored eyes staring deeply at him.

First reaction, blush (of course he would never admit he did) and second reaction, check to see if Sena was breathing.


"Hai…?" his voice was heavy, like he just woke up. Hiruma pulled back a little, to get a better look at his eyes, Sena whimpered at the loss of body heat.

Was that lust in Sena's eyes, that's what Hiruma wondered…

Hiruma slid his right hand down Sena's face, caressing his cheek, and stopped where shoulder met neck, at the nape, making the boy shudder.

Hiruma moved his left hand, kept it station on Sena's right cheek, thumb lifting Sena's chin upwards, and he slowly bent down as Sena, only a few centimeters away from each other, and Sena makes the first move. Trying to pull his older boyfriend closer, closing the gap-

"Cough!" Sena flinched, and stopped moving.

"GRR!" Hiruma growled, and turned to the source of the sound.

"Huh?" Sena blinked, and look across the truck, and spotted the bright red teammates.

"GO TO FUCKIN' SLEEP!" Hiruma took out his semi-automatic and fired multiple shots. Thus waking Hana up.

"Sena-chi, is something wrong? Is it morning?"

"No, Hana, nothing's wrong, it's still nighttime, go back to sleep, mm-kay?" Sena re-tucked in the small girl.

"Mm, okay…" Hana nodded and snuggled in closer to Sena, and closed her eyes, instantly falling back into a deep sleep.

"…Go to sleep chibi, we got work to do in the morning…" Hiruma grumbled as he laid his riffle to his other side, and settled back into a comfortable position, with his laptop on his lap.

"Okay, goodnight Yoichi" Sena settled down his head on his pillow, and turned towards Hana.

"….goodnight" Hiruma whispered, and went back to typing, and checking up on info on their upcoming opponents.

'So damn close…' Hiruma grumbled inwardly, and he clicked away.

Unknowingly, Sena was thinking something along the lines of the same thing…

'So gosh darn close, sigh…' Sena closed his eyes and listened to the soft clicking noises and finally succumbed to the darkness.


KH: I know, I know, I'm a horrible person! But my muse, and my computer was not cooperating!... Okay shoot me, but please don't stop reading, I'm only half-way done, I have the ending all planned out!

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~What happened during Lunch~

Taki: How dare he collar Scarlet-sama!

Suzuna: And we're back to the sama… Baka Aniki, if you screw this up, its over! Just keep quiet, he's Sena's boyfriend, so you have no say in what they do! *raps Taki over the head*

Taki: B-B-B-BOYFRIEND? ! *Eyes the size of dinner plates*

Suzuna: That's what I said...

Taki: ARIENAIIIIIIIII! (IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEE!) *crumbles to the ground, wracking in grief, sobbing uncontrollably*

Suzuna: Stop acting like a baby! Get over it!

Sena: *walks over and kneels down* Natsuhiko-kun, hai, I made you some unaju and curry, eat up while it's still hot, and remember to give it your all, your 120% like you promise~ *smiles*

Taki: *Takes the bowl and palate* sniffles…hai… *nods solemnly*

Sena: *Pats Taki's head softly* That's more like it, I don't like to see my friends sad, cheer up, okay? We'll have lots of fun together, as a team. We're going to the championships, the Christmas Bowl! Ganbatte, mm mm *nods*

Taki: *More determination* Hai! We're the best, Aha-ha! *is up and twirling around with one leg up, and two bowls in two hands*

Suzuna: I don't get how you do it…? *Shakes head*

Sena: Do what? *tilts head to the side*

*Remember, Simple minded people understand how simple minded people think… one way track, just keep them occupied with something else, and they'll forget…*