The Starter the Adventure

Dawn had barely broken over New Bark Town, but the small town was alive and bustling. Men and women were preparing to head to their jobs in far off towns, releasing out Pidgeot, Noctowl and Mantine to fly there. Crying babies awoke their struggling parents, and restless children yelled for their meals.

A small cottage resided at the edge of the town. It was two stories with a triangular roof and a small balcony on top. The wood had been painted a rich purple, which made the grey roof tiles stick out. The front door was bright blue, and the windows lime green. A rainbow of flowers surrounded the perimeter of the house, with assorted spinning plastic flowers, gnomes of numerous sizes and a metre high, candy floss pink bird's house sticking out of the ground.

Inside, a young girl of twelve sorted through an orange backpack. Krystal, or Kris, as she preferred to be called, had made a last minute decision the previous night, and hoped it was the right one. She shoved changes of clothes, sunscreen, a toiletries bag and a large hat into the bag, before flopping down onto the sofa. Kris had been putting off going on a journey for years in order to take care of her mum, and she if now was too late. The battle she had seen last night of Leaf and Red battling had inspired her, and she didn't think she could contain herself any longer. But what would happen to her mum, the house, the bills? How could Kris abandon her mother like that in her hour of need?

"Talk about a rock and a hard place." Kris groaned. Just then, there was a tapping at the windows. Kris looked up and saw a Noctowl scratching at the glass, trying to get in.

"Hello Hooty." Kris said brightly. She was happy that something could take her mind off things, and ran over to unlock the door. Hooty flew in, flapping his wings happily, and landed on a sofa cushion.

"Noc Noc?" He hooted, stared at the bag.

"I'm going out on a Pokemon journey." Kris explained. "Well, possibly. I am not sure if I can leave you and mum behind."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Kris twisted her body around, though Hooty's head perfectly turned 180 degrees, and the two stared at the doorway. Kris' mum walked slowly through, wearing a fluffy purple dressing gown and tying a pink bandanna around her head.

"You are going on your journey and that's final!" She said, and pushed the bag towards Kris.

"But who is going to help you tend the garden, or help you pay the bills, or take you to the hospital?" Kris babbled.

"I have cancer Krystal, I am not dead yet." Her mum replied strongly. "I had nerves like you before I went on my journey. It took a certain Hoothoot to keep me under control and stop me from running home." And she stroked Hooty's head, who hooted softly. Kris took a deep breath and sat down.

"You're right. I need to go on this journey, and I need to do better than you." She added cheekily. Her mother laughed loudly and ruffled her hair.

"Come on, let's get some food in you before you head off."

One meal, three bag re-packings and numerous emotional hugs later, Kris stood on the front doorstep, looking towards Professor Elm's lab in the distance. She had always marvelled and the green and light brown building, and now Kris could finally enter what she had once seen as a mythical place.

"If you don't go now, the Chikorita you'd want will be gone." Kris looked up at her mum, who stood behind her with Hooty. Tears were streaming down all three of their faces, and there was one last hug before Kris began to walk.

"As soon as I get a flying type, I'll send you letters!" Kris yelled, walking backwards and waving. "Bye!"

"Bye darling, stay safe!" Her mum yelled back. Hooty hooted and waved his wing, and Kris chuckled. She turned around the right way and walked determinedly towards the lab. The famous New Bark Town wind pushed against her as she walked, and her white coat was flapping behind her. Kris clung onto her orange bag and power walked, trying to get out of the freezing cold. She passed by houses that were built similar to hers, though with more conventional colour schemes. Old ladies Kris knew from town waved at her and wished her luck, while several old friends hugged her and bade her farewell. Kris was beginning to feel more confident, and she was soon running towards the lab, rushing through the green grass, thumping up the wooden steps and through the glass doors as they parted.

Kris had been expecting the lab to look like the control room on Star Trek. However, the lab was pretty simple. There were computers in varying sizes on either side, with a big one at the back. Tables were cluttered with supplies and equipment, and it all seemed rather messy. At the back of the room, the only person in the lab was bent over another table, muttering to himself.

"Um, Professor Elm?" Kris asked nervously. There was yelp, and the Professor turned away.

"You surprised me." He said, panting slightly. "Come here, come here." Kris examined the strange man as she put her bag on her shoulders. Professor Elm had brown, thinning hair and glasses. He was wearing a long white lab coat over a turquoise shirt and brown trousers. Kris could tell he was a bit weird, and hoped he wouldn't be too eccentric.

"Why isn't anyone else here?" Kris asked.

"The lab is always closed in the morning on new-trainer day." Professor Elm replied. "It gives me time to properly sort the new trainers out, without any interruptions." He beckoned Kris towards the metal table behind him. Three PokeDexes were on the table, waiting for the trainer to choose them.

"Where are the PokeBalls?" Kris asked.

"Inside here." Professor Elm said, and pressed a button under the desk. There was a whirring sound, and Kris watched as two dozen tiles besides the table disappeared. A circular shaped machine rose up, stopping at chest height. Professor Elm brought a chair over, and Kris sat down in front of a glass screen. Three PokeBalls could be seen behind it, and there was a joystick to control it.

"Just simply move the joystick to move the PokeBalls around. A hologram will appear of each Pokemon inside when they pass." Professor Elm explained. "When you find the one you want, press the red button." And pointed towards the big red button besides the joystick.

"I already know who I want." Kris said happily, and moved the joystick around. There was a whirr, and the first PokeBall appeared.

Would you like the Fire type, Cyndaquil?
The computer asked. Kris shook her head and moved away from the echidna.

Would you like the Water type, Totodile?
The computer inquired again. Kris moved the joystick again, and smiled as the one she wanted appeared.

Would you like the Grass type

"Chikorita, YES!" Kris yelled happily, and pressed the red button. There was a whirring sound, and the PokeBall disappeared, before rolling into a hatch like in a vending machine. Kris exuberantly grabbed the ball and pressed the button. Chikorita formed onto the table besides a PokeDex. Her green skin glowed in the early morning sunlight shining through the window, and her leaf seemed to be bursting with light.

"Chiko!" She said, and leapt into Kris' arms.

"I am so happy to have you." Kris said, and hugged her tightly.

"This Chikorita is the last of three triplets, all female." Professor Elm explained. "If you ever find a girl called Lyla or Alexis, I am sure Chikorita would like to see her sisters."

"I'll remember that." Kris said, and nuzzled her Pokemon. Professor Elm grabbed one of the PokeDexes and passed it over.

"As you have received a starter, we would like you to record any Pokemon you find." Professor Elm. "A Pokemon will be registered as soon as you see it, and once you capture a Pokemon, the PokeDex can register its cry, height, weight, facts, footprint, you name it!" Kris accepted the red device, which was fully touch screen, and she and Chikorita examined it. Professor Elm then grabbed something else from inside his coat pocket: a bright pink PokeGear.

"Oh my god, I've always wanted one!" Kris shrieked, and quickly grabbed it.

"Just in case you ever get into trouble or I need to tell you something, that there for you to use." Elm said. "You can also register your friends numbers and those of people you battle."

"Thank you so much Professor." Kris said, and hugged her Chikorita and new toys excitedly.

"Rita Chika Chiko!" Chikorita said, and shook her leaf in delight. There was a whirring sound, and the three stared towards the glass doors.

A boy, by the looks of things in his early teens, waltzed in through the front doors. He was wearing a red leather jacket with white lining, designer black jeans and $500 red and white trainers. A black cap was turned backwards, causing hair to ruffle through the hole. The boy took off his sunglasses, revealing his handsome features and deep green eyes. Kris gasped as soon as she recognised the thirteen year old: Ethan Hartley, the son of the wealthiest people in town, Harold and Henrietta Hartley. They ran Hart Industries, a company that ran nearly everything in Johto, from the National Park to the Magnet Train. Ethan, or Gold, as he preferred to be called, was one of eight children and third in line for the deed to the company. What he was doing here Kris had no clue, but she could feel her heart pumping vigorously, and her stomach boiling: these weren't with love, they were with pure hatred.

"Hello, may I help you, Mr Hartley?" Elm questioned suspiciously. Gold stopped in his tracks and examined the scene in front of him.

"I am here to get a Pokemon, of course." He scoffed, before looking at Kris. "Well well well, if it ain't Krystal Soul." He sneered. "You haven't changed a bit."

"Hello there Gold." Kris said through clenched teeth. Gold smirked and turned towards the machine.

"And what exactly does this little contraption do?" He said, and fiddled with the joystick. Elm walked forwards and grabbed it, stopping him from playing with it. Chikorita was very confused by the situation, and passed time by nibbling on the PokeDex.

"Why are you even entering the Johto League?" Kris asked. "You have any enough money and fame, so-"

"I am not bothering to answer your pathetic, jealous questions yet." Gold interrupted. "I am here to get my first Pokemon, and that is all." And he pressed the red button. Elm groaned as a PokeBall rolled into the hatch. Gold happily grabbed it and pressed the button. The water type Totodile formed on the ground, where it examined his new trainer. The blue, crocodile like Pokemon had a nasty look in its eye, and its eyes drifted towards Chikorita, who cowered in fright.

"I'd like to keep this one then thanks." Gold said, and pocketed the PokeBall. Professor Elm sighed and tossed him a PokeDex, which Gold only narrowly caught. He went to pass a PokeGear over, but Gold pulled his own one out.
"I have my own one." He said, waving his blue one around. "I don't need handouts like some people." Kris growled at him, but couldn't look away from his arrogant smirk, or the nasty smile of his Totodile.

"Chikorita Chik." Chikorita huffed, and she leapt down from Kris' arms and by her legs. She grabbed onto the end of Kris' yellow and black pants and pulled her towards the doors.

"Calm down, calm down!" Kris chuckled. "I guess we're off them Professor. I'll give you a call once I reach Cherrygrove City."

"See you soon!" Professor Elm said, and he waved goodbye. Gold watched huffily as Kris walked off, about to begin her journey.

"OI!" He yelled. Kris growled and froze.

"What is it?" She snapped, refusing to look at him.

"I want to test this Totodile out on you." Gold explained. "So, can I have my first win over you?" Kris scoffed and turned.

"I highly doubt it." She chuckled, and Chikorita laughed as well, though Totodile snarled and she backed down. "I'd love to play a game," Kris continued sarcastically, "but I have to go and win my first badge. Au revoir." And Kris headed back for the door.

"Don't be so weak!" Gold snapped. "My father told me your father never backed down from a battle. Looks like you aren't daddy's little girl then." Kris froze once more, but her right eye was twitching, and her hands were balled up into fists. How dare he mentioned her father, he knew nothing about him. Then again, Kris didn't know too much herself, but she wouldn't let Gold wind her up using him of all people.

"Chikorita, do you want to teach this scum a lesson?" Kris whispered. Chikorita looked back at the snarling Totodile.

"Rita!" She said. Kris nodded, and the two women turned to begin their first battle.

Professor Elm cleared away a space for the two trainers. Within ten minutes, all of his breakable supplies were locked up, his special equipment was stored away, and a five metre space had been cleared. Kris and Chikorita stood at one end, and Gold and Totodile at the other. Professor Elm rushed to the middle, holding a whistle and a 10 cent coin.

"This is a one-on-one battle." He announced. "The battle will end when one Pokemon has fainted. I will blow my whistle when the battle has ended. Now Kris, heads or tails?" Kris was confused by the statement, but she noticed the coin and clicked.

"Heads." She said happily. Elm flipped the coin, and it spun in mid air before landing on his open palm. The face of a Zangoose, a rare Pokemon from Hoenn, was showing, instead of that of a Seviper. Kris grinned happily and Gold groaned.

"Kris will make the first move." Elm said. "Remember both your Pokemon only know two moves."

"Only two?" Gold gasped, and he quickly flicked through his PokeDex listings. Elm and Kris exchanged smirks, before the Professor stood back and blew his whistle.

"Ok Chikorita, let's look at this from a tactical advantage." Kris said. "Why don't you use your Growl attack?"

"Chik." Chikorita said, and she walked forwards. She then let out a loud, angry growl. Totodile covered his ears, but the attack still struck.

"I have no idea what that does, but Totodile use Scratch!" Gold said.

"Toto Toto." Totodile said, and he ran forwards. He slashed Chikorita across the back, though she barely even felt it.

"Use Tackle next to get some damage in!" Kris said. Chikorita ran forwards this time, and rammed into Totodile's stomach, knocking him backwards.

"Scratch again!" Gold growled. Totodile cut across Chikorita's leaf before she could run back. The two Pokemon stood a foot apart, not daring to move.

"Growl again whilst your close." Kris said.

"Stop using moves I don't know!" Gold huffed. "Totodile use Scratch!" Chikorita growled at Totodile again, who fought through and scratched at her. However, this attack did even less damage than before. Gold was getting curious: why weren't his attacks working?

"He is getting onto us, so just Tackle." Kris said. Chikorita slammed into Totodile, knocking him backwards.

"Let's try that Leer attack and see what that does." Gold pondered aloud.

"Dile." Totodile said viciously, and his eyes narrowed and the pupils flashed white. Chikorita stepped backwards, feeling a bit uneasy.

"That didn't do any damage." Gold growled.

"Don't let that nasty Pokemon bully you!" Kris cried in encouragement. "Finish this off with a Tackle!"

"Scratch its eyes out if you have to, just win!" Gold shouted. The two Pokemon ran towards each other, egged on by their trainers. Totodile raised a claw, thinking he was going to get in first. But Chikorita slammed into his stomach, sending him flying across the roof and landing at Gold's feet. Everyone looked towards him curiously, but there was no movement from him. Professor Elm blew his whistle, and Kris cheered, and she ran over and hugged Chikorita.

"That was a really good job, a fantastic first go!"

"Chikorita Rita Chika!" Chikorita replied, a wide grin across her face. Gold looked down at Totodile with a mix of upset and anger. He silently brought him back, threw some money across to Kris, and then headed for the door.

"See you around, I guess." He called, and stepped out through the parting glass doors.

"Let's heal Chikorita, shall we?" Elm said happily, and took Chikorita away to be healed. Kris merely nodded, but her eyes focused out upon Gold, walking off into the distance. She was angry at him and had hated him for about five, but Kris couldn't help wonder when they would meet each other next.

Half an hour later, Kris was walking towards Route 29, with Chikorita by her side, her six PokeBalls from Elm in her bag, and her PokeDex and PokeGear in separate pockets.

"My mum gave me a tent for night time." Kris said, uncertain what conversations she and Chikorita could have.

"Chik!" Chikorita said happily. Kris smiled, but suddenly something rustled in the grass nearby. The two girls froze, and Kris saw the purple coat of a Rattata running off. Kris looked down at Chikorita, who smiled and nodded.

"Let's do this then!" Kris said, and the two friends ran off into the grass, the first of many adventures the two would have together.