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Hiss and Kiss 5

It had been over a week since Naruto had last seen Sasuke. It was driving him beyond crazy. The other man had become an obsession, a twisted, messed up obsession. He'd listen to the song "I Could Never Be Your Woman" dozens of times, but nothing came to him. Even when he had another song on his iPod, it seemed that the other song played over and over in his head, drowning out everything else trying to make him remember.

He desperately wanted to see Sasuke again. It wasn't good, he knew that. He was becoming as obsessed with Sasuke as Sasuke seemed to be with stalking him. It wasn't a very healthy relationship, but...but Naruto couldn't shake the feeling when he was with Sasuke. Yeah, it was exciting. But there was more to it. It wasn't love. Naruto knew that much, but it was that possibility like something could happen between them that made Naruto want to pursue their "relationship" further. That if they tried, if they wanted to...

Right now, at most, they were fuck buddies. Not that Naruto was complaining per se. It felt amazing. But Naruto had never had a fling before, and he didn't like the thought of letting something he didn't have control over slip through his fingers before he had a chance to do anything about it.

He really wanted to see Sasuke again. He wanted Sasuke, but he wanted more than just sex. Idly Naruto wondered if the reason Sasuke never talked about himself was because he knew that it made Naruto want to know all the more about him. Sasuke was certainly on his mind a lot. But before he could learn about Sasuke he needed to see him again.

Unfortunately, no matter where he looked or what he did, Naruto couldn't find him.

In hopes of making Sasuke appear Naruto had even gotten himself spectacularly drunk. Sadly, he'd woken up at Shikamaru's instead of in his dorm – or even at Sasuke's. He usually didn't have to worry about hangovers the next day, but he'd had so much to drink the night before that his system was rebelling at the amount of alcohol still running through it. It definitely was not one of his smartest ideas. The night before was a blur of nothing.

His friends Shikamaru and Chouji shared a dorm, so it wasn't uncommon for Naruto to wind up on their floor. He had piled a nest of blankets underneath him and pulled a bunch more over his head. Last night he'd apparently only grabbed one pillow, but waking up early on a Sunday morning with Chouji's loud snores pounding his head made him wish he'd grabbed a second. The snoring was NOT helping with his hangover.

On top of the snores and Shikamaru's light breathing, the stupid song began to resound inside his head. Naruto groaned. He felt groggy and rolled over. He knew Shikamaru and Chouji wouldn't care if he left, but his stomach rebelled at the thought of food, the only real reason he had to leave as he just didn't feel like making the trek back to his dorm where he'd be all alone.

Shikamaru had basically dragged him back to their dorm, worried about him.

"You sure he's real?" Shikamaru had asked.

The uncomfortable question had been in the back of Naruto's head for a while. He'd been the only one to see him, and Sasuke was able to disappear practically at will. It wasn't normal. But, Naruto's heart refused to believe that Sasuke wasn't real. He growled, his brain wide awake.

He rolled over, flinging an arm over his head to try and drown out the snores. Now that his brain was in thinking mode it would be difficult to fall asleep again, but he didn't want to leave. Being alone was one of those things that he just didn't handle well, especially recently as he'd felt almost abandoned.

"I'll drive you home."

For a moment, Naruto froze, sure he had heard Sasuke's voice. It had seemed so vividly clear. He looked around, half wondering if Sasuke was in the room before he realized that the voice had been a jolt of a memory.

The fragmented memory sprang up fuzzy, but Naruto was excited realizing he remembered something.

He'd been at a pre-semester party when he'd met Sasuke!

They'd both been outside. Naruto had gone out because he'd had a bit too much to drink and his stomach wasn't feeling so well. The fresh air had settled his stomach almost immediately. However, he'd realized he wasn't the only one outside. That was when he'd first seen Sasuke, leaning on the wall outside, chatting away seemingly exasperated on his cell phone. Sasuke had noticed him staring, glared back and had asked very rudely something along the lines of, "Aren't you that idiot who spends more time dancing across campus than in class?"

Naruto had been pissed about the comment and stormed back inside. He closed his eyes, trying to remember what happened after that. He could clearly hear the exasperation in Sasuke's voice telling him he would drive him home – but it hadn't been when he'd first seen Sasuke. There was no way he would have accepted a ride home from Sasuke after that kind of attitude if that was the only thing that had happened.

Something had happened between when he'd first seen Sasuke and when Sasuke had offered to drive him home. The only problem was he couldn't remember what.

He'd had quite a bit to drink that night.

No matter how hard he tried, for the life of him he couldn't remember what else had happened between the time Sasuke had pissed him off and the time when Sasuke had offered to drive him home.

Perhaps it was time to lighten up on how much he drank.

Naruto flipped over on his side, his mind pounding as he tried to remember what happened. He'd seen Sasuke at the same party he'd been at, but something else, something that was really important was missing from his memory between when they'd both been outside and when Sasuke had offered to drive him home. And he was sure something else had happened after they got back to his place, though Naruto had a pretty good idea of what that likely entailed.

Well, at least that answered how Sasuke knew where he lived. It still didn't answer the disappearing acts. It also didn't help him figure out how he could find Sasuke. Now if only he could figure out what he'd done with Sasuke's phone number. Sasuke had said he'd had it. That he...that he...shit.

Naruto groaned as another memory snagged at him. He'd been hung over after that party and had been woken by what he thought had been a wrong number. Naruto had answered, not recognized the number, and hung up when he didn't recognize the voice on the phone. The phone had rung again right after he'd hung up. He'd yelled at the person on the other line, telling him to stop the fucking calls.

"Shit," Naruto groaned to himself. He'd given Sasuke his phone number and Sasuke said he would call him the next day to give him his.

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. He'd gotten Sasuke's number when Sasuke had called his cell! Naruto quickly pulled out his phone and scrolled through the logs of received calls. It had been too long ago. Naruto curse, wishing his call log went back further. He hoped maybe he could look on his cell phone bill to pick up Sasuke's number again.

Well, that explained why Sasuke looked all pissed off the first time they met underneath the awning. Naruto hadn't remembered him – and he'd managed to yell at Sasuke when Sasuke had offered up his phone number.

He could feel his face burning in humiliation. He'd been such an ass!

But Sasuke could have fucking told him! It was obvious he was drunk. Sasuke could've said something sooner to help him remember instead of making Naruto feel like an ass.

Even with his head pounding, the disgusting taste and the cottony feeling in his mouth, and the way his body opposed the movement, Naruto sat up. The prospect of retrieving Sasuke's number made him feel somehow revitalized. Hastily getting his shit together and shoving the borrowed blankets and pillows onto the other side of the room, he said goodbye to his still sleeping friends. The only response he got was Chouji's snores and Shikamaru's whistling breathing.

As soon as Naruto left Shikamaru and Chouji's dorm, he winced. The light was way too bright. Shaking the grogginess from his head, he put on his headphones. He cringed as the loud tones blasted his ears, and he quickly turned the volume down, pausing to look for a good beat for his not-quite-with-it-but-needed-to-wake-up-state.

Naruto scrolled through his songs, finally stopping at one. It was way too bouncy for this early in the morning, but it did sum up his feelings for Sasuke. Pressing play to Adam Lambert's "If I Had You," he began his strutting dance back to his dorm. He straightened his rumpled t-shirt and began to move.

"So I got my boots on, got the right 'mount of leather, And I'm doing me up with a black color liner, And I'm workin' my strut but I know it don't matter, All we need in this world is some love."

Naruto strutted to the beat, the pounding in his head keeping time to the rhythm of his feet. He wondered what Sasuke was doing now, and wondered if Sasuke thought about him as much as he thought about Sasuke. The fact that he no longer had Sasuke's number in his phone didn't deter him. He'd find the phone bill which would list Sasuke's number and then call him up.

"...If I had you, life would be a party it'd be ecstasy!"

He certainly felt ecstasy with Sasuke.

His excitement mounted as he bounced back to his dorm. The moment he opened his door, he rushed over to his laptop computer. He clicked the power button a thousand times trying to get it out of sleep mode and cursed fluently when he accidentally turned the damned thing off.

Growling at his own impatience his computer finally logged on, letting him impatiently get onto the internet to check his online phone bill. It took him half a moment to remember his log in due to how foggy his brain was, and another few moments to scroll down to the approximate date to see the list of made calls. His eyes scanned frantically, finally seeing the number that called his phone two times in a row one morning. Excited, Naruto copied the number and entered it into switchboard dot com, doing a reverse find. Naruto smirked in triumph when the name popped up.

Uchiha Sasuke. Uchiha. It sounded familiar...

"You remembered."

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Naruto screamed, pushing his computer chair away from the desk, gasping for breath in his shock. Blue eyes widened as he took in Sasuke's appearance. The normally sleek, black hair was bedridden, and the other man wore only black flannel pajama pants. Naruto looked at the bemused expression on Sasuke's face before looking at his bed.

"I waited for you all night, and you didn't come home," Sasuke said, stretching lazily. "I thought about stealing you away from your friends. If I'd known I'd have to wait without you, I would have." Naruto felt the pounding in his heart vibrate against his chest, his muscles still tense from the adrenaline Sasuke's presence had caused to shoot through him.

"You' my dorm. Again." Licking his lips, Naruto eyed Sasuke up. Sasuke seemed to process something from Naruto's statement.

"Apparently you don't remember everything," Sasuke mused. "But I see you found my phone number."

"Yeah. Oh, shit. Yeah, sorry. I, uh, woke up the next morning and didn't remember anything. I didn't remember that I'd given you my number. Actually, I only remember you asking me if I was that guy that danced across campus, and then, later you said you'd drive me home."

"Do you remember why I said I'd drive you home?" Sasuke asked, slightly bemused.

"You wanted to molest me right then and there?"

"Not quite. You didn't seem capable of your normal movement."


"You ran, or should I say danced, into my car," Sasuke said, eyes alight with amusement.

"What?" Naruto all but screeched.

"You were pretty drunk. With your headphones on full blast, bobbing around like an idiot and as drunk as anything, you danced right into my car. My parked car. And as much as you deserved getting hit by a car having gotten so spectacularly drunk, I would miss seeing you dance across campus. You have"

"I didn't dance into your parked car! You must've been driving," Naruto muttered, embarrassed. His headache was pounding worse now as though to punish him. Okay, he would cut back on the drinking. He got it. Sasuke merely snorted at his statement. If Naruto had drunk too much to remember what happened, it was pretty obvious running into a parked car wasn't that farfetched. That and he was pretty sure he'd have a lot of injuries if he'd gotten hit by a car – or if he danced into a moving one.

"While in my car, you kept hitting repeat on my White Town CD for the song, "Your Woman." You told me that you would never be my woman, even though you did like dick sometimes. It was...entertaining. After getting you back to your dorm, you were very...grateful. You showed me why anatomically you could never be my woman – and where your tattoo was."

Naruto blushed: and not just because of how completely humiliating it was to hear what he'd done while drunk, but also because he watched as Sasuke's sleep pants began to bulge, the shape of his arousal against his leg as the memory didn't embarrass but rather enticed Sasuke.

"So, that's why you were so pissed when I saw you under the awning!"

"You gave me your number then told me to piss off when I called you."

"You called way too early!" Naruto said, pointing to his computer where the time next to the two phone calls was around 9:45 in the morning. Okay, so, that was normal people time. It was too early for college kids out drinking the night before.

"I couldn't sleep. Kept thinking about you," Sasuke said. Naruto turned around in his chair, noticing how close Sasuke had gotten.

" could've spent the n-night," Naruto said, licking his lips.

"I did," Sasuke smirked. "But then I got called away for my job around 5:00."

"Oh," was all Naruto could manage.

He watched, mesmerized as Sasuke pulled the headphones away from him and slipped his hand into Naruto's pocket to take out the iPod.

Words failed Naruto, finding it very hard to think as Sasuke pushed the chair back against the wall. There was a slight jolt as the chair's wheel hit the wall at the same moment Sasuke leaned in to kiss him.

Naruto slipped his hand around Sasuke's neck, moving his lips against Sasuke's. Sasuke broke the kiss as he sidled onto the chair, managing to maneuver his legs around the arms of the chair to situate himself on Naruto's lap. His hands latched onto Naruto's hair, harshly forcing their mouths together again.

It was warm, wild, and eager, everything Naruto loved about a passionate kiss. Naruto let his hands roam down Sasuke's naked back, as Sasuke awkwardly ground down into his lap.

"Bed?" Naruto asked, breathless. Sasuke nodded, disentangling himself from off of Naruto to stand up, helping Naruto up. But as Sasuke pulled him up, he pulled his body against him, twisting Naruto so his back was flush against Sasuke's front.

Naruto moaned as Sasuke slowly unzipped the fly to his jeans. His pants slid down his hips, pooling at his feet. He kicked the pants away and felt foolish when he stumbled. Sasuke caught him, chuckling.

"Shut up," Naruto snapped and kissed Sasuke to silence the laugh.

The warmth coming from Sasuke's lips surprised Naruto. He couldn't believe how hot Sasuke was and how hot it was making him. Naruto fumbled with Sasuke's pants, only getting hotter when they finally dropped to the ground. He eyed the way his dark curls cushioned the bobbing arousal, a small bit of precum getting smeared in the dark happy trail which accented the toned muscles of Sasuke's stomach.

Sasuke's lips were warm and wet, greedy in their kiss. His hands gripped Naruto's hair, pressing their lips together. Just kissing left him with a feeling of completion he couldn't explain.

However, even as he was getting love-drunk on the kiss, he had waited an agonizing week to let it just be a kiss. Naruto sucked in Sasuke's upper lip, sucking at it gently before letting it go, his teeth gently grazing it before it left his mouth. Apparently Sasuke wasn't into being too gentle because he once again tangled his hands into Naruto's hair and forced their mouths harshly together. Sasuke pressed their lips so hard together, their faces so close, that Naruto couldn't breathe. But with his hips having a mindset of their own, feeling Sasuke's cock pressed harshly against his, Naruto couldn't concentrate on a little thing like breathing when his hips were frantically grinding against Sasuke's.

Sasuke nipped at Naruto's lips, biting them before he began to trail bruising kisses down his neck and chest. He moaned at the attention. Anticipation pooled excitedly inside him as Sasuke's mouth descended down his stomach, before stopping to hover over where he needed the attention most. Sasuke gave a slow, long lick up Naruto's cock before pulling away to look at it.

Taking a deep breath, he watched as Sasuke nuzzled his cock slowly from the base right up to the leaking head.

Naruto's whole body shook. He'd seen the teasing look in Sasuke's eyes. He'd prepared himself for the hesitant licks or brush of lips, not expecting to feel the warmth and wetness so quickly. Sasuke's mouth wasn't varying in pace or motion – and it didn't need to be. Shuddering even more, the hazy part of his brain that had hoped for more was flung into the deepest recess of his mind, too intent on enjoying the way his body hummed with the attention. He threaded his fingers into Sasuke's hair caressing gently.

Naruto's mouth hung open in utter pleasure, his head thrown back in bliss. He felt lost to the world, lost in pure bliss. Sasuke's pace suddenly changed, harsher, faster, making Naruto scream in shock at the change, his hips thrusting forward as it brought him to orgasm. He shuddered as he watched Sasuke's mouth hungrily sucking at him as he swallowed his load.

Sasuke sure loved giving head. Naruto really liked that about Sasuke.

Sighing in pleasure, Naruto laid back on the bed as Sasuke cupped his balls, rolling them in his hands soothingly, yet strangely possessive, as though it made the proud bastard smug to make Naruto orgasm. In fact, looking at him and everything they'd done, Naruto was pretty sure Sasuke got off on making him get off first.

Finally Naruto pushed Sasuke off of him, feeling too sensitive.

"You really enjoy getting me off first, don't you?" Naruto asked, breathless. Sasuke smirked. He leaned over Naruto, his lips caressing Naruto's ear.

"It's so easy."

"Jerk. I'm not easy," Naruto growled, pushing Sasuke off him. Sasuke grunted before pushing Naruto back, grasping his wrists.

"I know. That's what makes it all the better that you're like this just for me."

Naruto blushed. Okay, so, Sasuke didn't think he was easy, just that he had the hots for him. Which was true. But he would never tell Sasuke that.

"Don't deny it," Sasuke said, beating him to his lie. Naruto just growled. It only made Sasuke's smug look grow. His mouth moved from Naruto's ear and began to suck and kiss his neck.

Perhaps to remind him that he still hadn't gotten off, Sasuke ground his hips down against Naruto, his dick sliding along Naruto's skin. Sasuke moaned on top of him, biting a bit harsher.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's back, pressing the pale body above him harder against him.

"I'm gonna cum all over you," Sasuke murmured.

Naruto could feel Sasuke's body shuddering, his hips moving jerkily against his skin as Naruto helped keep Sasuke's body against his, creating friction. His cock was being teased again, but he wanted to help Sasuke cum this time. The bastard seemed to like the idea of coating him in his cum.

"Sasuke," Naruto breathed, remembering how Sasuke liked his name spoken.

And while Naruto hadn't thought he'd be able to get hard again so soon, he couldn't help arching up against Sasuke's body, getting turned on as he heard Sasuke gasp deliciously upon hearing his name. He rolled his hips, making sure Sasuke's cock slid along his body sensually.

When Sasuke orgasmed, Naruto grasped Sasuke's body against his, letting him ride out his orgasm. He could feel the cum coating him, dripping down his chest and onto his stomach. His lover laid on top of him, looking him in the eyes.

It was extremely intimate looking at Sasuke. Naruto felt flustered with the way Sasuke looked at him. Perhaps it was just after sex euphoria, but it made Naruto's gut clench.

For the first time since they'd started fooling around, Sasuke didn't run. Instead, he situated himself alongside Naruto, pressing together snuggly on Naruto's single bed.

To have Sasuke's body entangled with his, their bodies soaked in cum and sweat, felt nice. Naruto watched the way Sasuke's eyes watched him, and couldn't help but brush the stray bang out of Sasuke's face finding him beautiful – in a masculine kind of why.

Sasuke kissed his hand when he pushed the black bang behind his ear, and it reminded Naruto of how Sasuke had held his hands the last time they'd had sex.

And even though he barely knew Sasuke, he wanted to know him.

"Sasuke..." Naruto started.


"I don't know anything about you," Naruto confessed, feeling vulnerable. Damn it, he didn't want this just to be a fling.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted.

"It's not funny. I mean, you said it yourself! I don't just, you know, drop my pants for anyone," Naruto grumbled. Sasuke was silent for a moment. It took all of Naruto's will power not to press the subject.

"I'm not a student here. I graduated two years ago; this is where I work. The first time I saw you I was changing the lock for the dorm two doors down. I get calls at all times of the day because I have to unlock some stupid student's dorm if he forgot or lost his key."

"So…when you said you got called when you were at my place for work, you had to change a lock or something?" Naruto asked. Sasuke looked annoyed at the memory.

"I got called away to let in a stupid freshman who had her key with her the whole time but didn't find it till I arrived. I was pissed," Sasuke growled.

"Er, yeah. I'm sure me yelling at you didn't help your mood."

"No. And if I weren't the security consultant and locksmith for the university and if my family hadn't been involved in the security of the university for several generations, I would have changed the freshman's locks."

"Wow. Talk about abusing your power," Naruto chuckled, amused. Well, he was until what Sasuke was saying finally clicked.

"You – you stalker! You have a key to my dorm."

"And everyone else's."

"And – and – the library! Shit! I knew you couldn't have just disappeared! You had a key to those classrooms in the library. I couldn't see anything 'cuz it was too fucking dark, but you were in there."

Suddenly, a thought struck him, and he couldn't help the perverted smile from his face.

"What're you thinking?" Sasuke asked, interested.

"So...we could have sex in one of those library rooms, with people outside and no one would see us?" Naruto asked.

The idea made Sasuke happy. Or at least, Naruto assumed it did considering the hard on that pressed into Naruto's thigh.

"I think I kind of like this stalker thing," Naruto said, his breath hitching as he thought of being in the library studying and Sasuke dragging him off into a room somewhere to have sex. The library was for learning. Learning all the types of things Sasuke could get into was something he'd definitely enjoy.

It was wrong. And perverse. And definitely something he wanted to do.

He wanted to have sex with Sasuke every where they couldn't – and could – get caught across campus.

"I've always liked watching you dance across campus," Sasuke murmured, rolling onto Naruto and letting his hard on slide across Naruto's abdomen.

"I like you watching me," Naruto confessed, looking into Sasuke's eyes.

"Good. I like you obsessing over me, trying to find me," Sasuke said, smirking again as he began to slowly grind his hips against Naruto. Thinking about how Sasuke had probably watched him, knowing Naruto was going crazy was damned frustrating. And strangely hot.

"Bastard," Naruto growled, but he relented as Sasuke's mouth descended on his, kissing him in a way that let him know they were about to start round two. "I kinda like it too."


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