Pokemon X and Y: A story

Plot and smut, a story about how childhood friends meet back up, have a fun time with the girls, and stuff lik that. First timer, rated for bad language, smut, crime, refrences, everything.

Chapter 1, Background

Ok, so this is a pokemon melting pot, from all the games and the shows, modified sometimes. Update whenever I can.

Characters include:


Ash, Brock, Casey etc

Misty, May,Dawn, Etc



This region is called Cienterreh, which is basically if you smashed all the regions together and added some things. Kinda like a pokemon pangea. The transport is by plane, train, pokemon ground, pokemon fly, pokemon surf, subway, teleport, and car. There are houses and apartments, skyscrapers, hotels, motels, slums, ghettos, airports, stations. Pokemon can learn 10 diffrent attacks. There are a lot of islands are locate in the waters around Cienterrah. And one is called Pokeworld, which is mystery dungeon. There are bad guy teams, proffessers, and I can add whatever you think of just add in the review.

Additional information will be added after or before chapters. Reviews will be appricated an all suggestions