Chapter 1

I glared out the foggy window as my mother drove me to the deserted airport. She was sending me to Forks Washington to live with my Uncle Charlie. I was too much trouble for her and she thought i would settle down if i lived with a police cheif. Although i didnt do anything bad. I just looked like a bad girl. I had black emo style hair that ran down as straight as a ruler to my waist. I had huge bright blue eyes framed with thick eyelashes. My lips where full and pink and i had two black snake bites on the bottom lip. I didnt wear any make up though. My wardrobe consited of all black with some white or blue things mixed in, mostly skinnies and hoddies. At the momment i was wearing Black skinny jeans with black converse, a white tank top and black hoodie with the hood pulled up. I also wore black oversized sunglasses, i didnt like people looking at my eyes. They stared to much.

I was a very quiet person. At school i didnt have any friends and people considered me a loaner. I almost always had my itouch on. At the mommet i was listening to I hate everything about you by three days grace. I had it up on full volume ignoring whatever my mother was telling me. I hated her for doing this to me. Sending me the one place in the world where i didnt want to go. I would have to go to a new school and be rejected and ignored by every one once again. I hated it.

As we pulled up into the entrance of the airport i wordlessly took the airplane ticket gave glance at my mom and tapped the trunk. she opened it and i pulled out my duffle bad and headed toward the doors. I didnt feel like saying bye. I didnt have many clothes and uncle charlie had promised to let me go shopping to decorate my room and but clothes and things. Uncle charlie was really rich so i didnt really feel bad when he told me he would give me my own unlimited credit card.

I boarded the plane after going through all the luggage and security shit. I sat down and fell to sleep listening to my itouch. I woke up a few hours later being told to put on my seatbelt for the landing. i looked out the window as the plane flew down and looked at the dreary town of forks. It was pouring rain. I sighed and found my luggage.

I hugged Charlie when i saw him. He was like my dad. Phil was my biological dad but he never talked to me. I smiled slightly at Charlie. He knew i didnt like to talk. I almost never talked. As we pulled up to his huge mansion i took my duffle bag and headed inside to the room that i always stayed in when i came here. I had been here before and Charlie knew alot about me. He knew i liked to be left alone and he didnt take offence when i refused to talk. I had a rough past and he knew that.

I walked into my bedroom and looked around. Not much had changed the walls where a dark blue, the furniture all black with a dark blue carpet that matched the walls. There was a big fluffly bed in the middle and a balcony to the left side. There was a Aquarium that went into the wall on both sides of the bed and a big flat screen TV across from the bed. There was a big Mac computer on a raised platform to the left of the bed and a laptop as well. I wandered into the closet. It was huge. As big as the room i had back home.

I pulled my clothes out and hung them in the closet. It didnt even take up a full rack, there where six racks in the closet. I definatilly needed to go shopping, as much as i disliked it. I enjoyed it at times i admit but other times i didnt. I was in no mood to shop here.

I pulled on some old sweats and a tank top and pulled my hair into a bun washing my face in the bathroom that was connected to my room. I wandered out into the hallway toward Charlies room. The house was very posh and modern the color sheme was dark blue walls and black furniture just like my room. I walked into Charlies room, he was on the computer. He smiled at me.

"Hey, Bells, heres your credit card you can spend as much as you want, and uhh i got you a gift its a car, acctually i didnt know which one you wanted so i got you a black Ferrari."

"Thanks Charlie, goodnight." I said very softly. My voice sounded like bells musically filling the air. I didnt like to talk, my voice was very soft and lulling. I could also sing very well. Extremly well acctually.

He flashed a big grin at hearing me talk. He said night to me and i went back to my room and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to go to school. I took a long clensing shower that left my hair smelling like Herbal Esscences and left my skin soft and clean. I was lucky, for a 16 year old. I never got pimples my skin had always been soft and clean, not one blemish on my entire body. I brushed out my hair and blowdried it. I ran a comb through it again and quickly ran a straightner through it a few times, my hair was naturally straight but i liked it to be pin striaght wich is why i used a straightener. I pulled on some black skinny jeans black tank top and a black hoodie with black converse. I put on a bit of mascara and sprits myself with a bit of body spray. I looked in the mirror and i liked what i saw. My hair was perfectly straight teased up a bit on top but nothing to make it look to ridiculous. My eyes where brighter than ever wich bothered me since they contrasted with my pale skin and black hair making them look neon.

My lips where full andpink and i was thin but not to thin with curves in the right places. I placed my snake bites back in and went to grab my school bag. It was a black over the shoulder bag that went down to my waist. I stuffed in a note book and some pens and pencils along with my sunglasses for after school.

I took my wallet and stuffed my credit card in it putting it into my bag. i grabbed my keys an went down to the kitchen. Charlie had already left. I sang along to my itouch to the song confessions of a broken heart. My voice peirced the air with a soft musical note. I must admit i sounded really good almost professional. I got it from my mom. She was an amazing singer as well. I brushed my teeth and chewed on a peice of gum to make my mouth minty fresh before walking out the door and into my Ferrari.

I hope nobody notices me today.

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